Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hostage Aftermath Instigators are Filipinos, not Chinese

Most of those with Chinese names who spark/instigate conflict between China and Philippines by calling our President with defamatory names, seems to appear that they are Chinese. But actually, they are not Chinese, they are Filipinos who just want the current Administration or the Philippine Government to fall.

I am a Filipino. But I believe Chinese people are SMART people. In fact, the Chinese are even Smarter than us Filipinos because their civilization and system is much much older than ours. We do the lowest level of labor in their mainland and business cities like Hongkong. We even do the lowest level of labor for them in our own land as we can see the fact that their immigrants in the Philippines run the big businesses as tycoons.

Anywhere in the world, the Chinese people don't instigate conflict between their government and someone else. They don't over react on situations like this.

In my opinion, most of those UGLY comments does not come from the Chinese nor from the Hongkong Nationals. Those UGLY comments come from Anti-Government -- probably the leftists, or the anarchy youths, or the bitter ones who lost during the recent election, or the American gun runners. Yes the Americans gun runners because these are the only people who want's war worldwide, they live by the business of war.

So, I think let's just ignore those instigators.