Sunday, August 22, 2010

Indoctrination on Bill of Rights

The most feasible solution to combat human rights abuses is indoctrinating our young about the Bill of Rights. When people know their rights, they will naturally fight for it and won't easily give it up when the moment comes they are put in a vulnerable situation.


Reactor: I've met many people who know their rights but don't feel empowered enough to fight for them.

My Response: Each person has 600 voluntary muscles in his body. This is the empowerment of God.


Reactor: Yup, and 1 bullet can stop all of those muscles.

My Response: Of course. Part of the indoctrination is to inspire them that death as a result of fighting for one's rights is an honorable death. Any human rights abuser can overpower or kill the body but not the spirit. And when the abuser is facing a population of individuals who are willing to die to defend their rights, he knows he is facing a formidable opponent.


Reactor: That's gonna be interesting, John. It is quite possible to abuse that by making people believe that they're fighting and dying for their rights when in fact they're just pawns of others.

My Response: That fear is possible only in the realm of impossibility. Empowerment, in order to be effective, must come from within and energized by the natural human instinct of self-preservation.