Sunday, August 8, 2010

New President Inherits the Past Administration

Ang brand ng gobyerno ay gobyerno pa rin, kahit sino ang uupo dyan. A new administration inherits the resources, liabilities, and reputation of the past administrations. Pag tinanong ko ang administration ngayon kungbakit maraming corrupt, hindi pwedeng i-turo niya ang past administration para magpa-lusot.



Zeus Jimenez ... in my opinion, the first few days (of the Aquino Administration) were used to get away from that "brand". it looks successful based on the $434M we received from MCC indicating that they now trust the current government versus the previous one.



You were merely successful in blaming someone. But you have not resolved corruption OPENLY done in front of your face. Your political cohorts in the foreign may trust you, but I don't.

Why is Jueteng still existing right now? Why is it that unlicensed real estate brokers and salespersons who are employed by the real estate developers still continue distributing fliers in the malls? Why is it that pirated CDs and DVDs are still being sold openly? Etc etc etc. Kung kaya mo ipatigil ang wangwang para sa sarili mong personal na "preference", bakit wala kang decisive action dito sa mga corruption na nakikita namin araw-araw?

Ano na naman ang palusot mo ngayon?

Yan ang problema sa Government Brand Management strategy ni PNoy -- he is focusing on the packaging. Pero ang laman ng canned-good niya ay parehong mga bulate pa rin.



MY RESPONSE: The character of President Benigno S. Aquino III "Noynoy" or "PNoy" is not a team player, not a team leader, not a team captain type. In school, he was a loner, lacks sociability. His sport is gun shooting, which is self-preservation and individualistic. This man sitting in the Presidency of the Republic will not listen to the people, he will spend government funds in his own personal preference, and he will blame someone in his team when things go wrong.