Thursday, August 19, 2010

Autistic Inmate Mixed in Regular Jail

Below is a very valid message in PNoy's Page. It is about an autistic person being mixed in the general inmate population.

Eto ang magandang actionan dapat! Hindi dapat hinahalo sa general inmate population ang merong diperensiya. I have responded to Imelda and suggested that she will follow-up this 15 days from now. If PNoy will not act on this, bombahan natin ng batikos sa pagka-walang kwenta itong PNoy page. I will also try to visit the autistic inmate.


Someone sent a message in PNoy page, saying: "I need a help from you, My brother has been in jail for almost 3 years now. my mother died he didnt even get to see him.His name is Afredo Capaycapay his in Manila City jail. Alredo is a Autistic spectrum disorder ASD, who doesnt know whats going on surrounding him. I am his younger sister, Im too far away from him at the moment and no one would listen even the medical certificate has proven his suffering from ASD the court judge not paying attention.I heard in filipino news about prisoners has been torturing by the polices, Im scared for my brother life, his in prison.. the complainant is not turning up on court hearing. they accuse him for something that he does'nt really understand what complaint are. All i know if the complaint is not turning up in court hearing the should be cease.I need your help. please help us.Thank you so much spending time reading this letter Mae Local resident"