Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reasons for Joining Fraternities

There are three reasons why my youth friend joined fraternity: (1) he needs a group of big-bros to fight for him in bully-infested schools, (2) he needs connections with fraternity alumni whom he expect favors later on, (3) he has this deep desire for adventure to sadistically hurt a neophyte when it is his turn to initiate. Now I know the gaps for policy-making purposes.


I remember when I was in college, I was persistently recruited by a fraternity. Nakulitan na ako sa invitation, so I attended the briefing. I was asked why I want to join the frat, I told them because they INVITED me. When they asked me to tell something about myself, I told them something like: "I fight for the least advantaged, you can rely on me in rumbles.... but don't attempt to put me in a vulnerable situation even if I am still a neophyte, if you try to blindfold me or tie my hands or inflict pain on me, I will and react and will execute a preemptive strike before you even move an inch". They separated me in one corner and they never followed me again.