Thursday, February 1, 2018


CASE REF# P20180202-152-12. FRAUD PSYCH REPORT AND MALPRACTICE AGAINST DR CECILIA REGINA and DR JAY MADELON-CARCERENY aka Dr JAY CASTILLO-CARCERENY. Rendering professional diagnosis report and expert opinion in court based only on hearsay, without even personally seeing, interviewing, nor meeting the respondent (patient) in person. Malpractice perpetrated in syndication with Atty MELCHOR JAEMOND ARANAS. This PSYCHIATRIC FRAUD will snowball into an expose of syndicated annulment processing scams in the Philippines. For update: Contact person on the development of the case: 0998-8844915.

Atty. Melchor Jaemond A. Aranas, (Roll of Attorneys No 57147) is the lawyer of the annulment case (Declaration of Nullity of Marriage) JDRC Case No 2013-2332-MK. Maria Cynthia Castillejos (Petitioner) versus John Odonnel Petalcorin (Respondent). Atty Aranas lost the case even if the respondent did not lift a finger and just kept quiet in the defense side. It's like a fully armed lawyer Aranas got defeated by a hand-tied tongueless opponent.

From 2013 -2018, the client (petitioner) was made a milking cow of professional fees for four years, but the case was defeated because of, in my opinion, fraudulent psychiatric report against the respondent that the Atty (who else) engineered.

Atty Aranas even foolishly argued that a nose job is proof of narcissism. There is even more foolish than that. Atty. Aranas stupidly argued "incapabily to co-habit" on the husband (respondent) who left the house, even with the knowledge that (1) the husband and wife co-habitted 8 years before marriage and 8 years after marriage, and that (2) the wife (petitioner) had stated that she asked the husband to to leave the house (a separation mutually agreed by the couple).

After losing the case, he filed a Request for Reconsideration that has so many typo errors.

This Attorney's score (in terms of diligence, judgement skills, logical skills, intellectual smartness), in my opinion, ranging from 1-10 (10 being the highest), is 3. In terms of INTEGRITY (not resorting to manufacture of fraudulent evidences), my opinion would score him ZERO (0).

Friday, August 18, 2017

Effect of Martial Law on Gun Licensing

In Martial Law, gov't will eventually embargo all private firearms, one by one to prevent organized protest. By rational expectation, people will not renew gun licenses. May Provisional Licensing na programa ang gobyerno na kinontian ang requirements, pero nine months lang ang period. Hindi pa rin yan mag comply ang mga tao kasi automatic isipin at i-anticipate ng tao na prelude yan sa government attack against private gun owners dahil sa martial law.

Marawi Siege

What happens when government wants to confiscate all guns in an area? Marawi siege, death toll: 422. Gun owners in Marawi resisted, resulting to prolonged gun battle and destruction of the whole city.

CHED Memo on non-BSREM Board Examinees


Sunday, January 8, 2017

UBER PH Advocacy

2017 ADVOCACY: require all taxi to level-up with Grab and Uber in online system, credit card payment capability, security features, feedback mechanism, quality standard of cars. Ang taxi dapat mag level-up; ayaw natin na hilain ng gobyerno pababa ang kalidad ng Uber at Grab.

Para sa seguridad ng driver at kalinisan ng car, dapat pwede mag refuse magsakay ng pumaparang pasaherong kadudaduda o mabaho o lasing ang itsura, lalo na pag walang credit card.

Ang LTFRB din ay dapat mag level-up sa efficiency management system capability ng Uber at Grab in terms of enforcement of quality control.

Dapat may special budget ang gobyerno para sa agarang pag patch ng mga lubak sa kalye. Dapat walang lubak na tatagal ng 24 hours.

Ang job classification ng public transport Driver ay both Skilled and Professional. Ang income nyan ay dapat lang na mataas na kayang makapag-amortize ng kotse at bahay na may garahe. Ganito dapat ang mentality pag mag formulate ng standard fare ang gobyerno.

Pinakialaman ng gobyerno ang Uber at Grab kaya pumangit tuloy.

Uber does not serve the general public, only its members. Hindi nagsasakay ng pumaparang publiko ang Uber, kasi bawal. Our advocacy, therefore, should be focused on the point that Uber should not be covered by LTFRB regulations.

Ang pagbabawal ng Uber na magsakay ng pumapara ay hindi dahil ipinagbawal ng LTFRB, kundi ipinagbawal eto ng internal business policy ng Uber, para protektahan ang profit ng Uber business.

RE UBER. Kayong mga Taxi Drivers and Operators, huwag kayong mainggit sa Uber kasi kayo ang first preference ng passengers kung nandyan kayo nakikita para parahin dahil mas mura rate nyo. Ang Uber ay para sa mga passengers na nahahassle pumara, nahahassle makipagagawan ng taxi, nahahassle makipagnegotiation sa taxi na nagongontrata, sila yung mga credit card payer, gusto ng may epektibong evaluation feedback, at willing naman sila magbayad ng mas mahal kesa sa taxi.

Kayo naman UberPH, hindi maganda yung ginawa nyo na i-allow ang cash paying ng mga passengers because it reduces the security of the drivers. Dapat maintain lang na exclusive for elite (credit card holders) lang ang Uber para hindi mag overlap ang passengers ng Uber at regular taxi.

Hindi yayaman ang nagUUber kasi mataas ang business expenses due to government. Your Income as owner of car, minus 30% annual Income Tax to BIR, 3% monthly Percentage Tax to BIR, annual Mayor's Business Permit and local Tax, annual Barangay Clearance, annual Insurance for four passenger seats.

Sa maintenance naman ng kotse, kung fulltime kang nagUUber, expect mo daily car wash, daily full tank; monthly change oil, monthly aircon general cleaning, monthly brake pad change; and yearly timing belt change, yearly tire set change, yearly hilamos paint and topcoat.

Dapat nga hindi na saklaw ng LTFRB ang Uber kasi "exclusive" ang Uber, self-help organization ang Uber, meaning ang passengers ng Uber ay yung members lang ng Uber, hindi ang general public. Eto yung point-of-view na dapat natin dalhin sa public policy forum, sa Congress at Senado kung kinakailangan.

Isipin nyo na ang Uber ay alternative sa taxi sa point of view ng passengers, and also an alternative choice of livelihood for drivers/operators. Huwag nyo sirain ang alternative option nating lahat. (John Odonnell Remollo Petalcorin)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

ONE OPPOSITION explained in video

Click here to watch the MNLF LECTURE #21 ONE OPPOSITION Explained in Youtube video.

That's my job as consolidator, and making this short video is one step. Lahat tayo sa opposition, share lang natin ang video na eto at viral proportion. We put individual reasons aside, we consolidate as one opposition, because our objective is to defeat the Aquinos.

QUESTION: Paano yung ibang BDP na mahirap kumbinsihin na maki-isa sa OneOpposition?

ANSWER: Ang iConsolidate natin ay yung opposition-minded lang. Yung mga fanatic na individualistic na hindi naman opposition o walang idea (dahil sa kabobohan) kung ano ang opposition, hayaan nyo yan sila kasi mga KKK (kamaganak, kakilala, kaibigan) yan sila or nandyan talaga yan sila kay BinayDutertePoe to reinforce the campaign of the splitters. In the end nitong campaign natin for OneOpposition, talagang may matira pa rin konti kay BinayDutertePoe unless mag withdraw ang kandidato. By the way, aside from recovering the opposition votes from BinayDutertePoe, huwag nyong kaligtaan na ipagpatuloy ang pag post ng MGA criticisms laban sa mga Aquino -- criticise with same issues repeatedly -- walang criticism na naluluma.

QUESTION: Meron bang MNLF member na supporter ni BinayDutertePoe (BDP)?

ANSWER: Yes meron, and the number represents our target workload in the consolidation for the OneOpposition. Meron nga BBM campaigner na supporter ng BDP. Individualistic KKK is very real. The challenge of OneOpposition is to elevate all oppositions to put aside the individualism, and level up their priority for the common goal of the OneOpposition, which is to defeat the AquinoAdministration. Individualism is best applied AFTER the OneOpposition wins, but never before we win. As opposition, we must do a collusive behavior, work together as one to win the pie. We cannot talk about eating our individualistic slices of the pie before the whole pie becomes ours. We get the pie first, together as one, then we partake from it after we succeed in getting it.

QUESTION: How about the OFWs?

ANSWER: Ang splitter ni PNOyAdmin para ma carve out ang OFW and Contract Workers ay si Seneres, but he died before the campaign starts.

INSTRUCTION. Huwag kayong magsayang ng stress at oras sa pag-engage sa discussion, debate, or argument with the online campaigners ng BDP (Binay, Duterte, Poe). Simply share this video in your timeline, page, and groups at least ONCE A DAY. If the BDPs comment in your timeline, page, or group, simply DELETE their comments. We are not after the aggressive BDPs. We are after the Facebookers na hindi engaged sa BDP aggressive political campaigning. Also, in your pages, may settings dyan on privacy, restrict nyo ang Malaysia. Okidoks!

While there is only ONE MINOR REASON why opposition voters will not vote for Miriam, there are, on the other hand, MANY MAJOR REASONS why they will not vote for Binay, Duterte, and Poe (BDP). The consolidation of One Opposition for Miriam Santiago will have least resistance, least bitterness, and least hesitation to those who have to give way, hence most rational.

Monday, March 14, 2016

On Malaysian "peacekeeping force" in Mindanao

Kapag "peacekeepers" dapat civilian hindi military; atsaka dapat UN-sanctioned and UN-commissioned.
Mga loko yan pati color ng UN helmet counterfeit. Yang pinapapasok ni Pnoy dito ay Malaysian military technical assistance yan sa MILF.

Bomb making instructors, military surveillance, and intelligence gathering, and sabotage planners ang mga yan.

Unconstitutional yan, tolerated military espionage yan, treason si PNoy nyan, dapat merong Malaysian VFA Treaty tulad ng US VFA bago magpapasok ng foreign military dito sa Pilipinas.

Kung may armed conflict, UN peacekeepers are military. If no armed conflict, mga civilian peacekeepers na magtulong ng livelihood projects, pag tutor ng mga students, pag bigay ng humanitarian aid. Eh may pinirmahan ng Final Peace Agreement ang MILF sa Malacanang, peaceful na, hindi pwede yang Military ang peacekeepers mo dyan, dapat civilians. Palibhasa kasi counterfeit ng UN yan, kaya ganyan wala sa tamang protocol ng UN

Atsaka hindi naman neutral party ang Malaysia. Malaysia and MILF are one in the same side. It is Malaysia that brainwashes and radicalizes the Filipino Muslims to think that they are Moro-not-Filipino. Klarong klaro na technical assistance yan ng Maalaysia for the MILF. Malaysia is the big-brother of MILF. Kunwari pa peacekeeper. Loko.

Hindi yan peacekeepers. Mga troublemakers yan. Mga instigators yan. Mga agent provocateurs yan. Walang public monitoring, walang performance audit, walang accountability, walang accomplishment reports, walang peace advocacy materials yang mga yan sa tinatagal-tagal na nyan nag-ooperate dito sa Mindanao under the PNoy Administration.

May creeping invasion ang Malaysia dito at gusto ng traydor na Aquino na safe ang mga Malaysian operatives dito.

Kung peacekeepers ang Malaysian forces sa Mindanao, eh ano ang AFP/PNP? Threat ang AFP? Troublemaker ang PNP? Kakalurky!

Yang mga Malaysian forces na yan, yan sila ang nang-harass and pumatay sa mga Pilipino sa Sabah. Kalaban natin yan. Tapos pinapa-pasok lang ni PNoy dito sa Pinas at binibigyan ng privilege to do demonstrate their force here in mainland Philippines. Walang hiya talaga etong PNoy administration -- mas pabor pa sa Malaysia kesa sa Pilipino.

Punyeta! Mas magaling pa kaming mga MNLF mag-isip para sa kapakanan ng Philippine national security kumpara sa mga General ng AFP DND ni PNoy. I want a political appointment in DND pag manalo si Miriam.

In response to the news article titled, "New group of Malaysian peacekeepers arrives".

Q & A

QUESTION: Peacekeepers can be military personnels from other nations, EXAMPLE peacekeepers in Golan Heights. Know your fact! Middleman ang malaysia at part sa agreement ng both parties, galit kayo kasi napag iwanan naman kayo, bawat grupo gusto sila ang mag control ng kalakaran sa mindanao ginagawa nyong rason ang kahirapan, relihiyon, lupa. (JJ Quijano)

ANSWER: Peacekeepers has to work within the UN organization. Yang Malaysian peacekeepers dito ay hindi yan under UN. Malaysia provides funds, technical assistance, weapons, and propaganda assistance to MILF. Malaysia is the Big Brother of MILF. Kailangan neutral and disinterested party ang broker. Hindi pwede Malaysia ang broker, or middleman, or peacekeeper with regards to MILF. Marami naman iba pang bansa dyan, may UN naman, bakit ipipilit ang Malaysia?