Thursday, August 12, 2010

PNoy Has No Iron Hand on Micro Management

Kung walang bayag mag-execute ng QUICK EJECT POLICY si PNoy sa mga line command officers and supervisors ng mga government agencies na may public complaints on corruption or negligence of duty, lalo na kaya kung mga kaibigan niya ang mga naka-upo after the replacement of the midnight appointees. He lacks political will in micro-management.

Imbis na paalisin niya ang naka-upo dahil sa katiwalian at katamaran, mas gusto niyang paalisin sila dahil may ka-alyado siyang nakapila na gustong pumalit sa pwesto. He simply lacks tactical skills in micro-management.

If I were the President, I will use the first 100 days to micro-manage the government. I will use the incumbents as practice target sheet to hone my firing skills against negligent officers. I will spend the first 100 days welcoming complaints from the people and showing to everyone that one complaint of corruption or bad service or negligence of duty has equivalent of one government officer getting fired quickly. Gradually, one gets fired, another one gets hired -- no need to issue a blanket order of request for resignation and removal of post to incumbent appointees that I inherit from the past administration. My hiring policy will not be based on friendship but on meritocracy.

PNoy's firing policy is motivated by political divisiveness, which I believe is WRONG. It is unfair in government na paalisin sa pwesto ang isang Pilipino sa mababaw na kadahilanan na inappoint siya ng kalaban mo sa politika.

PNoy's hiring policy is motivated by political patronization, which I believe is WRONG. It is unethical in government to appoint someone in the position sa pwesto sa mababaw na kadahilanan na kaibigan mo siya or sumuporta siya sayo during the campaign.

Haaaayyy naku. Kulang sa tactical skills etong si PNoy at ang kanyang mga advisers.