Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Advice to a Kababayan in Hongkong

QUESTION: Sir John, we can sense hatred of Chinese against Filipinos here in Hongkong. The Philippine Embassy closed because of Chinese protesters. Some of our kababayan are fired by their employers over this bloody Mendoza Hostage event. What will I do? ANSWER: I would suggest you to be always ready to come home, & if you sense strange panic among the Filipino community, make sure that you are first to decide to come home.

‎"The Chinese government demands the Philippine government launch a thorough investigation into the incident and inform the Chinese side of related details as soon as possible," Yang said, according to a statement posted on his ministry's website. In Foreign Service lingo, the use of the word DEMAND is very strong. It asks for something or else.

The Chinese Government in Hongkong has already issued statement to discourage their people for outbound travels to Philippines.

So please, the decision to come home is on you, but you have to be very alert, be ready, and be very quick in deciding what is best for your safety.



PNoy, I have received a report by our kababayans in Hongkong. There is a growing scare among our people there. Some of their friends are fired by their employers over this hostage drama. The Philippine Embassy there closed because of Hongkongian protesters. You must organize a think-tank team to be ready to manage the sudden rush of Filipinos in Hongkong wanting to come home, just in case any eventuality will happen.