Friday, August 20, 2010

PNoy FB Page Failed Democratic Tolerance Test

PNoy's old and new FB Page and main website failed my "democratic tolerance test" and "political unity test". The current Administration still has strong inclination to be monopolized by the Liberal Party. Airing of military grievances are punished. Legislative determination on liberalization of marital laws are put into a power-play by the executive branch. Etc etc etc.

I think it is not a good idea to drive the whole population into supporting the administration. To maintain political balance in this Nation -- there must be an equivalent counter-force for every force. It is a good idea to allow the unification of the opposition.

The Administration's so called "feedback mechanism" is nothing sophisticated but only a "dear PNoy" drop box. PNoy's social networking sites are nothing but a controlled environment, a "Praisebook" as one commentator called it. His FB account is highly influenced by the Liberal Party, who claim upon themselves the ganglike title of Yellow Army -- so divisive. If they want this nation divided, let's be on the other side.

I believe that the resistance should not allow themselves to bite the lure and trickery of this so called feedback mechanism of the administration. Expressing their voices inside the controlled environment like PNoy's FB Page is like falling into a trap of silence.

Besides, government reactions to complaints are always slow and witness protection program is ineffective. PNoys message button is hidden, in short, he is unreacheable if you need to expose specific names in anomalies you witnessed. The hired killer (if there is) of the corrupt officer being complained could reach the complainant faster than the speed of government reaction to the complaints. You complain a particular corrupt government official in PNoy's FB Page, you could be dead the following day.