Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anomaly in Permit to Carry Firearm

I have NEVER NEVER NEVER applied for a PTCFOR (permit to carry firearm) because I know that there is ANOMALY in the requirements. Way back four years ago, a gun store told me that I can get a PTC just by PAYING the P12,000 fee. I asked if I needed to take an exam or prove something like death threats, they said NO NEED because they will take care of everything.

I have repeated this ASKING a couple of times in the past four years in many gun stores in NCR after the Gun Shows in Megamall and even in TARLAC (the one inside the mall near Hacienda Luisita) --- they all say the same -- P12,000 ALL IN and they will take care of EVERYTHING and WORRY-FREE and NO EXAM and NO PROVING.

Imagine the timeframe, four years ago I asked and until now the system is still the same, and the anomaly is wide-spread. SHOCKING we don't know how many crazy people out there are carrying guns. I have not applied for PTC because there is ANOMALY that I cannot stomach. Why would I carry gun along with those probably crazy paranoid people?

I have created a Facebook Group called Tighter Gun-Carry Policy. There is a Discussion Topic there where I am challenging Atty. Tabujara for a debate after I heard him on radio debating with that guy from Kapatiran. I sent Tabujara a Facebook PM but he did not respond. I take it as a win by default. I think you have to LIKE or JOIN these groups to see the threads. The URL of the group is at http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=311790639600

There is also a Facebook Group called Anti Gun Aliance. The members are few but international in scope. In that page, there is a debate on gun-carry, checkpoints, police uniform tagging, limited gun and ammunition at home, requirement for license to possess firearm at home, etc etc etc, and I think I won the debate. I think you have to LIKE or JOIN these groups to see the threads. The URL is at http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=5057142814

Let me tell you this again and again and again -- my advocacy is not against licensing of firearm for household protection purposes. My advocacy is on Tighter Gun Carry Policy, which I believe it will ONLY work well with effective police checkpoints.