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Drug Control Advocacy Debating Arguments

Illegal drugs means income and employment for the Supply Side. Crimes are committed by the Demand Side because of the effect of drug on the mental state of the individual which blocks his sense of moral inhibitions. But why are laws made in such an odd way that punishment on the Supply Side is much more cruel than on the Demand Side?


My college thesis in University of the Philippines is The Market Structure of Prohibitted Drugs (BS Economics 1997, UPLB). I figured out that increasing the punishment for Suppliers will increase the price of the drug. Because of the addiction-effect, the demand curve of the drug is inelastic, hence, no matter how the price will increase, the buyer will still find a way to get it. With budget constraint, the user has to level up his income sources and this lead to the onset of income-generating crimes such as drug pushing, swindling, theft, robbery. I was able to prove in theory and data that increasing the punishment on the supply side will increase crimes committed by the demand side. In the end, to eradicate the illegal drug market, I was proposing to increase the punishment on the demand side to create an irreconcilable price gap between the willingness to sell and willingness to buy.


Alex P. Vidal : In Mexico, two drug cartels--the Sinaloa and Juarez-- have been tearing each other apart trying to eliminate each other in bloody drug wars that have escalated in the United States. The police are no match to these drug cartels and they have police chiefs, judges, prosecutors, mayors and governors in their payroll. Those who refused to be bribed are killed together with their families.


RESPONSE: In the Philippines, there is no war among drug-suppliers. There is no such thing as competition-relatad crimes. We only have demand-side crimes here.

In the case of America, I think George Soros' twin ideas are brilliant and workable, which are to (1) legalize the recreational use and small-scale cultivation of marijuana and (2) invest in effective education.

But take note, this twin ideas has to work together simultaneously. It will be a disaster if you legalize it and stop investing in education.

In the Philippines, I believe the illegalization will have to remain the same, but we have to increase punishment and education on the demand side.

I just figured out that the Marijuana Legalization debate and Jueteng Legalization debate follows the same arguments.

Ang marijuana ang pinaka magaling na herbal plant na cheap i-grow and more effective substitute than any pain killer drugs. It's been used for thousands of years. Naputol lang ang use nyan sa early 1900s for some reason na walang kwenta. Ang ayaw ko lang sa Marijuana ay pag ini-smoke yan kasi meron din nicotine yan. Meron kasi akong Anti-Smoking Advocacy na masasagasaan nyan, pag ini-smoke lang ha.

Marijuana have been used by mankind for thousands of years. In the early 1900, it took them 20 years to brainwash the mind of the people into believing that marijuana is addictive and makes people crazy criminals. When we decriminalize it now, I think it will also take us 20 years to remove the stigma.

If you have tried drinking a bottle of beer, marijuana gives the same effect at a cheaper cost, at a least fattening result. You can't grow beer in your backyard, you can't make pain-reliever medicines in your kitchen; but with a marijuana in a pot in your backyard, it's like having access to instant beer and pain-reliever.


Lessons Learned from George Soros

The fact that one side is wrong doesn't mean that the other side is right. (George Soros)


If we were attacked, we have to get back, we call it a war. But the way this war was implemented was actually counter productive. It has made the terrorist threat much bigger. We abhor terrorists because they kill innocent people for political goals. When we chase them down, we really must go out of the way not to do the same thing. Because if we torture people, humiliate people, kill people who are innocent, they will look at us in the same light as we look at terrorists. (George Soros)


There is no gun registration system in Philippines

There is no FIREARM OWNERSHIP REGISTRATION SYSTEM in the Philippines. We only have firearm possession/carry licensing.

Example, in the Philippines, you cannot get a license for a gun if you bought it from the blackmarket. This case will be accounted as loose firearm.

Another example is when an 8 year old child inherits a gun from his deceased parent, he cannot have the gun license transferred to his name because he in under-age. This case will be accounted as loose firearm.

Another example is when the gun owner goes abroad for work, he will no longer renew th license of his gun that he left in Philippines. This case will be accounted as loose firearm.

Another example is when the licensee becomes hard-up with cash and can no longer afford the licensing fee, he will no longer renew the license of his gun. This case will be accounted as loose firearm.


In my proposal, there should be a separate Firearm Ownership Registration System (FARS). It should be separate from Firearm Possession/Carry Licensing System (FPCLS).

Getting your gun registered in FARS should be considered an obligation and a right. It should be free of any fees and is a one-time process only. The FARS record will only be updated in the even the gun owner dies, the gun is pawned, the gun got sold, the gun got old and unserviceable, or the gun got confiscated by government.

The FPCLS should only be a PRIVILEGE. An owner of registered gun need FPCLS if he wants to keep his gun inside his house, inside his business establishment, or if he wants to carry it in relation to his work. FPCLS should have different qualification and limitation before a person gets a license. The gun must be deposited in the Police Depository for safekeeping if the gun has FARS but without FPCLS.


I believe in the "Rights to Ownership" to any object, most specially FIREARM. That thing they call Right to Bear Arms" is very confusing because the scope is very wide -- I don't like it.

A person can own as many guns as he can afford, and all of the guns he own has to be registered under his name. If he is granted the license privilege to keep gun in his house, he should only be allowed to keep one gun and six ammo in his house. If he is granted license privilege to carry a gun, he has to wear proper uniform and follow the gun-carry rules. Suggest further reading: Distinguish Gun Ownership, Gun Possession, and Gun Carry.

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VP Binay Surrenders Bar Ops Bombing Suspect

EDITORIAL - Binay must act with prudence as VP
FREEMAN Editorial on 29 October 2010

If it came as a surprise that it was to Vice President Jejomar Binay that the principal suspect in the Bar exam bombing surrendered to, it should come as an even bigger surprise to know that the reason for this is that Binay and the suspect are brods in the APO fraternity.

The even bigger surprise is not that Binay is a member at all of any fraternity. Anybody is free to join a fraternity of his choice. The even bigger surprise is that Binay never breathed a word about his APO membership until the bombing suspect surrendered to him.

Be that as it may, now that it was to him that the bombing suspect surrendered, Binay should at least have the sense of propriety to simply acknowledge the surrender and then turn the suspect over to the authorities, which he in fairness did.

But Binay did not stop at merely acknowledging the surrender and his turning over of the suspect to the authorities. He went further by proclaiming his innocence, as well as defending the fraternity, both of which were uncalled for.

Binay may be convinced about the innocence of the suspect, but it is not up to him to make that declaration, especially since he is the vice president of the land, an office deemed to have considerable clout and influence.

His fraternity brod is a suspect in a heinous crime. The most he could do for him is to ensure that he gets his fair shake in court. But he should not go proclaiming to all and sundry that the suspect is innocent.

And while Binay, as an APO member, may feel obliged to protect the organization, he must not forget that he is now the vice president and that it must never be made to appear that he is using his mighty office to defend his fraternity.

The APO fraternity can very well defend itself. It is not up for Binay to defend it, especially by making it appear that his office is protecting the fraternity. For this could send the wrong signal to everybody, including the members of the fraternity.


PDP LABAN Joey De Venecia III: In a statement to media, PDP-Laban Secretary General Joey de Venecia III said Vice President Jejomar Binay was well within his rights to peacefully deliver to the authorities alleged suspect Anthony Nepomuceno in the Sept. 26 grenade attack.

“Mr. Binay may be the country’s second highest official, but he is also a human rights lawyer who was approached by Mr. Nepomuceno seeking his advice,”according to de Venecia.

The PDP-Laban, also wants the truth to come out and the culprit caught and charged. We sympathize with the victims and their families.De Venecia added that the Vice President had convinced Nepomuceno to peacefully surrender to face the charges in court and clear his name.

The important thing now is that the law should take its course; the guilty should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but by the same token, the innocent should not be pre-judged by anyone. the PDP-Laban statement said.



JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: Unless Binay acts as the Attorney in Representation of Anthony Nepumuceno, I believe it is tolerably inappropriate for a Vice President of the republic to express his personal opinion on the inocence or guilt of Mr. Nepumuceno. Such expression is uneccesary in the proper handling, disposition, and turn-over of a surrender.

After all, it was Binay who was able to talk with Anthony. I believe Binay has noble reasons for expressing his opinion in a knee-jerk, and there should be no serious repercussions. So, I think it is "tolerable".

When Anthony Nepumuceno surrendered, there is no warrant of arrest for him, nor is he included in the charge sheet. The way I see it with my third eye, VP Binay was only sending a signal that Anthony Nepumuceno is a voluntary fall-guy who claim responsibility over the bombing who surrendered to Binay; and that the surrender turn-over is only a mere compliance of the legal process. This is the reason why I say that Binay's statement could be inappropriate, but TOLERABLE and NOBLE.


I dedicate this blog to my FB friends who celebrate their birthdays today.

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Warning about Unlicensed Real Estate Agents in Philippines

Ninetyfive percent (95%) of the real estate agents in the Philippines are unlicensed (mga colorum) and they deal with the public in the open even in malls and internet.
Most of these colorums are hired as freelance agents of condominium and
subdivision developers. PRC and HLURB is to blame for the continued adulteration
of the Real Estate Service Profession.

We should always remember that our primary source of wealth as a nation is our human resources. If we start and continue tolerating the adulteration of our professionals, it's gonna create a chain reaction of negative perception,and distrust to all our professionals including Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Architects, Engineers, Seamen.

If we tolerate this adulteration, the credibility of our Real Estate sector will also fall. If these developers have the nerve to engage the services of unlicensed real estate agents, it is highly possible that they are also engaging the services of unlicensed engineers -- integrity of the structure of their projects will also fall.

Pag dumating na ang kinatatakutan nating earthquake sa metro Manila, baka bigla na lang mag-tumbahan parang pulburon yang mga buildings natin at mag-lubugan sa baha ang mga subdivisions natin. Walang ibang sisihin kundi ang PRC and HLURB dahil nag-kulang ang dalawang agency na eto na ipatupad ng RA 9646 and PD 957.

Hindi ako nagkulang nang paalala ha.


QUESTION from CHAT; Sir John, how do we detect if the real estate agent is colorum?

ANSWER: You can ask them if they have Broker/Salesperson professional ID. If you are shy to ask, the simplest way is to look at the FLIERS they distribute. At the back of that flier you can find the name of the agent, sometimes they just staple photocopied paper notes. If the agent has no License Number, it is most likely that he/she is a colorum. The colorum usual excuse/palusot are: (1) we are in-house, (2) the law is new, (3) mag paregister pa kami ongoing paperwork.


QUESTION from Chat: Sir John, kailan pa yung batas na dapat ang real estate agent ay registered?

ANSWER: The IRR of PD 957 took effect in 2001 and is being administered by HLURB. Noong araw, hindi pa ganyan ka-garapal ang mga colorum. But at the span of 9 years the developers race in engaging colorums because the HLURB did nothing at all to implement the regulation - either the HLURB malfunctioned or started receiving bribes from developers.

The RA 9646 which requires PRC registration for Brokers and Salespersons is in full force effective July 30, 2009. The implementation is very slow (parang sinasadya) because the implementors (PRB-RES of PRC) are GMA-appointees and puppets of the developers. I believe PNoy have to replace the appointees.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Advocacy for Marijuana Legalization

Here is a call for advocacy for Marijuana Legalization from billionnaire global philantropist George Soros. I am yet to study the applicability of this advocacy in the Philippines. There is also an interesting article titled The Marijuana Conspiracy - The Real Reason Hemp is Illegal by Doug Yurchey on June 15, 2005.



DATE: 10/27/2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Earlier today George Soros made a contribution of $1 million to support passage of California's Proposition 19, which would legalize the recreational use and small scale cultivation of marijuana. He explains why in the essay below, published in today's Wall Street Journal. While public opinion polls indicates the measure is unlikely to pass, Mr. Soros felt it was important to raise the visibility of the issue both in California and nationally.

All best,

Michael Vachon


We should invest in effective education rather than ineffective arrest and incarceration.
By George Soros
Wall Street Journal, October 26, 2010

Our marijuana laws are clearly doing more harm than good. The criminalization of marijuana did not prevent marijuana from becoming the most widely used illegal substance in the United States and many other countries. But it did result in extensive costs and negative consequences.

Law enforcement agencies today spend many billions of taxpayer dollars annually trying to enforce this unenforceable prohibition. The roughly 750,000 arrests they make each year for possession of small amounts of marijuana represent more than 40% of all drug arrests.

Regulating and taxing marijuana would simultaneously save taxpayers billions of dollars in enforcement and incarceration costs, while providing many billions of dollars in revenue annually. It also would reduce the crime, violence and corruption associated with drug markets, and the violations of civil liberties and human rights that occur when large numbers of otherwise law-abiding citizens are subject to arrest. Police could focus on serious crime instead.

The racial inequities that are part and parcel of marijuana enforcement policies cannot be ignored. African-Americans are no more likely than other Americans to use marijuana but they are three, five or even 10 times more likely--depending on the city--to be arrested for possessing marijuana. I agree with Alice Huffman, president of the California NAACP, when she says that being caught up in the criminal justice system does more harm to young people than marijuana itself. Giving millions of young Americans a permanent drug arrest record that may follow them for life serves no one's interests.

Racial prejudice also helps explain the origins of marijuana prohibition. When California and other U.S. states first decided (between 1915 and 1933) to criminalize marijuana, the principal motivations were not grounded in science or public health but rather in prejudice and discrimination against immigrants from Mexico who reputedly smoked the "killer weed."

Who most benefits from keeping marijuana illegal? The greatest beneficiaries are the major criminal organizations in Mexico and elsewhere that earn billions of dollars annually from this illicit trade--and who would rapidly lose their competitive advantage if marijuana were a legal commodity. Some claim that they would only move into other illicit enterprises, but they are more likely to be weakened by being deprived of the easy profits they can earn with marijuana.

This was just one reason the Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy--chaired by three distinguished former presidents, Fernando Henrique Cardoso of Brazil, César Gaviria of Colombia and Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico--included marijuana decriminalization among their recommendations for reforming drug policies in the Americas.

Like many parents and grandparents, I am worried about young people getting into trouble with marijuana and other drugs. The best solution, however, is honest and effective drug education. One survey after another indicates that teenagers have better access than most adults to marijuana--and often other drugs as well--and find it easier to buy marijuana than alcohol. Legalizing marijuana may make it easier for adults to buy marijuana, but it can hardly make it any more accessible to young people. I'd much rather invest in effective education than ineffective arrest and incarceration.

California's Proposition 19, which would legalize the recreational use and small-scale cultivation of marijuana, wouldn't solve all the problems connected with the drug. But it would represent a major step forward, and its deficiencies can be corrected on the basis of experience. Just as the process of repealing national alcohol prohibition began with individual states repealing their own prohibition laws, so individual states must now take the initiative with respect to repealing marijuana prohibition laws. And just as California provided national leadership in 1996 by becoming the first state to legalize the medical use of marijuana, so it has an opportunity once again to lead the nation.

In many respects, of course, Proposition 19 already is a winner no matter what happens on Election Day. The mere fact of its being on the ballot has elevated and legitimized public discourse about marijuana and marijuana policy in ways I could not have imagined a year ago.

These are the reasons I have decided to support Proposition 19 and invite others to do so.


I dedicate this blog to my FB friends who celebrate their birthdays today.


"One of the ordinary modes, by which tyrants accomplish their purposes without resistance, is, by disarming the people, and making it an offense to keep arms." -- Constitutional scholar and Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story, 1840

JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: That is very true. I believe that gun laws should allow people to own guns for their own protection inside their abode. However, only law enforcers in uniform and on duty should be allowed to carry guns outside residence.


Don't think of it as `gun control', think of it as `victim disarmament'. If we make enough laws, we can all be criminals.-Anonymous

JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: Effective gun control is a disarmament of both the potential victim and the potential criminal because at pre-crime stage you don't know who is who.


"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed." -- Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers

JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: The best marketing strategy the gunrunners can execute to increase weapons sales is to terrorize the people at large through movies so they will buy more and more guns to protect themselves.


"Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest."-- Mohandas Gandhi, An Autobiography

JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: People generally seek refuge in their houses and they should be allowed to possess weapons to defend themselves in their own shelter. I do advocate that private people should be allowed to own/rent guns for inhouse household/office/shop protection only. But outside their private premises, such as in the streets, malls, entertainment centers, only law enforcers in uniform and on duty should be carrying guns.


"To disarm the people was the best and most effectual way to enslave them." -- George Mason, speech of June 14, 1788

JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: I am for liberalization of gun ownership, however I believe that there should be tight policies governing the privilege to keep and carry guns in particular space ang time.


The right to buy weapons is the right to be free.-- A.E. Van Vogt, "The Weapon Shops Of Isher", ASF December 1942

JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: Everyone should have the right to buy and own a gun. But possessing and carrying is a matter of privilege that has to be regulated by the State.


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OCWs are Modern Jose Rizals

Hindi tayo tulad ng Rome, Mecca, and America na walang tigil ang dating ng mga toristang nag-wawaldas ng pera. Ang bansa natin ay nakaka-higop lang ng pera galing sa ibang bansa dahil sa mga OCW natin. Kaya tratohin natin ng maayos at tingalain ang ating mga OCW pag bumabalik sila dito para mag-bakasyon.

Ganun din ang mga Balikbayan na dumadalaw paminsan-minsan dito sa bansa natin. Ipakita natin sa kanilang mga anak (na doon na lumaki sa ibang bansa) na freindly tayo, maganda ang kultura natin, at maayos ang pag-aalaga natin sa ating mga kalikasan.

Tanungin din natin sila at pa-kwentohin natin kung anong mga nakita nilang best practices sa ibang bansa na dapat nating gayahin. Yon si Jose Rizal, siya ay mahusay nung kapanahunan nya dahil na-expose siya sa ibang bansa at marami siyang natutunan doon na gusto niya i-apply dito sa ating bansa. Ganun din yang mga Pilipino na nakaka-punta sa ibang bansa, marami yan silang idea paano pa-unlarin ang bansa natin. So, pakinggan natin sila.

Maganda din iboto yang mga Balikbayan na tumatakbo for local positions natin dahil maraming new ideas yan na tinatawag nating INNOVATION. Atsaka, yang mga balikbayan na yan ay nasubukan na nila mismo kung gaano ka-sarap mamuhay sa ibang bansa na sumusunod sa batas ang mga mamamayan. Ideal talagang ipa-pwesto sa politika sa Pilipinas yang mga balikbayan natin -- parang si Jose Rizal ang mga yan.


Sabi nga nila, na-ngangapkap daw ng dollar ang mga immigration checkers sa Airport entry. Mga walang-hiya talaga yang mga checker dyan sa Airport. Maraming naka-pansin nyan na OCW na para bang naging parte na ng kultura natin na ang mga Immigration Personnel ay parang mga hold-upper, mga extortionist, mga pulubi, mga patay-gutom, mga walang ethics --- ayyy naku ewan. Ehhh ako nga merong kakilala, bagong graduate pa, nagpapa-endorse sa Immigration dahil gusto raw niya doon dahil marami daw dollar pinamimigay mga OCWs -- susmaryosep kinilabutan ako.


I dedicate this blog to my FB friends who celebrate their birthdays today.

Angelica Bontuyan, Dominic Rosauro O. Duque, Dominick Lacamento, Kitchz Ferrer, Marjo Abellar Tan, Pilyang Mhanika, Regina Palmero, Riza Alelei Laserna


Porn-aided masturbation reduces sex-related offenses and population growth rate. Pag nag-jakul at nilabasan na, hindi na yan mag-hahanap ng makantot.

Actually, bawal ang porn sa Pilipinas. Dapat ipag bawal yan. Pero eh Professionals nga sa Pinas ang daming FAKE Profesionals, lalo na Real Estate Agents. Ewan ko kung anong ginagawa ng gobyerno. Kawawang Pilipinas, hihintayin nyo pa ako ng 18 years para maging Presidente at nang malinis na yang mga yan!

Ang Porn ay bawal yan sa 18YO below. Pero hindi yan bawal sa above 18 na. Pero dahil yan ay binibenta sa bangketa, kahit bata nakaka-bili, dyan tayo nagkakaproblema. If we look back, tama ang direction ni Bayani Fernando na buwagin ang mga sidewalk vendors. Tama rin ang direction ng Movies Regulatory Board na buwagin yang mga nagbebenta ng pirated/porn DVDs. Yang mga RAID, pwedeng gawin, Pero ang pinakamalaki nating problema ay ay Internet dahil fully accessible na ang porn sa Internet at imposibleng mapigilan.

In short, dapat hanapan natin ng paraan na ma-gamit natin ang spirit ng Porn to achieve a positive end. Eto ang challenge na malaki. Kaya yan nandyan yang post ko dyan sa pinaka-taas para mag-isip tayo na meron din palang silbi yang Porn.

Porn is a very effective technique to brainwash the mind of the youth on the ideal features of beauty and sexy. If we, Filipinos, will only see caucasian and blondie porn stars, we will tend to be brainwashed that caucasian and blond is the benchmark of what is beautiful and sexy.

With the internet, porn is unstoppable.

I am kind of nationalistic. I want to see more brown people as porn stars.


Ang Porn ay talagang merong MORAL ISSUES yan. Maraming Biblical passage na nagsasabi na kasalanan ang porn. So, it is the church that should play an active role in advocating against porn.

Atsaka maraming conservative persons na feeling nila na-violate ang kanilang rights pag merong nag-papalabas ng porn. So porn enthusiasts have to be "careful" NOT TO BE EXHIBITIONISTS when it comes to pornography. Porn has to be kept in an extremely private manner.


The RCC have my full support in advocating AGAINST the RH Bill. Marami akong advocacy na mahirap ilaban. Pero RH Bill, chicken lang, madaling-madali itumba ang RH Bill. Marami akong droplines pangontra sa RH Bill.

But I believe that porn-aided masturbation is an alternative to sex. The more masturbation, the lesser the sex, the lesser possibility of population explosion and unwanted pregnancies. Pero dapat merong privacy, hindi pwedeng lantaran, hindi pwede ang exhibitionism.

Of course the RCC will have to be on an absolute position to say NO TO PORN -- meron silang moral ground na dapat depensahan. Pwede ko tulungan ang RCC against porn pero hanggang PRIVACY issues lang para mapihilan ang porn exhibitionism.

Pero kung ako tatanungin kung ano ang benefit ng Porn, ayun dapat kong sabihin kung ano ang totoo -- nakakatulong talaga ang porn-aided masturbation sa population control.

Corruption as Part of Filipino Culture

Napakahirap kausap ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas, hindi consistent. Kung anong mababasa
mo mga batas ng bansang ito ay ibang-iba sa makikita mong kalakaran. Ang implementation ng batas, at ang tama at mali, ay naka-depende kung sino ang naka-upong Presidente. Ang personal preference ng mga naka-upo sa gobyerno ang umiiral na kalakaran imbis na ang batas. Ito na yata ang tinatawag nilang bulok na sistema.

Nakaka-pagod. Pag kausap ko international businessman at nag-tatanong tungkol sa business process dito sa Pinas, kailangan kong pang i-presenta ang batas at ang kalakaran na kaka-iba sa sinasabi ng batas. Medyo awkward dahil kailangan ko pa silang ipa-intindi na ang corruption sa Pinas ay talagang parte na ng ating kultura na dapat intindihin. Nakaka-hiya.

Etong na-experience natin ngayon kabulukan ng gobyerno ay sanhi ng kakulangan ng ating mga nakaka-tanda, sanhi ng mga politikong "sikat" ang mga pangalan ngayon. Sa generation natin ngayon, hayaan lang ba natin na lamunin tayo ng bulok na sistema? Maraming mga bagong pangalan na buo pa ang prinsipyo at nag-lakas loob na sumubok sa larangan ng politika pero sila ay natatalo lang sa popularity contest ng election. Walang pag-babago dahil ang mga kababayan natin ay binoboto ang anak ng sikat na pangalan sa politika na mga kasali sa pag-gawa nitong bulok na sistema.

Dahil sa kai-kaibigan at kaki-kakilala system eh ang mga puppet ng mga taong baluktot ang daan ay silang nakaka-upo sa mata-taas na position sa gobyerno.

Ang mga taong baluktot ang daan ay nag-bubuo ng mga association at organization at nag-tutulak ng kanilang mga personal agenda and selfish interests sa gobyerno. Ang gobyerno naman, dahil boto ang kapalit, ay madaling ma sakal sa leeg ng mga masasama.

Karamihan sa mga naka-upo ay inuuna ang personal interest nila o di kaya dicta ng mga ma-impluensyang baluktot na nagpa-upo sa kanila. Ang mandate nila ay nasa-sakripisyo. Mga walang hiya ang kakapal ng mukha.

Ang kabaluktutan sa Pilipinas ay parang isang napaka-kapal sa pader na pawang imposibleng tibagin. Nakakapagod.

Na-identify naman natin ang mga katiwalian na dapat ayusin. Pero ang mali lang ng Administration na eto ay ang workload management nila ay panay gamit ng post-it. Kulang sa political will. Nakita na ang katiwalian ngayon, eh bukas nandyan pa rin. Hindi ba pwedeng gamitin ng Presidente ang telepono lang para tawagan ang naka-upo at sabihan na "dapat bukas ng umaga ay wala na yang ganyang katiwalian, mag-issue ka ng memo na tigil na yan, or else you have to go at close of office tomorrow".

Maliiit at klarong mga katiwalian, hindi natatapos dahil puro post-it, puro maya-maya, puro excuses, ang naka-upo ay puppet ng organisadong nakikinabang sa katiwalian.

Bukas ng umaga, mag-renew na naman ako ng lisensya ko bilang Real Estate Broker. Pero pag-uwi ko, dadaan ako sa Mall, at libo-libo pa ring mga colorum at hindi lisensyadong in-house real estate agents ng mga developers ang naka-kalat sa mall. May silbe pa ba etong pagkukuha ko ng license bilang Professional Real Estate Broker? Eh samantalang libreng libre ang mga walang lisensya na mag-practice ng profession ko.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inferior and Superior Interpretation

FACT: Less than one percent of gun-aided crimes used a registered firearms.

INFERIOR INTERPRETATION: Persons who own registered firearms are least likely to commit a gun-aided crime, therefore they should liberally be given permit to carry firearm.

SUPERIOR INTERPRETATION: Persons who commit gun-aided crimes are persons who have access to guns (police, military, private armies, licensed gun-owners, gun collectors, keepers of unregistered guns, hired hitmen, hired bank robbers, organized crime groups) and they normally use unregistered firearms to avoid getting traced by the crime investigators. We should focus our drive on encouraging people to register their guns for the puspose of ownership and titling. Yet we have to be very tight in complying with the requirements when it comes to granting permit to possess/carry a firearm to anyone.


FACT: Firearm is a weapon of of law enforcement, power, terror, exploitation, and also of self-defense.

INFERIOR INTERPRETATION: Only the good guys will follow a gun ban. The criminals will not. Therefore, there should be no gun-carry ban.

SUPERIOR INTERPRETATION: The individual person's decision to commit a gun-aided crime is influenced by many factors such as (1) psychological instability, (2) drugs and alcohol, (3) aggressive emotions of anger, hate, vengeance, jealousy, rebellion, (4) economic sense of survival, (5) greed for power, and (6) chance of getting caught by the law enforcers, (7) risk of gun-battle by a resisting force, and (7) penalty of the crime. Everyone are good guys before they comit a crime. Gun-carry ban with effective checkpoint system are deterrents to gun-aided crime because they put weight on risk of carrying a gun.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gun-Carry Policy for Gun-Aided Assassinations


The PROGUN Philippines Inc. Position Paper of May 2009 cited many assassination and they suggested gun-carrying for self defense would be a solution to protect the victim. The PROGUN Inc believes that a gun-armed person is a hard-target for the assassins, and an unarmed person is a soft-target for the assassins. The PROGUN Inc believes that an assassin will more likely not be successful in hitting an armed victim.

In my opinion, PROGUN argument is less right and more of a wrong.

I believe that a profesional assassin will execute will execute his mission to hit whether or not the target is armed or unarmed. Even if the victim had a gun, the assasin would still accomplish his mission using the element of surprise, which is a very basic element in the tactics of combat. The element of surprise is the execution of the hit while the target is UNAWARE of the attack in the most advantageous PLACE and MOMENT. Even if you are heavily armed, your chances of surviving a well-planned ambush and assassination is almost zero. I can cite thousands of cases to prove it.

A platoon of heavily armed soldiers whould least likely survive an ambush because of the element of surprise. An armed policeman would least likely survive a assasination because of the element of surprise. There are many heavily armed personalities who were gunned down by assassins even if they are carrying a gun.

A husband of a widow I personally know was a Barangay Captain. He was always carrying a loaded cal .45 in quick-draw holster. He went to practice target shooting frequently. He cleaned his gun everyday. Yet still, he was assassinated while in the gas station, 26 bullets in the body. A person can only observe 150 degrees of his sight view, a rapid surprise attack from behind whould render useless the gun being carried by victim. Very few people can survive an assassination because of this thing we call element of surprise.

For the purpose of deriving at a possible preventive measure, I would be asking two basic questions. How did the assassin knew the whereabouts of the target and the best time to execute the hit? How did these assassins successfully moved to and from their target using the streets? I thought there is a gun ban, so I thought there should be checkpoints.

In my position, I think a successful assassination is primarily caused by a failure of the police to operationalize an effective checkpoint system. If the gun-carying assassins were able to go to the crime site and get away from it, it means the cops were not doing their checkpoint operation. In the cases they have cited, the Police should be held responsible for lax checkpoint operation.

Another equally important consideration that makes a successful assassination is the assassin's access to information of the victim. Any assassin could not make a hit if he don't know where the victim is at any point in time.

When I was working with the US Government on a security-critical position, we were always told in an annual Personal Security Seminar that personal information management is what matters in distinguishing a hard target and a soft target -- the fact of whether the person is armed or not is not a factor in the determination of a hard target and a soft target.

Having this in mind, I believe that if you are in the hih-risk profession, I would advice you to attend the PNP's Personal Safety Seminar (for FREE). Securely managing your personal information would make you overall chances of not getting assassinated is almost zero. The basic is, you can't be assassinated if the assasin won't know where you are in any given day he would be ready to make a hit.

What hassles the assassin is TIGHT GUN-CARRY POLICY and CHECKPOINT. This twin approach gives the hitman a big problem and hassle in moving from one place to another with a gun. An effective checkpoint system, especially in a gunless zone (like malls, airports, and train station) makes that particular zone a disadvantageous place for the assassin. I myself, as a person in the high-risk profession of advocacy, spends most of my time outdoors in a gunless zone. I conduct my meeting with new people in venues that pass through security x-ray machines.

Everytime there is an assassination, people always ask, "who are those gunmen/assassins?" The answer is, we don't know. Professional sssassins hide their identities well. Perpetrators of crimes are sometimes identified and sometimes they are only named as John Doe or Jane Doe.

There is one thing that I am 100% absolutely sure. I am definitely sure that gun-aided crimes are committed by people who have access to guns.

The five kinds of persons who commit gun-aided crimes are police, military, private armies, hired criminals, licensed gun holders, unlicensed gun holders, accidental gun-holders, or maybe PROGUN-runners who wants to create a gun-aided crime for the sole purpose of using it as publicity to lift the gun ban.

The best policy to put in place is something that will tighten people's access to private information, tighten the gun-carry policy, and effective checkpoint systems. We can have an high chance to prevent crime by regulating people's access to INFORMATION and GUN for some persons, places, and moments.

CONTROLLING PRIVATE INFORMATION. Most assassins get private information like name, address, whereabouts, relatives, age, gender, hobbies, from database of government and private sectors. When in comes to PERSONAL SECURITY and NATIONAL SECURITY, moreso important than the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the Private Information Privacy Act (PIPA). PIPA should provide guidelines to protect personal identifiable private information. One of its feature is it disallows companies and agencies to collect excessive information. It also disallows release of personally identifiable information to any person WITHOUT the authority of the subject. The recent PNP Advisory on Facebook Security is one of the best initiatives of the PNP.

CONTROLLING PERSONS. We can have exams and interview and background check, and complaint management to filter out those persons who are unfit to carry firearm. We can disallow the law enforcers from carying guns when they are outside their uniform and duty time. We have already figured out that most criminal gunmen use motor bikes as mode of transportation, so I think we are in the right direction if we should pay more attention to bikers in the checkpoint operation.

CONTROLLING SPACE. We can gradually increase the area covered by gunless zones by putting in place some new effective checkpoint systems. We can enclose certain places where criminals most-likely reside and install a decent checkpoint system with proper x-ray machines.

CONTROLLING TIME. We can have total gun bans during moments when gun-aided crime rate is very high such as during election period and pay-days. We can set gun-carry curfew hours if we find it feasible.

PREVENTION is always better than REACTION. Controlling the information, persons, time, and space is the best strategy to prevent and deter gun-aided criminals.


By the way, it is a WRONG POLICY to say that ALL judges must be exempted from the gun-carry ban because A judge was assasinated. It is a WRONG POLICY to say that ALL journalists must be exempted from the gun-carry ban because A journalist was assasinated. The wrongness is just like saying that ALL male must be exempted from the gun-carry ban because a male was assasinated.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gun-Related Paranoia


The primary reason why most private persons (who are not in the law enforcement profession) are so obsessed to carry a gun outdoors is INSECURITY and PARANOIA. They normally insist that they need to carry a gun because they can imagine that ANY MOMENT someone will attack them and they need to be prepared at all times. These paranoids normally distrust law enforcement. Paranoia is a mild psychosis.


There are many causes of Paranoia. Persons who are victims of crimes will usually be diagnosed with mental stress, hatefulness, vengeance, and paranoia. People tend to become paranoids after watching too much movies with so much war, gun-fight, brutality, criminal attacks, and especially police abuses.


Scelerophobia is also known as the fear of bad men and/or the fear of burglars. This kind of paranoia could show symptoms of anxiety attacks, panic attacks, default distrust to law enforcement. Most persons affected by scelerpphobia thinks that the only workable solution to ease their fear is a baby-sitter type of a personal bodyguard or law enforcement who will accompany them side-by-side on a 24/7 timeframe. When the personal bodyguard is not available, these paranoids will do everything to be able to carry a weapon all the time, most likely a gun. A good example of an article written by someone who has scelerophobia is the PROGUN Philippines Inc Position Paper of May 2010. There are sites and groups available in the internet that are dedicated to helping people with scelerophobia.


Sometimes, mild psychosis can be detected by overt obsesion for guns, overt gun hobbies, overt watching of gun-full movies. People with overt obsession for guns normally show-off guns in their primary Facebook profile (their profile name is gun-brand and their primary picture shows a gun). These people are most likely "gun-displayers" in the streets and in their neighborhood, the ordinary people call them "mayabang".

There is even one leader of a gun organization who calls himself Fallujah (war-torn province in Iraq) with a self-claimed note saying "utak pulbura na". Paranoia can be easily detected in the psych test/interview in relation to firearm licensing.

I have a friend who was asked by the psychiatrist to draw a real man. He draw a person who is carrying a gun. According to him, the gun makes the man a real man. With his drawing, the psychiatrist marked him as "prone to gun-aided violence", he was recommended not to attend a socially critical international youth gathering.

Another sign of psychosis is when the individual has a strong obsession to accummulate as much guns as he would want to build a personal arsenal. Our knee-jerk question is, "why would a person want to have so many guns for self-defense"? In the Philippines, psychotic politicians accumulate arsenals of firearms and issues them to their Private Armies -- the result is an astonishing blood bath of about 300-400 people killed in election related violence. The most popular case is the Maguindanao Massacre of November 23, 2009, allegedly perpetrated by then Mayor Andal Ampatuan who owned a collection of over 270 licensed firearms, and charged with one-day wholesale multiple murder of over 50 men, women, pregnant women, and journalists.

Desire to possess and carry excessive ammunition is also a sign that a person has paranoia. You can see many policemen under this category. They prepare in case they may get into a gun-fight with multiple criminals in long running gun-battle just like in the movies.


The paranoids does not look different from any other person who claim to be a responsible gun owner. Paranoids are prone to committing a gun-aided crime and they are hard to detect by mere visuals -- they look decent like everybody else, thay talk the same way as everyone does, they drive a car too, they may also have a Facebook account. But one way to detect these paranoids is that they are OBSESSED and INSISTING in getting a permit to carry firearm despite gun ban, to the point that they would lobby in Congress to influence the government policies that affects gun-carry rules.


The paranoids can show you a lot reasons why they want to carry a gun, and yes they can prove that that they are responsible gun owners, but nobody knows WHEN is the MOMENT a paranoid will snap. These paranoids also want to make people afraid by always reminding people of gun-crimes and events and tellingthe people that they should arm themselves. Paranoids sow terror in the mind of people. Paranoids tell people that Police are useless.


Now, if you have friends and loved ones who are so obsessed in wanting to carry a gun because of INSECURITY and PARANOIA, please help them. Give them a friendly counselling to the tune of trying your best to convince their mind-set that even if they are carrying a gun, it will not give them security. An amateur hold-upper may randomly pick a soft target victim but a seasoned robber would prefer targets who have guns because these targets are probably protecting huge amounts of monies. An assassin makes plans and will shoot the victim with an element of surprise. As long as an individual is obsessed to carry a gun despite restrictive rules, he will continue to be consciously WORRIED about his security EVERY MOMENT of his life -- PARANOIA.

If your friend will reason out, try telling him that even if he is heavily armed, your chances of surviving a well-planned ambush and assassination is almost zero. We can cite thousands of cases to prove it. However, if we have tight gun-carry policy and effective checkpoint system, the hitman would have a big problem moving with guns (getting in and out the gunless zones). Plus, if your friend attends the PNP's Personal Safety Seminar (for FREE), his overall chances of not getting assassinated is almost zero. This line of thinking will probably make him feel secured.


Persons with paranoia are supposed to be easily filtered because gun ownership license and gun-carry permit REQUIRE psych test. However, it has become customary that Gun Dealers act like fixers in bending the requirements by just paying "extra" (grease money). As a result of this skip-test anomaly, many paranoids are able get Permit to carry firearms. They are carrying guns inside their cars and on our streets -- THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME IN PLAIN CIVILIAN CLOTHES -- there is no way to distinguish the paranoids. In short, we are facing a population of people with permit to carry guns who could be psychotics.


It is very dangerous if persons with insecurity and paranoia are given permit to carry gun. Persons with paranoia should be disqualified to carry a firearm. As a matter of policy, there should be a tight implementation of rules on the issuance of licenses, especially on the authorization of gun-carry permits. I believe that outside every gun owner's house is already a public place. In public places, only law enforcement in uniform and on duty should be authorized to carry firearm. And YES, law enforcers should also undergo a periodic psych screening test/interview. As long as gun firearm licensing policies are not tight, psychoses-driven gun-aided crimes will continue to infest our society. We have to protect the gunless population from these paranoids who carry guns. The tighter the gun-carry policies, the fewer guns in the streets, the safer our society is.


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Odd-Even Scheme or Number Coding - the irreversible multiplier effect

TRAFFIC CONGESTION negatively affects EVERYONE especially the road users including private cars motorists and commuters, whether you are a driver, conductor, licensed broker or a doctor, engineer, driver, job applicant, teacher, student, saleslady, call center agent, government employee etc etc.. The only ones who are happy from traffic congestion are sidewalk/street vendors and petroleum retailers.

ODD/EVEN SCHEME may help in reducing the volume of cars in the short-run BUT will no longer be effective in the long run AT THE POINT when people will start making RATIONAL decision to buy extra cars na tinatawag nilang "pang-coding". Myself, for example, I have two cars, one car plate number ends in #3 that I can't use in Tuesdays and the other in #2 that I can't use in Mondays -- I can drive any day of the week. I would not buy an extra car if there is no Odd/Even scheme. Now, if you EXPAND the Odd/Even Scheme such that a certain plate number ending# will only use the streets for two days, then I will buy THREE more cars with plate numbers #5, #7, and #9 so I can drive anyday of the week.

MULTIPLIER EFFECT. If you are going to multiply my decision pattern to the over 1 Million private car owners who drive in Metro Manila, the result is devastating. Without Odd/Even Scheme, we have 1M cars. If you impose Odd/Even Scheme, you will reduce the cars in the streets by 20-40% in the short run but there will be a point in the future when everyone affected will buy MORE CARS, and the bottomline result is a 1M persons owning 5M cars. The multiplier effect is a negative impact of Odd-Even Scheme that is IRREVERSIBLE. Only an atomic bomb can reduce the number of cars in Metro Manila.

Is this MULTIPLIER EFFECT realistic? Yes my dear, it is already happening! I will prove it to you in 4 ways below:

1. Using myself as an example, I have two cars so I can still drive kahit coding.
2. See the residential villages in the evening, you can see cars parked in the garage and many cars parked outside the house at the roadside. It means that the people are having multiple cars, just lke me.
4. Look at the Cars Section of the Buy and Sell magazine, you will see that car advertisers indicate the ending of the plate# of the cars they sell because it primarily targets buyers of extra car for coding purpose.
5. There is no coding in Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, but there is still traffic congestion because you have all the 5M cars on the street -- my wife drives my first car and I drive my second car -- and every family does the same thing.

The solution to traffic congestion is YOU HAVE TO SPREAD DEVELOPMENT TO THE PROVINCES! I can talk about MANY WAYS on how to stimulate real estate development to the provinces, but I will only cite TWO.

1. TELECOMMUNICATION. The most effective I can think of is that PLDT holds the ONE MAGICAL PILL. If PLDT will interconnect and localize all zones of the country (local call lang if you call from province to Matro Manila), development will surely go sidewards to the provinces. I PROMISE you that.

2. HI-RISE MORATORIUM IN METROPOLIS. There should be a moratorium of high-rise development in the Metropolis until they figure out the correct tri-legged proportion of growth of (1) Parking Spaces, (2) Fly-overs, and (3) Residential/Commercial High-Rises. These three has grow EVENLY in correct proportion. You build fly-overs and parking spaces first BEFORE you gradually release the hi-rise build-up moratorium.


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Sunday, October 17, 2010

JRP Position Paper on Gun Control

Stopping an individual person from committing a crime is beyond the control of government to act upon. However, strengthening the internal defense and law enforcement systems of the government is something we can act upon by funding. The masses behind the Aquino Administration will not stop finding ways to put in place some policy mechanisms that will make all kinds of survival-motivated lawlessness an irrational decision for every individual. (John Remollo Petalcorin, 2010)

DRAFT PROPOSAL. Subject to change without prior notice.


All guns should be registered and titled to the owner, regardless of where it came from (blackmarket, imported, backyard manufactured). Gun Ownership Title Registration should be zero-fee, one-time only, no renewal necessary, except in the event of Transfer of Ownership. For gun owners who will not pass the License to Possess, or with suspended license, they will have to deposit their firearm in the PNP Depository until they get qualified to a license in at least Category A.


Licensing is different from Gun Titling. Persons with a valid gun title may apply for LICENSE. Licensing will have various categories, which will look something like:

(Cat A) Specific Residential/Business Place Possession only,
(Cat B) Authority to Carry by High-Risk Private Employee such as Cashier
(Cat C) Authority to Transport by Professional Sportsman
(Cat D) Authority to Carry by Private Law-Enforcement in Uniform & Duty-time
(Cat E) Authority to Carry by Government Law-Enforcement in Uniform & Duty-time
(Cat F) Authority to Carry by a National Security Operative, no restriction
(Cat G) Authority to Professional Manufacturer and Repairman of Firearms


Each Category will have different types of "requirements". Definitely, there should be COMPUTERIZED Examination that will cover topics on (A) Gun Possesion Safety, (B) Gun Carry Safety, (C) Checkpoint Cooperation Procedure, (D) Social Risks and Benefits of Guns. Using an approved training module, Gun Shops and Gun Clubs may conduct Seminars and operate Review Centers.

Category B shall have TIGHT RESTRICTION as to the time/route of the authority and UNIFORM ATTIRE. License is co-terminus with the job, and Employer posts a Good Performance Cash Bond.


Category A License will have to be renewed annually, with same requirement. Categories that involves GUN-CARRY will have to be renewed every six months, same requirement.


A licensee who is being complained by third party (alcohol drunkeness misbehavior, accepting of bribe, domestic violence, and any form of threats) will be issued a subpoena duces tecum, and his/her license will be suspended. If subsequently found guilty of the offenses, the license will be revoked. If found innocent, the license may be reinstated.


A person may have ownership title of UNLIMITED number of guns. However, an individual may only be given a license to possess one gun only for household keeping, the rest of his/her guns stays in the care/custody of the PNP Depository.


There should be a Depository of Firearms in the custody of Philippine National Police. PNP Depository is individualized, tamper-proof, and safe.


An individual who is given a license to possess or carry a firearm will be authorized to ammunition in a maximum number of six, except military and police personnel whose regular function it to respond to hostility situations.


All guns must have have a serial numbered plastic thin film strip inside the barrel, for determination if the gun is fired. Persons who have gun license must submit an incident report to the Police in the even the gun is fired for whatever reason.


If the suspect has a gun and will resist a warranted search/arrest, the Police will be immune from any charges on grounds of self-defense as long as the proper procedure is followed in the serving of the warrant.


A third-party report of possession of unregistered gun that will render positive result will be rewarded with the gun with guarantee of confidentiality. Penalty for possession/carry of unregistered firearm will be a fine of P200,000.


The owner of a registered gun that is used in a crime or suicide will be criminally liable, except when the gun is kept in the PNP Depository. Gun aided crimes will have DOUBLE PENALTY without possibility of parole if the gun is unregistered.


Backyard manufactured is okay as long as the maker is a Licensed Professional Gun Maker and the gun passed the safety-test of the Gun Makers Association. Guns must be acquired by citizens in affordable budget to make is accessable to everyone. It is the sole responsibility of the Company with Copyrights to make a determination and file intellectual property rights cases on a case-to-case basis.

Friday, October 15, 2010

PROGUN Philippines, Inc

PROGUN Philippines Inc is simply a fake Anti-Gun-Aided Crime Advocacy because it lobbies for liberalization of Permit-to-Carry Outside of Residence, which puts the generally gunless masses in a weaker power against the gun-bearing rich elite. When guns are being brought outside residence by the corrupt powerful personalities, the democracy is being silenced.

We, the MASSES, will support the tighter gun-carry policy and new effective checkpoint system.



Responsible gun owners follow and advocate gun laws, in their capacity as individuals and in their strength as gun clubs. When gun clubs are puppeteered by gun dealers, they become exploited to resist existing gun laws, they become tolerant to violations of gun permit processes, and they unknowingly become gun-advertising medium.

PROGUN Philippines Inc. is contaminated -- unfit to represent the responsible gun owners. They better weed out their members who are cyberbullies, anti-government, anti-law, anti-order, anti-police, anti-gun-ban, anti-rules. Pinagbigyan na nga na magka-lisensya ang mga baril for household use, eh gusto pang dalhin sa kalye ang mga baril para maging siga sa kalye. Tapos, ina-advocate pa nila na okay lang mag-amass ng kahit napakaraming baril at bala, parang mga Ampats etong mga contaminants na eto. Tapos, sasabihin ninyong representative kayo naming mga responsible and peaceful gun owners? Ang kakapal ng mukha ng mga contaminants na eto!

Saan ba makikita etong mga contaminants na eto? Tingnan nyo etong FB page na eto. Basahin nyo ang content ng mga comments and discussions nila, nakakakilabot parang mga terrorista etong mga cyberbullies na eto. The page of PROGUN Philippines Inc in Facebook is at

PROGUN Philippines, Inc. have LOST their credence to lead that organization of gun owners because their current leaders tolerated the deployment of an organized/systematic cyberbullying tactics in this discussion on National Firearm Policies. Because their current organization's leaders have been found to be corporately irresponsible, I strongly support the idea that their organization should remain its status to never be allowed to take the podium during Gun Summits and Legislative Hearings. However, they may still submit their position papers.



Look at this IRRESPONSIBLE "lessons shared" by the PROGUN Philippines Inc. under the guise of academic discussion (Reference: PROGUN Philippines FB group acct):

1. A penalty of 1-3 years imprisonment is subject to PROBATION, i.e., no jail time. (you will just be released and be required to report to a probation officer for a certain period). So it follows that what the Supreme Court ruled was that ANYONE CAUGHT WITH A FIREARM WHETHER LICENSED OR NOT DURING THE COMELEC ELECTION GUN BAN WILL NEVER GO TO JAIL! :-))

2. If you want to violate the election gun ban It pays to carry an UNLICENSED FIREARM. Whether you are caught carrying an unlicensed firearm or licensed firearm during election peiod, the penalty IS THE SAME 1-3 years imprisonment, no jail time.

3. It pays to carry LARGER CALIBER WEAPONS during election gun ban period. Whether you are caught carrying a .22 pen gun or a 90mm bazooka, THE PENALTY IS THE SAME.



PROGUN, INC. is a non-profit corporation which is duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. Mission: To defend and lobby for the shooting sports, and the right to keep and bear arms in the Philippines.

Below is the recent Position Paper of PROGUN Philippines, Inc. and I have made some comments. If you notice, they argue closely to the tune the gun being carried by the victim is the best self-defense ready-weapon againts assasination. The PROGUN did not cite the many assassination victims who are armed to the teeth. PROGUN solution to gun-aided crime is to give each citizen the right to carry firearm. If PROGUN Inc succeeds, the gun-runners will be happy, and everyone will be carrying a gun including balot vendors whose work is most dangerous, walking through the dark alleys at night.

PNP Firearms Summit 18-19 May 2009
Camp Crame, Quezon City

PROGUN opposes a Total Gun Ban

A total gun ban is unrealistic and not feasible within the Philippines. While other countries and organizations such as IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms) may advocate such a ban, the conditions prevailing in other countries as well as the Western European countries where IANSA has its base, are different from the Philippines.

[JRP Comment: Total gun ban is REAL and it is what we are ENJOYING now.]

Unlike the Western countries, the Philippines suffers from rampant crime in the form of robberies and thefts, kidnapping, drug violence, terrorism in the South, Communist insurgency, and political and profession related killings. In spite of the best efforts of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces (AFP), these crimes have not been curbed or lessened over the years. If anything, the crime situation in the country has gotten worse.

[JRP Comment: I didn't know that these crimes are non-existent in Western Countries (sarcastically). Just go to the PNP and AFP website, you will see statistics that our law enforcement institutions have done good in fighting these crimes to its curb.]

The mandate of the PNP is to preserve general state of peace and order. The PNP are not mandated to protect individual citizens on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week. Stated otherwise, the police cannot be present everywhere and always to protect its citizens. For this reason, the more affluent Filipinos hire private security guards for their homes and subdivisions or personal bodyguards for the even wealthier. However, for the ordinary citizens who are not as moneyed, a total gun ban would leave them totally defenseless against criminal elements.

[JRP Comment: ProGun Philippines, Inc, as a corporation is irresponsibly spreading misinformation to the public that the PNP is not mandated to protect individual citizens on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week. This corporation is provoking chaos, inducing a terrorized feeling among the ordinary citizens, and making them hate the gun control programs of the government.]

There are insufficient number of police to protect the citizenry

On a per capita basis, there are clearly insufficient number of police with which to provide protection for the entire citizenry. Moreover, due to lack of financial resources, our police are under-equipped and lack the crime fighting tools that they ought to have in their inventory such as police cars, firearms, non-lethal weapons, communications equipment, and precinct jails and facilities.

Police work is reactive rather than proactive. This means that police often fail to be present at the scene of the crime to prevent the crime from happening; rather the police arrive after the crime has been committed for investigation and pursuit of the criminal. This is small consolation for the families of victims who have already been murdered, assaulted, kidnapped or raped. Moreover, a large number of crimes are not even solved. Consider the following unsolved murder victims:

· Judges Henrick Gingoyon (RTC-Pasay) and Voltaire Rosales (RTC-Tanauan), who were shot dead in relation with cases that they were handling.

· Justice Valerio of the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel (OGCC) shot dead in front of his home upon arrival at night.

[JRP Comment: This is an assassination case. Please read Gun-Carry Policy for Gun-Aided Assassinations.]

· Armscor Vice president Danny De La Paz who was shot dead on the way home from the plant by hired gunmen. De la Paz, who was an accomplished competitive shooter, was unable to carry his firearm at that time due to the COMELEC gun ban.

[JRP Comment: This is an assassination case. Please read Gun-Carry Policy for Gun-Aided Assassinations.]

· The numerous journalists and broadcasters who have been shot dead on occasion of their handling of sensational issues.

[JRP Comment: This is an assassination case. Please read Gun-Carry Policy for Gun-Aided Assassinations.]

This deficiency is recognized by civil society. Consequently, the modern concept of crime prevention is the citizens acting in conjunction with the police in community crime prevention. Thus, barangay tanods and police, neighborhood watches, and private security guards supplement the police in their crime prevention work. This also should include a responsible armed citizen base, who may bear their firearms in protection of themselves, their families and their homes, until such time as the police may arrive. These are recent actual cases that prove that the prudent use of firearms in the hands of a competent citizen, saves lives:

· In the recent case of Sonny Parsons, in Marikina City, he used a lawfully licensed pistol to protect himself and his family against drug crazed criminals who entered his house and attempted to rob his family and rape his daughter. The shooting was held to be justified in the Parsons case, by the Marikina City Prosecutor’s Office.

[JRP Comment: This is an bulglar case. We are already liberal in allowing private persons to own and possess registered guns at home for their household's protection.]

· Prosecutor Jonathan Lledo of the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office used a concealed Glock 26 to restrain an amok inmate who got loose in open court and wield a concealed ice pick. The inmate who attempted to kill Judge Rosanna Fe Maglaya of RTC-Qc Branch 85, and who took a court steonographer as hostage, as subdued by prosecutor Lledo and the BJMP guards who arrived later.

[JRP Comment: This is an Workplace Attack case. We are already liberal in allowing high-risk professionals and businessmen to own and possess registered guns in their office for their business protection.]

· Champion Shooter Grace Tan was acquitted of homicide when she shot a criminal whom she caught in the act of trying to steal her car. Tan, who had surprised the criminal, was attacked her judicious response immediately neutralized the criminal without any further incident.

[JRP Comment: Gun owners are trained to use the gun only for self-defense. Even if she had a gun, if she is not cornered, she should have avoided confrontation and called the police.]

The right to life and self-defense is a natural, human right

The right of citizens to life, liberty and property is enshrined in our Constitution. This means that each and every Filipino has a fundamental and inalienable right to maintain and protect his own life and that of his family, and others, if necessary. The State cannot enact legislation which would curtail or prevent the right of its citizens to life or defense thereof, otherwise such laws or rules would be unconstitutional. Thus Article II Section 5 of the Constitution provides:

“Sec. 5. The maintenance of peace and order, and the protection of life, liberty, and property, and the promotion of the general welfare are essential for the enjoyment by all people of the blessings of democracy.”

Article II Section 1 of our Constitution, similarly provides that:

“Sec. 1 No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, not shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.”

The right to life, and the defense of the right to life, is a human right. The right to life is in fact the most basic right from which all other human rights flow. Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person.” Moreover, the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states:

“Every Human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of life.”

Use of firearms in Self-Defense is supported by the court rulings

Statutory law likewise recognizes the right to self defense and the corresponding use of firearms to accomplish the purpose of defense of life of law abiding citizens. Article 11 of the Revised Penal Code specifically authorizes self-defense as an exempting circumstance, and the “reasonable means employed to prevent or repel” such unlawful aggression. Thus, a defender who employs force to repel unlawful aggression does not incur any criminal liability when he uses “reasonable means to prevent or repel”. The same article likewise applies to any one who acts not only in defense of his person, but also his spouse, ascendants, descendants, or legitimate, natural or adopted brothers or sisters, or his relatives by affinity in the same degrees and those by consanguinity within the fourth civil degree, or even a stranger.

“Reasonable means necessary to prevent or repel” an unlawful aggression necessarily includes the right to use a firearm in self-defense. This has been proven in a long line of Supreme Court cases. No less than a former President and Chief Justice of the Philippines, Jose P. Laurel, was absolved by the Supreme Court for killing a man with a fan knife, in a fiesta fight when his life was threatened. (People vs. Jose P. Laurel). Some examples of the courts upholding the use of firearms as reasonable means for self-defense are:

· People vs. Lara, 48 Phil 153 – Use of a pistol to kill an attacker who was much larger than the defender and who threatened the life of the defender, was held to be reasonable means and justified.

· People vs. Benito 70 OG. 5540 – Use of a rifle to kill a pistol-armed attacker was held to be justifiable self-defense.

· People vs. Caina – A police officer who used his firearm to shoot and kill a knife wielding assailant was held to be reasonable and justifiable.

· People vs. So- “When a lawless person attacks on the streets or in the victim’s home, he assumes the risk of losing his life from the act of self-defense by the firearm of his victim; otherwise law abiding citizens will be left at the mercy of lawless elements. Hence, the requisite of reasonable necessity of the means employed to prevent or repel unlawful aggression should, in these times of danger be interpreted liberally in favor of the law abiding citizens.”

Thus, while the Constitution or the law does not explicitly state the word “firearm”, the Supreme Court rulings are clear that Firearms are indeed a matter of right which can be used by law abiding citizens in self-defense scenarios. Otherwise, were it not so, the concept of self-defense as against a gun or knife wielding criminal who attacks a law abiding citizen, would be meaningless. Hence, even if the Philippines does not have an explicit “2nd amendment” right as in the U.S., these criminal rulings and statutes clearly prove that Philippine citizens have a right to lawful self-defense, and to wield the tools necessary to implement their defense.

Owners of Legitimate, Licensed Firearms are not criminals

It should be stressed that legitimate, licensed firearms owners are not criminals. The statistics of the PNP-Firearms and Explosives Unit indicate that of all crimes involving the use of firearms, less than 1% are committed by people using licensed firearms. The vast majority, or 99%, of crimes involving firearms are committed using unlicensed firearms.

Thus, gun bans of licensed firearms are never effective in preventing crime because precisely, criminals do not use licensed firearms. Whether there is a gun ban or not, criminals will still be able to obtain and use illegal firearms.

[JRP Comment: Gun ban is for outdoors carry only, there is no gun ban for ownership. It will NOT matter for bank robbers if they use a registered firearm or not. They use registered cars to get away. Maybe you are trying to say that kidnappers are people who have registered guns too that they want to carry everyday, but will not use their registered firearm on the day they commit the crime for reason that ballistic study might lead to their identity. Kidnappers are dichotomous, they have registered firearms, but they also have loose/unlicensed firearms that they bought from the blackmarket that has never been identified by PNP ballistics.

Perpetrators of crimes are sometimes identified and sometimes it's John/Jane Doe. Gun-aided crimes are committed by people who have access to guns. The five kinds of persons who commit gun-aided crimes are police, military, private armies, hired criminals, licensed gun holders, unlicensed gun holders, accidental gun-holders, or maybe PROGUN-runners who wants to create a gun-aided crime for the sole purpose of using it as publicity to lift the gun ban. Who knows?

Your argument will not stand if you will say that owners of licensed guns are not susceptible to commiting gun-aided crimes. Gun registration will not make the gun less of a weapon.]

The problem of criminal use of illegal firearms is a crime problem. Stricter gun licensing or gun bans are not the solution. When a sensational crime is committed with the use of a firearm, it is illogical to enforce a gun ban on law abiding citizens who are not the perpetrators of such crime. Precisely, the response of law enforcement should be to catch the criminals, not to punish law abiding citizens.

Total Gun ban is proven to be a failure in real life

Historically, total gun bans have been proven to be failures in societies where such policy is implemented. Cities where the highest crime and terrorism exists, are in fact cities with total gun bans. Some examples of localities wherein there are total gun bans and yet have the highest crime rates are Detroit, Washington D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, and Belfast Northern Ireland. In the Philippines during the total gun ban imposed by martial law, firearms were readily available and were sold and transferred openly with impunity, most especially among criminals. There was no drop in crime rate then.

Inversely, in a number of countries wherein there is an open policy on firearms, crime rates are practically zero. For example in Switzerland and Israel, every male above 18 years is required by law to possess a military assault rifle in his home. And yet, in these countries the crime rate, particularly, from shootings, is practically zero. Clearly there is no direct correlation between Gun bans and crime prevention.

In the Philippines, the COMELEC total gun ban has failed to prevent the hundreds of people from getting shot and killed every election period thru election related violence. The vast majority, if not all, of these election related shootings are committed not by responsible licensed gun owners, but by professional gunmen or hired goons wielding unlicensed firearms. Ironically, when election period is over and the COMELEC gun ban is lifted, the crime and shooting rate goes down significantly. There is thus no direct correlation between the COMELEC gun ban and a decrease in firearms involved crimes, in fact the inverse is true. PROGUN does not therefore support the COMELEC Gun Ban.

Improvement of Firearms Licensing and Registration

The right to possess a firearms would become illusory, if the cost for obtaining a license and the requirement therefore would be so prohibitive that no one could possibly comply with, or pay the fees. PROGUN has always recommended and requested for:

· Lower firearms license fees and permit to carry fees. The cost of the fees must also consider the costs of obtaining all requirements for licensing, which as of this writing amounts to approximately P6900 for a 4 year license. We consider this prohibitively expensive. It also discourages otherwise lawful middle class citizens from obtaining licenses for their guns and registering their firearms.

[JRP Comment: I am studying the idea of (Policy 1) Free One-time Ownership Registration for Firearms.]

· Less red tape for licensing and registration- The more requirements that are required for a firearms license, the more red tape and potential corruption there is. If there are too many requirements for a gun license application, gun owners are forced to resort to “fixers” who offer “non-appearances” for their requirements. This is bad for the PNP since unqualified gun owners could obtain licenses, and bad also for qualified gun owners to have to resort to such dubious services from “fixers”, and pay more.

[JRP Comment: Requirements are requirements. Requirements should not be treated as Red Tape. Fixing and Non-appearances that are facilitated in connivance between the applicant, gun dealer, and licensing adjudicator has to be stopped by discontinuing the authority of gun dealers to facilitate licensing paperwork.]

· Implement on-line registration thru the internet and decentralize the licensing and registration process in favor of the FESAGS and regional commands.

[JRP Comment: Computerization is a good idea. If ever licensing and registration is decentralized, a very tight national auditing procedure must be put in place.]

To make it easier for both the PNP and gun owners to obtain licenses and register their firearms, PROGUN suggests the following:

· License the individual, not the firearm – The individual, and not the firearm, should be tested, qualified, and licensed. A gun owner should not have to go through the licensing process (with all the requirements) over and over again for every firearm he purchases. This is not only unnecessarily repetitive and time consuming, it adds to the red tape. A better solution would be to require the individual firearm owner to apply for and obtain a license which is renewable every four years (like a drivers license). The license holder may use his license for any and all purchases of firearms. But each firearm purchased will have a one-time registration fee. A limit on the number of firearms purchased by a single individual may be imposed such as 10 firearms person.

[JRP Comment: I am also studying the idea of (Policy 2) a Legislation that makes the gun-owner criminally liable if a gun registered under his/her name is used in a commission of a crime, (Policy 3) a Legislation that imposes double penalty without possibility of parole to gun-aided crimes wherein the gun used is unregistered, (Policy 4) Spouse Conformity and Neighborhood Approval will be required before an individual will be given a permit to possess a gun in his residence, and (Policy 5) controllong firearm amassment by allowing only one registered firearm at home, the rest of the personal collection must be kept in a depository in the Police Camp.]

· Lower fees and liberalization of Permit-to-Carry Outside of Residence. This is the heart of firearms ownership inasmuch as a firearm to be truly effective as a crime prevention instrument must be carried at all times, because crime strikes anywhere, especially when you least expect it. We also recommend that licensed gun owners be allowed to keep licensed guns in their cars even without PTCFOR.

[JRP Comment: So you want peace and order by allowing ALL citizens to carry firearm in the streets. Like a wild wild west, anarchy, terror, everyone carries a gun, huh?]

· No restriction as to caliber, mechanism and action type, so long as the weapons are classified as Small Arms.

· 60 day grace period for renewal upon expiration of firearm license.

Special categories of Firearms licenses and permits

PROGUN recognizes the following special categories of firearms holders, which should have a separate and distinct treatment, and fee, from other license holders, to wit:

· Collectors of relics - Recognizing that some firearms owners are collectors of large quantities of old and collectible firearms, It is recommended that a special category of license be implemented for collectors of firearms relics. A one time fee of P20,000 covering the entire collection of firearms relics. Individual one time registration of collectors firearms. No restriction as to caliber, mechanism and action type, so long as the weapons are classified as Small Arms. For purposes of definition, relics are firearms that are at least 50 years old, or later firearms that are classified as relics by a competent museum curator.

· Competitive Shooters – Lower license fees for Olympic and competitive shooters. Permit to transport nationwide and generous limits for transporting ammunition. These competitive shooters are bringing glory to our country thru competition, hence they should be granted incentives as well as to promote and encourage participation in the shooting sports.

[JRP Comment: The gun-carry ban will apply to Competitive Shooters. (Policy 6) To equalize the application of rules, they will not be allowed to take-out or transport their firearms from Shooting Range without Police escort, though this will be subject to the discretion of the Chief PNP. They will also not be allowed to transport and manufacture their own ammunitions. The government will support the certified competitive shooters by providing them ammunition at discounted/free price in the Shooting Range.]

· Hunters – There is a large sport hunting community in the Philippines. Hunters should to be given permit-to-hunt nationwide or permit-to-carry, with excepted regions with insurgency.

[JRP Comment: Ohhhh I didn't know that Philippines still have hunting grounds. What kinds of animals do they shoot at, bears, catch, deers, tamaraw, Philippine Eagle, tarsiers?]

Amnesty for firearms

PROGUN supports the amnesty for loose firearms. This will enable the holders of loose firearms to return to the fold of the law and for the PNP to get unlicensed firearms off the streets. The proliferation of unlicensed firearms in the general public will eventually become a crime problem for the police, if it is left unchecked. Consequently, it is in the better interest of the PNP to holds amnesties for the registration and licensing of loose firearms.

PROGUN also supports and recommends that amnesty for loose firearms should be for unlimited number of firearms, so as to encourage as many firearms registrations as possible, consistent with the rationale of an amnesty.

[JRP Comment: licensing amnesty for loose firearm is good, but it has to be done prudently, seldomly, and on a case-to-case basis so as not to encourage citizens to fail to register their illegally acquired guns.]

PROGUN also supports and strongly urges the amnesty for expired firearms licenses. Out of a total of 1,200,000 licensed firearms, 600,000 have failed to renew their licenses. The reason was either cost or ignorance of procedure. If the PNP imposes large penalties and back fees for the renewal of these expired licenses, it would no longer be attractive for the gun owners to renew their licenses (which is the main reason, actually). We propose that the PNP have an amnesty for expired firearms license holders and waive all back fees and penalties, and charge only the current fees. This would make it less of a financial burden upon the guns owners, most of whom own more than one firearm, and encourage these holders of expired licenses to come out and renew.

The projected revenue for the government, if all 600,000 expired license owners would renew their licenses at current rates, would be NINE HUNDRED TEN MILLION PESOS (P910,000,000.00.)!

[JRP Comment: No one is interested with the fees. It is best that government will implement a zero fee and one-time gun ownership registration. There is no need to register a gun periodically. However, the person who owns a gun must get a periodic license to possess a gun. (Policy 7) For persons who will not renew their license to possess for some reason, say they have no money for license fee or they are going abroad, well I think they can deposit for safe-keeping the gun that is registered in their name in the depository provided in the Police Camp.]

Airsoft guns and replicas

PROGUN and United Airsoft Alliance (UAA) initiated the legalization of the airsoft guns in support of various airsoft teams which played these types of war games nationwide. As a result, then Chief PNP Avelino Razon signed PNP Order No. 12 dated December 2007, for the one time registration of airsoft guns and a nationwide permit-to-transport. Considering the success of this endeavor and the corresponding income in fees generated for the government, we strongly recommend that this arrangement be maintained.

[JRP Comment: The development of airsoft firearms has gone rapidly. (Policy 8) The airsoft firearms already look like "real" guns, they give the same chilling effect to the public, and should be covered by the tighter-gun-carry policy.]


Accounting of Firearms (AFP, LGU’s Other government and juridical entities)

The accounting of firearms inventories of the Armed Forces (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), and Local Government Units (LGU’s) is a simple matter of maintaining the proper documentation for each firearm issued to each individual or unit. Regular paper work would suffice, but if finances would permit a computerized data base of such firearms, their source, and end user, would be a more efficient system of tracking firearms, and ultimately preventing them from falling into the wrong hands.

· Accountability for lost or stolen firearms within the unit should be the command responsibility of the unit commander.

· For Local Government Units, responsibility for the loss or theft of the firearms within the LGU should be borne by the head of the LGU concerned.

· There should also be strict implementation of the serial number listings of the firearms, registration, and to whom the firearm is issued.

For firearms which are in court custody (custodia legis) as part of evidence of a crime, the firearms must be surrendered to the PNP-FED as soon as the case is terminated.

· Responsibility for loss or theft of firearms in custodia legis should fall upon the presiding judge and/or the Clerk of Court of the branch.

· Review and strengthen Supreme Court Administrative Rules on disposition of firearms and criminal evidence in terminated cases.

· Impose administrative and/or criminal sanctions for negligence of judicial employees.

· Owner of lost firearm should be compensated at the fair market value of the lost firearm or firearm accessories

[JRP Comment: (Policy 9) Ownership of firearms used in a crime or confiscated in line with violation of tight-gun-carry and gun-possession policies will automatically be expropriated without compensation in favor of the Philippine National Police.]

End of PROGUN Position Paper.


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