Thursday, August 12, 2010

Auction May Prevent PAGCOR Sale Kickback

[On the proposed PAGCOR Privatization - Part 2]

QUESTION: May solution ba para ma prevent ang underprice and kickback sa PAGCOR privatization sale?

A: Yes. Kung open sa ibang brokers ang offer and merong Auction sa pagbebenta.

By the way, government auction is the right term if the item is for sale by government to sevaral potential buyers. You use the term government bidding when the government purchase something from several registered suppliers.


Q: Ano ang possibility? Maging open ba?

A: Kung titingnan ang pattern sa isa pang bentahan na niluluto nila, mukhang hindi magiging auction. One newspaper already published and said that a high rank PNoy man said the DOJ would also have to study questions on whether the offering of the properties would still have to be subject to bidding if there would be a number of parties interested in them.


In the Business Mirror, there is an interesting article titled "Offers for PAGCOR Tantalizing, but.." at