Saturday, August 28, 2010

Supporting PNoy Amidst the Crisis

Our President is the flag-bearer of the democracy of our country. If we burn our President, we are as well burning our country. As a free nation, we can run our own country by discussing criticisms and changes internally among ourselves as Filipinos. But we don't insult our President in front of the international community. Moreso, we should not allow any foreign country to look down at our flag bearer. Tayo lang ang may karapatan na linisin ang sarili nating bahay.


MORATORIUM OF DETRACTION. This is the moment wherein the President is very vulnerable to criticism by his political detractors. But this vulnerability should not be taken advantage of because hitting the President will surely hit our motherland as well. At this time, we Filipinos MUST CONSOLIDATE. We will resume our internal struggle later on after we, as one nation, survive this crisis.