Monday, February 28, 2011

Barbarism of the Aquino Oligarchy

QUESTION: Sir John, what can you say about Marcos burial in Libingan ng mga bayani?

ANSWER: Preventing a decent burial of a person is the ultimate form of political persecution, it shows the barbaric character of the Aquino Oligarchy. Marcos massacred 1,776 Muslim Bangsamoro who are praying in the Mosque, yet had Marcos died in the hands of MNLF, we would give him a timely and decent burial that each human being deserve.

Fake Democracy in Philippines

QUESTION: Sir John, did Philippines regain Democracy after EDSA 1 People Power?

ANSWER: No it didn't. There was just a transfer of power from one oligarch to another oligarch. The Philippines Democracy is FAKE because it is only exclusive among oligarchs/plutocrats. The evidence of Democracy is a scenario when there is negligible/correctible number of people who are unsatisfied with their economic status.

When you see a triangular shaped distribution of economic happiness, with few happy and mostly sad, then the shape of society shows no evidence of an empowered democracy. I believe there is no democracy in Philippines, unless you can convince me that majority, if not most, of the people in Philippines want to be economically sad.


QUESTION: Sir John, how do you describe the Declaration of Independence of the Philippines?

ANSWER: There is no difference between bondage by a foreign nation and bondage by the oligarchs of your own country. The Philippines declared Independence in a fancy media hype manner, but their people are still in the bondage of oppression, injustice, poverty, manipulative control of Oligarchy and Plutocracy.


In Facebook, I noticed a general pattern that most Filipino political activists use pseudonames and profile photos that conceals their identity. It means that Philippines is not yet tolerant to vibrant democracy because people complaining against their government are still afraid of govt retaliation and persecution.

I will divide this archipelago into two

I will divide this archipelago into two. If you find happiness in a plutocracy/oligarchy set-up, you live in Philippines. If you find happiness in egalitarianism and open society set-up, you live in Bangsamoro Land. Freedom to choose is the key that will liberate people from the bondage of oppression and poverty.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


While they float the idea of popularizing a message that GMA is an ICON OF CORRUPTION, I have made a PERSONAL ATTESTATION that the Aquino Administration is CORRUPT. No amount of projectionism would make the watchdog change its focus on watching the PRESENT administration. The Aquino Administration TOLERATES Jueteng Payola and Red-Tapes.


SOMEONE SAID: Former President Joseph Estrada mentioned that while Cory Aquino is better known world-wide as the ICON of DEMOCRACY, gma is the ICON of CORRUPTION. Ouch.

MY REACTION: Erap is the special kind of a failure. He is not under the Dictatorship category of Marcos and Arroyo. Erap is not under the corrupt oligarch/plutocrat category of the Aquinos. Erap, as a failure, could be under the "Not so Smart" category.


Making GMA an ICON of CORRUPTION will not make AQUINO less an ICON of CORRUPTION. We are not dealing with the past here. We are dealing with the present.


A warning, if done in the end, is useless. The people must be warned that this Aquino Administration did not pass the test of corruption. In my personal experience, I have already judged, with finality, that this Aquino Administration is CORRUPT.


While Erap was planning the decriminalization of Jueteng, the gambling-lords deposited the Jueteng Payola in the Muslim Foundation because Erap refused to accept it. No matter how the OLIGARCHS use the media to falsify the story, I PERSONALLY KNOW THE TRUTH behind the issue, so basically no one can bend the truth in my heart.


Ang problema ehhh puro publicity lang. Wala ngang isang kaso ng corruption na isinampa kay GMA kasi walang evidence eh puro umuugong na haka-haka pa lang.


PERSONALLY, I would classify GMA under the category of DICTATORSHIP. Her political insecurity led to lack of political tolerance. The evidence of this is the imprisonment of ALL major political activists during her time, including Nur Misua...ri, Satur Ocampo, Antonio Trillanes, Ping Lacson, Joeseph Estrada, etc etc. She eevn enfringed the right of movement of Former President Cory Aquino during the Marine Stand-off and posted military in Cory's residence whichwas a kind of a "house arrest". Using Jueteng Money, she used the military to conduct false flag black-ops which resulted to burning of towns, terroristic bombings, and assassinations. You can pin down GMA on HUMAN RIGHTS, but not on stealing money from the government.

In my readings, the Truth Commissions in many other countries were temporary bodies established after political transitions to investigate a pattern of human rights violations that occurred during the course of an earlier era of civil conflict or repressive government. Truth Commissions are uses as a staple of post-conflict peacebuilding. If the Truth Commission proposed by the Aquino Administration followed the international standard of how to utilize commissions of this kind, then it could have successfully earned the approval of the court.

Now look at how I see things clearly. While the Erap Administration refused to pocket the Jueteng Payola, the Noy Aquino Administration tolerates and pockets Jueteng Payola.


Just stop that projection crap okay. We have a New Administration now, let's face it and battle corruption in the current set-up. Pointing to others won't make the Aquino Administration less corrupt.


You cant get a position in the Aquino Administration because maybe you didn't sign a Oligarchy/Plutocracy Toleration Form. Makakakuha ka ng form na yan sa lahat na Political Parties sa Pilipinas, except MNLF.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Language Discrimination

Language Discrimination -- a part of the Philippine Culture that causes people's inhibition to communicate. Many Filipinos have this thing I call "grammar and spelling auto-correction syndrome" that embarasses the victim. This syndrome, which is a common obsessive compulsive disorder syndrome of the Elites and Social Climbers, prevents people to speak their mind. Too bad.

English Subject in school is learning, you may apply language correction, especially if you are a teacher it's okay to make auto correction.

Real Life is communication, you don't apply Language Discrimination. For instance, if you talk to (let's say) a Japanese who is trying to communicate to you in difficult English, you don't do language correction. Be careful also if you are a parent, doing that language correction is okay but you have to let the child understand the issue of Language Discrimination because auto-correcting a child may teach the child to use that to ridicule and be rude to other children.

I saw this youtube of a pretty candidate of a beauty contest. During the interview, she was asked in English, so she attempted to answer it in English. The whole audience just burst into laughter when she said a gramatically wrong string. The audience is very rude. As a result, she stopped communicating her mind. That was clear Language Discrimination by a mass of Filipino audience. Too bad.

Remember, people have a right to speak and communicate. Language Discrimination is somewhat violative of the said right.

The individual should restrain himself from his instinct of auto-correction so that it would not impede the communication.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Death Penalty

Death Penalty is the best way of population control.


If any of you is PRO-RH BILL because you believe in the importance of population control, then you should be agreeing to death penalty because it is the highest and best form of a well-targetted population control that will improve the quality of our population.


Ang inhumane eh kung walang due process. Walang penalty kung walang due process. Ang penalty ay hindi inhumane. Penalty is a part of any kind of laws that intends to maintain order in society.


Di bale sumablay ang husgado, basta dapat patay agad ang ma-sentensyahan, para mabawasan ang mga taong sakit sa ulo ng bansa natin. Kaya nga suggestion ko dapat lahat na witnesses ay ipa-daan sa lie detector test habang kinukuhanan ng affidavit. Pati mga Police na nag-arresto idaan din sa lie detector test. Let's use technology to fastrack and come closer to accuracy of determining the validity of evidence and witnesses. Let's use technology to improve the justice system.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Endorsing the Replacement of OPAPP Sec Teresita Deles

In my personal opinion, to progress in the Peace Process, Sec. Teresita Deles of OPPAP has to be replaced. She make the process a media hype, a clown entertainment, and a stage play. She created a faction in the MILF and MNLF and is negotiating with her puppet faction. Puppeteering is "convenient" for the stage-play but her dealing with the wrong persons, fake negotiation, and reneging won't work for peace at all.


I have read the transcript of the MILF-GRPH exploratory talks in Malaysia. It was all scripted. It is even the GRPH that sets the timeframe of the completion of the whole stretch of the peacetalk. The MILF just nodded to everything the GRPH says. The event is like father and son on a bonding vacation.


That is a FAKE MILF that the GRPH is talking with in Malaysia. GRPH created that FAKE MILF. There is no HONOR in that thing that they are doing! Those guys the GRPH are talking with doesn't have the ideology and stance of the REAL MILF. Those are GRPH puppets!

Do you think GRPH can do the same thing to MNLF? Hellloooooow!

The real MILF and the real MNLF are gradually moving away from the peace process. PNoy has to replace this remnant of the past administration if he wants to achieve real peace in Mindanao.


OPAPP under Deles may be successful in creating a Light a Candle for Peace hype. She may get the Filipinos light their candle, but if the Philippine Government continue talking to the puppets that Deles created in the MILF and MNLF, that light up for peace thing will just remain a media hype and a useless government expense. It will have no prestige, no challenge. It won't work for peace at all.



Nur: Sir John paki arrange nga meeting natin with PNoy.

John: Sir, makipagmeet na lang tayo kay Willie Nepumuceno impersonator in PNoy. Gayahin natin ang Phil Govt ohhh tingnan mo mga fake na MILF and MNLF ang kausap nila, televised and publicized pa. Hehehe.


QUESTION: Sir John, anong technique na gamitin ng GRPH para ma stage-show ang peace sa Mindanao?

JOHN: Simple lang. The GRPH will just tell the AFP and PNP to suspend all terroristic black-ops. Eto lang namang mga eto ang nag-teterrorize sa Bangsamoro Land eh, minsan mha "false flag", minsan sila mismo ang gumagawa.


PEACETALK ang mandate ng OPAPP, ehhh paano naman nag-divert ang activities nyan sa Economic Development and Charity Projects? Meron namang DSWD ah na merong Conditional Cash Transfer fund na kengkoy na hindi nakakarating the poorest of the poor in conflict areas. Tapos mag-hihingi na etong OPAPP ng donors para sila ang mag implement ng BDAF? Saan na ang principle of self-determination ng Bangsamoro People kung kayo mag implement ng mga projects?


Etong si Sec Teresita Deles, napaka-manipulative ng taong eto. Binabalasubas si Nur Misuari and referred to him as "former" MNLF Chairman. Take note na sa ngayon, no one can match the credential of Nur Misuari sa usapin ng kapayapaan. Only Nur Misuari, the Chairman of MNLF, is a certified UN Peace Awardee and Nobel Peace Laureate Nominee. Nur Misuari is the living National Hero of the Bangsamoro People.


Ang MNLF ang mag-lead ng PeaceTalk na eto hindi ang OPAPP. MNLF lang ang merong credential.

Always always remember two things (1) only Nur Misuari is distinguished as certified UN Peace Awardee and Nobel Peace Laureate Nominee who sincerely cares for Peace in the Bangsamoro Land, and (2) only the MNLF of Nur Misuari is not mentioned as human rights violator according to UN Security Council Report of 23 April 2010.

According to the United Nations Security Council report in 23 April 2010, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), New People's Army (NPA), and the Armed forces of the Philippines (AFP) are among the groups around the world that have subjected minors to the most brutal violence, such as killings, maimings, rapes and other sexual assaults. ( MNLF is not mentioned as a human rights violator in the 51-page report. Despite its huge number of armed freedom fighters, the MNLF under Nur Misuari has consistently maintained the discipline and integrity of its men and commitment to the Peace Agreement. The MNLF is also pioneer in Armed Forces Humanitarianization Program.


Ngayon pinapasindi-sindi pa ng Peace Candle si PNoy ni Deles? Hehehehe natatawa lang kami sa MNLF.

Tingnan mo lang yang stage play nila sa Malaysia na Fake MILF and GRP Exploratory Talk. Sino ba namang honorable na tao ang gagawa nyan?


Third week of February 2011, sa Jeddah ang signing ng MNLF-GRP Amendatory Agreement. Milyones ang gastos ng gobyerno sa event na eto. Si Sec Deles ng OPAPP ay inuuna na sumama sa Jeddah ang mga FAKE na MNLF na kausap ni GMA noong araw na nag-persecute kay Nur Misuari.

Ang kawawang matandang Nur Misuari, ang kanyang economic project team na kakausap sa mga investors sa Middle East, hindi makasama dahil inuna ni Deles ang kanyang mga Puppet! Grabe yan si Deles.


On the MILF-GRPH Exploratory Talk in Malaysia: Madaling kausapin mg ama (GRPH) ang anak (MILF). Walang challenge, walang prestige. Father and child back to homeland after bonding vacation!


Ang OPAPP sa pamamahala ni Sec. Deles ay walang sense of urgency mag-correct ng error ng Philippine Government sa mga violation nito sa Peace Agreements with the MNLF. Kahit merong ceasefire and final peace agreement, tuloy pa rin ang Political Persecution ng Philippine Government laban sa mga MNLF.

Etong dalawang issue na eto, napakabagal ng OPAPP mag resolve. Walang sense of urgency.

Issue #1: POLITICAL PERSECUTION --- Violation of the 1994 MNLF-GRP Joint Guidelines and Groundrules. Request: Immediate and unconditional release of your MNLF Political Prisoner named Pokan Marangit, an old veteran MNLF freedom-fighter since the 70s, arrested by PNP last 6 Jan 2011. Location: Police Precinct 01, Gen Santos City. I know the story of the arrest and I believe it's plain and simple political persecution.

Issue #2: PROVOCATION and DISRESPECT -- OPAPP Publication in the Official Gazette referring Nur Misuari as "former" Chairman of the MNLF.


Ang style of GMArroyo is somethng we call FAKE PEACE SOLUTION, which follows the style of DICTATOR MARCOS. Using the patay-gutom lawyers in DOJ, she invented cases and jailed the MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari, and using the media she spread bad... rumors against him. Then she manipulated the creation on a 15-Men Council in the MNLF to stage show a betrayal against Nur Misuari and talked peace to these 15-Men. Ohhhhhh by the way, these 15-Men are actually FAKE MNLF because they dont follow the ONE MNLF DOCTRINE. So you see that liar sanamabitch GMA used media and govt to make you believe that there is PEACE. But what you did not know, because of media black-out, is that the Genuine MNLF does not recognize all peacetalk negotiated papers under the Arroyo Regime because she was dealing with the FAKE MNLF. During the Arroyo Regime, the progress of the Peace Process is ZZZEEEEERRROOOO!

How about the MILF? Well, MILF actually came from MNLF. The original name of MILF was "New MNLF". The Genuine MILF have the following characteristics (1) They don't negotiate with government, and (2) they want independent pure islamic state for Mindanao.

So you see, there are Genuine MILF, but there is also a FAKE MILF who already existed way back during the time of Dictator Marcos. Strange is, these Fake and Genuine sometimes change faces so fast you can't tell who is who. These FAKE MILF are being paid stipend by the Philippine Government (depends on the Administration) as a front to BURN CITIES AND ENTIRE TOWNS and TERRORIZE THE METROPOLIS to (1) scare the Christians and smudge dirt on the face of Islam and the Muslims, and (2) to justify AFP/DND budget to buy more machines to kill-en-mass the Muslim Filipinos. GMA used this FAKE MILF for her own selfish political interest.

Now we have a Presidential Adviser on Peace Process (Sec Deles of OPAPP) who is a remnant of the GMA-Regime and inheritted by the Aquino Administration. As a protege of GMA, she is dealing with the 15-Men Council FAKE MNLF, and the is an irreparable damage betwen her and the Genuine MNLF because she disrespected Nur Misuari by calling him "Former MNLF Chairman". She also staged show an exploratory peace negotiation with a FAKE MILF recently in Malaysia. She may enjoy the ease of the job of playing on a fixed-game, and she enjoys convenience of the media hype, but it destroys her honor as a Negotiator and it does not achieve peace at all.

For us, the Genuine MNLF, we would rather talk with a goat than with T.Deles. Mas nakakakilala pa ng tao ang kambing kesa kay T.Deles. She has to be replaced by the government.

PNoy Government Provokes the MNLF

The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) should not forget this Tacbil Massacre and other war atrocities of the Philippine Government against the Bangsamoro People and KEEP THE FIRE BURNING because we are seeing great signs of Government insincerety and treacherous tactics. I have to post this picture so we will look back and recollect our scattered identity and see a one picture of what we were originally fighting for.

The Peace Process has been dragged for 44 years already since the signing of the Tripoli Agreement in 1976 because the Philippine Government keeps on deliberately reneging from its commitment.

Recently, last 6 January 2011, just a few days after the Philippines Government (GRPH) shook hands with the MNLF to initialize the negotiated amendment of the ARMM Law, the GRPH agents operating in Mindanao treacherously took in one of our peaceful elder officer and detained him as a political prisoner. Clearly, the Government reneged from the 1994 MNLF-GRPH Joint Guidelines and Groundrules of the 1993 Ceasefire Agreement. The Government wants to get a strategic bargaining chip and make the MNLF "beg", just like what they arrogantly enjoyed and flaunted during the MILF-GRPH Negotiation in Malaysia today.

Well, if PNoy wants to provoke the MNLF, I will gladly help him. PNoy encourages people to communicate to him in trasparency via Facebook. However, I am not geting any Interim Response of my message below yet (as of this writing), so here is a repost.


Dear PNoy,

The upcoming MNLF-GRPH-OIC Tripartite Meeting is going to be nasty again. I was doing my routine swimming exercise this afternoon when I received a call from our higher-ups, asking for a RESULT of the message I posted here in your page. I was speechless, I thought you already acted on my request. I told them " kung walang result, bahala na kayo dyan kung ano ang dapat nyong gawin".

Here are the issues and I am requesting your point-person to be always AWAKE, and make a TUTOK, wag ipasa ang tutok, and update me (by FB Chat) of actions taken on your side.

Issue #1: Violation of the 1994 MNLF-GRP Joint Guidelines and Groundrules. Request: Immediate and unconditional release of your MNLF Political Prisoner named Pokan Marangit, an old veteran MNLF freedom-fighter since the 70s, arrested by PNP last 6 Jan 2011. Location: Police Precinct 01, Gen Santos City. I know the story of the arrest and I believe it's plain and simple political persecution.

Issue #2: OPPAP Publication in the Official Gazette referring Nur Misuari as "former" Chairman of the MNLF. Request: Please just edit the publication. I know this is a minor error, this is very easy thing to correct, so I expect this done within an hour or so.

I'll appease the people in my side after you fix the snafu. Linisin natin etong maliit na kalat ng mga sangay para swabe ang pag-uusap sa malalaking bagay. Maraming salamat. Keep me updated. I'll keep my FB and Cellphone open.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the Suicide of Gen Angelo Reyes

Amidst Congressional hearing on corruption committed during the Presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, on 8 Feb 2011, General Angelo Reyes shoot himself on the chest over the grave of his parent in Loyola Memorial Park, Marikina City.


The only effective way to fight corruption is to combat corruption within oneself. I can only certify that this current Administration is SINCERE in its anti-corruption slogan if and only if it will respond, expose, publicly investigate, and castigate corruptions committed in its OWN Administration. Attacking previous administrations is just a show of vengeance and selective political mudslinging. I also said this during the past Administrations.


In my heart, I will remember A.Reyes as a General who betrayed his Commander-in-Chief, a major collaborator in the persecution of many political activists during the regime of Arroyo from 2001-2010, and a major operator of the Black-Ops of the AFP and DND who exploited the vulnerability of the Bangsamoro People for his own selfish right-winger interest, a principled man who can be bought, a psychologically unfit firearm licensee, a mortal coward who betrayed his own life, a victim of execution by political mass-media publicity.


Recidivist. Through betrayal of his Commander-in-Chief, he escaped responsibility of the infamous war in Mindanao during Estrada Administration. Through suicide, he escaped responsibility of the infamous political persecutions and corruption during the Arroyo Administration.


WHERE's THE MILLIONS OF MONEY THAT WAS CORRUPTED? All fingers of the AFP will point to Reyes. The investigation ends (tapos ang usapan).


JOKE: If you believe in God and you commit suicide, choose not the instantaneous death, so you will have few minutes left to say your last prayer request for salvation.


I remember Angelo Reyes as the one who bombarded the Bangsamoro Land in the pretense of war against the MILF.


"I extend my deepest condolences to the family of Gen. Angelo Reyes. In
spite of what happened at Edsa Dos, I will always remember him as a
good general who played an instrumental role in our successful All Out
War against the MILF. I pray for the eternal repose of his soul."


ANGELO REYES was Chief of Staff of the AFP starting July 1998 and it was during his time that the Bangsamoro Land was bombarded. He became Secretary of National Defense in March 2001 under the Arroyo Administration and it was during his time when political persecution just went haywire.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Opinion on the MILF-GRPH Negotiations

QUESTION: Sir John, what is your opinion about the planned Peace Talk between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRPH) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)?

ANSWER: I will answer this in my personal analysis on the possible impact if GRPH will negotiate with the MILF.

First, let me give you a background about what MILF is. The MILF was originally called "New MNLF" and later became MILF. So basically, MILF is a faction of and is "Former MNLF".

MILF is a product of a black operation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that intended to divide and conquer MNLF. Everyone knows that MILF was created by and is being used by the GRPH to divide the good MNLF of Nur Misuari, smudge dirt on Islam while they flaunt their slogan of Independent Islamic State which scares everyone.

MILF is a copycat of the MNLF. The MILF's original name was New MNLF, then changed its name to MILF that sounds like MNLF, it's flag design is almost same as the MNLF, and in 2001 it also has its own version of Tripoli Agreement that the MNLF had in 1976. MILF is used by two right wing dictators -- Marcos and Arroyo in terrorizing and burning entire towns. PNoy knows the history of the MILF. The MNLF will aggressively spread this truth until everyone knows it especially the young generations.

The MILF-GRPH Peace Talk is an unnecessary expense of public fund because it is similar to saying the GRPH is negotiating with an organization that is a secret subsidiary company of the AFP.

If the MILF will have their own version of negotiations with the GRPH, Mindanao will be divided between MNLF and MILF. The faction may be advantageous to some interested groups who benefit from war such as the AFP, but this is not good on the PEACE objective.

The 1976 MNLF-GRPH Tripoli Agreement has granted Autonomy of ARMM to MNLF alone. The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) only recognizes the MNLF as an observer member in the OIC and Nur Misuari as a representative of the Bangsamoro People. When you insert someone else in the picture, such as the MILF or someone else other than Nur Misuari, it will just complicate and smudge the entire picture of peace.

To further their mimicry on the MNLF, the MILF and GRPH also managed to have a lovers' bonding in Tripoli Libya to stage-play their own version of a Tripoli Agreement in 2001 during Arroyo Administration. Among all places on earth, they choose Tripoli. The result of that was an ARMM during the Arroyo period that was so full of waste and fraud. I don't think it is good if the Aquino should resume the corruption and irregularity.

If the MILF-GRPH Negotiations will push through, the GRPH will basically be giving out signal that it rewards and encourages factionalism in MNLF. Well, creating and reinforcing the faction in the MNLF may be strategically advantageous to the war-income operators of the GRPH, but is is not good for PEACE. We don't know how many factions of MNLF the GRPH will talk to. Each time there is a faction, GRPH will open a new negotiation with the new group. Negotiating the MILF means "empowering" the MILF. We don't know when it will end.

There is no need to have a new separate Peace Agreement between the GRPH and MILF because in any manner, the members of MILF will enjoy the fruits and benefits of progress of the MNLF-GRPH Final Peace Agreement of 1996.

It is much better if GRPH will help in the effort integrating the MILF back to MNLF. We already have a milestone for this because the MILF already abandoned their call for Independent Islamic State and many MILF leaders has already expressed willingness to be reunited with MNLF. The GRPH would be helping towards the direction of PEACE if it will show goodwill to the MNLF if it will "undo" the error of creating the MILF during the time of Marcos. Of course, we cannot dictate upon the Aquino Administration.

I am a broker, I negotiate big deals, exclusively in behalf of buyers. In case the seller of a specific land is composed of many family members, the complexity has to be first reduced down to a simple one-on-one negotiation. To simplify the complicated, any seasoned broker would require the seller-side to talk among themselves and come up with an extrajudicial agreement that they be represented by only one person among them. One representative on the side seller will talk to one representative on the buyer side. In a one-on-one negotiation, it is very easy to come up with an agreement.

Brokering a Mindanao negotiation is simple case because it is only a one-on-one negotiation between two parties -- that is the GRPH on one side and MNLF on the other side. It is simple because it is not a multi-party negotiation and there is only one object they are negotiating about. One of the most important rule is there should be no new third party that anyone will suddenly bring into the table while in the middle of negotiation, meaning the MNLF should not be talking to anyone else except the GRPH and vice versa. When you start talking so someone else, that is blatant treachery. If you do that thing in negotiating a deal in the crime organization setting, in many instances the mistrust it creates would ignite an instantaneous bloody shootout -- not good for PEACE. If the GRPH will bring in another party in the negotiating table, then it is no more simple, it becomes complicated.

If the GRPH starts talking to some factions of MNLF, then I think I should make a strong recommendation to the MNLF that we should also start talking with other groups who are opposition to the Aquino Administration, or perhaps another neighboring nation like Malaysia. Is this what the Aquino Administration wants to happen? We don't care to know. However, we are very certain that the residues of the Arroyo Administration who are still occupying seats in the Aquino Administration right now are the ones pushing through with this MILF-GRPH deal. The MILF-GRPH deal is not good for the Aquino Administration, it is not good for the MNLF, it is not good for MILF, it is not good for the civilians, it is not good for Mindanao, it is not good for the PEACE objective. The MILF-GRPH is only good for the right wingers, dealers of killing machines, and cronies of the former dictators who are always there in the shadows controlling some factions in the AFP.

QUESTION: What is the impact of the MILF-GRPH Negotiation?

ANSWER: First, there will be a growing mistrust in the ranks of the MNLF against the GRPH, of course war will inevitably follow.

We can also expect complication in the MNLF-GRPH ongoing negotiation for the Bangsamoro Development Assistance Fund (BDAF).

The MNLF-GRPH Tripoli Agreement of 1976 and MNLF-GRPH Final Peace Agreement of 1996 is an agreement between GRPH and Nur Misuari of MNLF on a specific Bangsamoro Land territory. The Bangsamoro Land will only be represented by MNLF and MNLF only has one leader named Nur Misuari who is the signatory of the MNLF. Only Nur Misuari can use the Tripoli Agreement ofn 1976 and the FPA of 1996, no one else.

If the GRPH will start talking about the same specific territory with any other group, whether that is a splinter group from MNLF or not, the MNLF would consider it that the GRPH is negotiating to share only its own share.

Example, assuming the agreed sharing of Minerals is 30% to National GRPH and 70% to MNLF. If the GRPH will unilaterally decide to negotiate with other group such as MILF, then the MILF-GRPH will only be talking about how they will split the 30% share of the GRPH. Whether the MILF-GRPH negotiation will succeed or not, the 70% of the MNLF will remain intact with the MNLF, including all powers of MNLF Autonomy will remain intact with the MNLF. The MNLF will not share anything to anyone or any group outside its control, supervision, and accountability.

The best option for MILF is to dissolve its organization and come back to the MNLF. The MILF needed not follow the warpath footsteps of the MNLF in order to get itself its own version of the Tripoli Agreement that the MNLF got in 1976.

The MNLF welcomes the MILF. Commander Umbrakato, one of the strongest leaders of the MILF, has already returned to the MNLF along with the freedom fighters he command. There is plenty of room for everyone in MNLF. There are seven executive positions in each of the 100 private companies that will be formed by the Bangsamoro Corporation of the MNLF. The MNLF needs 700 top executives to run the private companies that will be created to implement the BDAF -- and these positions are open to all including the MILF.

The true Bangsamoro in the MILF and MNLF has a common enemy -- and that is the GRPH.

The key to unity is that the MILF has to voluntarily come back to Nur Misuari of MNLF without asking any concession -- they will be surprised that Nur will give them exciting positions in the new set-up in the MNLF. It is much beneficial for MILF if they will come back to MNLF and rally their cause within the MNLF framework instead of replicating the footsteps of the MNLF-GRPH Deal.

As a warning for the MILF, you should consider that this action of the GRPH is an act of treachery to the MNLF-GRPH Deal. If GRPH can be deliberately treacherous to MNLF, then they can also do the same thing to the MILF.

The MILF separated from MNLF on a primary pretense that it did not agree to the move of the MNLF to negotiate with the GRPH. The secondary pretense was difference in ideology because MNLF wants an "Egalitarian" Bangsamoro Government while MILF said they want "Independent Islamic State". But recently, MILF has changed a lot. I heard that the MILF already dropped their insistence of an Independent Islamic State and they are now wanting to negotiate with GRPH.

If the MILF dropped their pretenses, I think it is more advantageous for the MILF to just come back to the MNLF instead of talking to the GRPH.

Friday, February 4, 2011

On Umbudsman Gutierrez' Acceptance of General Garcia's Plea Bargain

Tama ang ginawa ni Umbudsman Mercedita Guttierez na tanggapin ang plea bargain ni Gen. Garcia dahil narecover ng gobyerno ang mga ninakaw. Kung sinentensyahan niya yun, ma-uwi lang sa kamay ng Presidente ang ibabayad ni Garcia sa ilalim ng lamesa para maka-kuha ng executive clemency. Yan ang dahilan bakit ayaw ko ng Truth Commission, dahil ayoko na ma--manipulate si PNoy ng mga kaibigan nyang umaasang maka-kotong ng malalaking magnanakaw.

Napakaraming departamento under ng jurisdiction ng Office of the President na kailangan niyang ayusin. Tumakbo si PNoy bilang Presidente, ayusin niya ang sarili niyang bakuran sa Executive Branch. Hangga't hindi niya na-aayos ang Executive Branch, wala siyang karapatan na mangabilang-bakod sa problema ng ibang branches of government. Focus lang dapat siya sa trabaho niya.

Ang red-tape sa Executive Branch ay napaka-garapal pa rin. Ako mismo merong kasalukuyan na personal na experience ng red-tape sa Professional Regulation Commission na hindi na-reresolve ng grupo ni PNoy sa napakahabang panahon na hawak nila ang kaso.

So, PNoys, focus ka lang muna sa bakuran mo. Ayusin mo yan dahil yan ang trabaho mo kapalit nung cheke ng sahod mo na pinakita mo noong araw na bago ka pa lang.

Sa ibang ma-uunlad na bansa, mabilis ang kaso dahil merong plea bargaining. Sa plea bargaining, isa o dalawang upu-an tapos ang usapan, settled at nabayaran ang na-aagrabyado, govyerno man o ordinaryong taong bayan. Sa Pilipinas, kaya paton...g-patong na ang kaso dahil pinupursige na ikulong ang akusado, kaya lumalaban ng husto ang depensa, pero sa huli kahit makulong eh mababayaran din ang kalayaan.

Plea Bargaining is the thing that makes the rich countries rich. Mabilis ang kaso, bayad agad ang na-agrabyado, isang upuan lang.


Hanggang tino-tolerate ang Jueteng, our country is cursed. Hindi na mababawi ang curse na binitawan ni Erap nung siya ay kinulong sa Jueteng na gusto niyang gawing legal para mapakinabangan ng taong bayan katulad ng PagCor.

Ako bihirang nagiging relihiyoso, pero pag Presidente ang nag-bitiw ng curse sa sarili niyang bayan, eto ay mangyayari.

Nandyan pa ang Jueteng kay GMA. Nandyan pa rin kay PNoy. Hindi eto titigil ang pag-bulusok ng curruption ng bansa natin.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rural Poor not Reached by CCTP

We all know that the REAL poor are in rural areas, they do not have bank accounts, and their little children help work. Why is DSWD lazy in reaching out to these REAL poor people? Why is the Aquino Administration's Conditional Cash Transfer Program (CCTP) deliberately using the criteria that the beneficiary MUST have a bank account and schooling children? It appears that his CCTP is not intended to be benefited by the REAL poor.


Let me tell you how oligarch leaders steal money from the government. The circle of friends of oligarchs are big utility companies selling electricity, telecommunication, real estate, airlines, petroleum. These companies increase prices at the highest possbile profiteering level. When the noisy poor people complain, oligarch leaders gives away conditional cash transfer program (CCTP) to "soften" the volume of noise.

Bahala na si "companies" magbigay kay ologarch, walang government audit trace eto, kaya walang makaka-alam.

You can find many articles in the internet showing these companies contributed to the campaign fund of the oligarch.


The real poor are the silent ones in the rural areas. When CCTP is not targetted to the silent rural poor, it means it is only intended to "soften" the volume of noise of people who could probably turn out to make a noise.


Competent or Not right now, we will protect his stay and ensure he finishes his term. So, everyone must help in guiding his administration to the right path. We the people can see what's going on around, we tell PNoy about what we see, we tell him what we want, and we hammer him to do it fast.


The Philippines is now a smorgasbord of corruption scandals. EAT ALL YOU CAN! We are already satiated. The next thing to expect is when glutony will burst stomachs of crocodiles. I was first to use the term CULTURE OF CORRUPTION in Philippines, and you can feel now right through your bones. The next term to watch out is COLLAPSE OF THE PHILIPPINE SYSTEM.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am very interested to advocate the removal those TORTURE-DEPICTING images of Jesus Christ that we see around. It just subconsciously make people tolerant to human suffering. It just pollutes the mind of the children. Parental Guidance is a must.


If you suffer poverty, if your loved ones are murdered, just go to church, pray, look at the image of suffering Christ, you will probably be rewarded in the afterlife with an honor of a saint.

On Female Clitoris Mutilation

QUESTION: Sir John, what is your position on female clitoris mutilation?

ANSWER: I am against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) but with reservation. There are exempting circumstances. If she had it mulitated out of her own free-will, then there is no issue. If it is part of a traditional practice that is unique to an Ethnic Indigenous People and they practice it exclusively among their own people, then there is no problem.


There are even more gross and cruel things that people do to people such as decapitation, embowelment, crucifiction (oh boy you see images of this all over the place), bone growth restriction, and even skin whitening.


The bottomline is, just mind your own clit, you know. If someone grabs you and tries to cut it, then tell me so I can help you. But if you join some vodoos and have your clit cut or pierced in your own free will for some reason, then why the hell should we care?


We should only react in a large scale advocacy when it becomes a discrimination issue, for example when we begin to see Ads that says: "RICH BACHELOR LOOKING FOR A WIFE. MUST BE FGM-CERTIFIED"


We have nothing to do with it if it is their culture that inflicts it upon their own people. We respect their culture. If they don't like their culture, then thay leave and go somewhere else.

If you want to help, then advocate that society should provide a sanctuary where cultural refugees can get protection. But this sanctuary must welcome all sorts of cultural refugees. You don't have to aggressively encroach, scandalize, and tell them that their cultural practive is barbaric.

If you attack an indigenous people's culture, that is DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ETHNIC ORIGIN. Exhortationism have limitations too.


SIDE COMMENT: "RESPECT the head.hunting cultures. pwede na john?"

RESPONSE: Yan ang mahirap kung gagamit ka ng "extremization" tactics sa debate. Unfair yan na tinutulak mo ako to an extreme na hindi ko naman position na ibalik ang barbaric cultures. Wala akong sinasabi na i-cultivate at suportahan yang barbaric practices. Ang sinasabi ko, huwag natin pakialaman ang HINDI ATIN. Indigenous culture NILA yan, hindi yan ATIN.

We should not act like a superior race that IMPOSE upon the ideals of right and wrong to someone else's culture.

Yes! respect the Head-Hunting culture if that is indigenous to a certain group of people with a unique ethnic origin and specific territory. When I say "culture", the persons involved are WILLING PARTICIPANTS. If the participant says, "I volunteer that my head will be hunted, and you will be the head-hunters" -- then we have no problem.

However, if a certain group of people have indigenous culture of Head Hunting and they will go to the towns at night to head-hunt people's head, then we have a problem because it is against the will of the person whose head ended up on the plate.

To avoid extremization, let's just focus on the CLIT. Two exemption (1) FREE WILL, and (2) CULTURE. Take not of the word "AND" in between those two exemptions.


Religious, cultural, and racial discrimination is BAD because it provokes armed conflict that may result to war and genocide. So, be prudent not to cross the line.

We can't allow killing of people just because of those CLITS!

Petition against FGM is okay if you will condemn any act of war that is based on this petition.

When I say that advocacy and exhortationism have limitations too. Now you see CLIT ADVOCATES, the following day you see an entire indigenous people massacred. Who benefits from that?

Creating sanctuaries is the reason why we, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is gearing will all our might towards the creation of sanctuary settlements called the New Bangsamoro Townships (NBT). Look it up in google.


DEAR SOMEONE: The issue of Female Genital Circumcision is a women's rights and poverty issue. It is not a religion issue. This issue is often abused to discriminate Muslims. See this video that shows Christians also practice it. The Terror of the Female Circumcision in Christianity at

Lie Detector Test for Whistleblowers

QUESTION: Sir John, do you think the whistleblowing of Heidi Mendoza is truthful?

ANSWER: Speculation is obsolete. Be careful because whistleblowing is a lucrative business if malicious -- the group around Arroyo are experts in fabrication. It has always been my position that whistleblowers should undergo electronic Lie Detector Test while answering questions of a neutral and professional private investigator.

Integrity of the whistleblower becomes questionable if the time of whistleblowing is unreasonably delayed that would seem to appear like an opportunity taken advantage in the future. I can smell high probability of political motivation in the whistleblowing when it is not executed within 36 hours from the moment the person witnessed the anomalous transaction. A "natural" good person reacts against anomaly and irregularity right away at the point of impact, and normally obeys his/her emotional obligation to report or write about it within reasonable short amount of time while the anomalous act is still fresh.

In cases of delay of whistleblowing, the remedy is a Lie Detector Test while taking the affidavit. If she is telling the truth, then she should be up to the challenge.


They say that "Heidi's mentor on integrity was her father. 'Ang pagsasabi ng katotohanan, daan sa kaginhawaan,' is her treasured saying from her father who was a police officer."

My response to this is, "Oh I hate cops when they try to confront the suspect only after five years after personally witnessing the crime being redhandedly committed."


Besides, if she is given State Witness Protection status in an extraordinarily "speedy manner", hmmmmm I can smell the hands of politics.

Religious and Racial Discrimination in Philippines

Religious discrimination offensive to the Muslims and racial discrimination offensive to the black-colored race are still massively prevalent in the Philippines, in fact MEDIA is the biggest violator. Advocacies against religious and racial discrimination in the Philippines is very exciting because the specialization is like a journey on a vast sea towards discovering a new island.