Wednesday, June 29, 2011

US Discrimination on Filipino Citizens

I came accross this news about 100 women rescued from Angeles City night clubs at

These ladies come from all over the place and merge in Angeles and Subic, all with a single objective of exploring the possibility of finding an American on retirement and disability benefits who will possibly marry them and bring them to States, or simply getting impregnated to get hefty child-support benefits from US Social Security or US Veterans Affairs. These Filipinas just didn't know that they could possibly not get US Benefits because they are Filipino Citizens.

My source to comment? Ahhhh I worked for US Social Security for 7 years as Claim Examiner. Everyday I deal with minor child claim and young mother claim and my patriotic heart bleeds everytime I recommend no payment as effect of the US Social Security Alien Nonpayment Provision (ANPP) of 1985. US Policy on benefits is DISCRIMINATING FILIPINO CITIZENSHIP. If you are Japanese, Korean, Australian, Greek, Italian you are exempted from the ANPP and you get dependent or survivor benefits, but if you are Filipino citizen then you will get nothing.

My heart bleeds knowing that the victims of this discrimination are the "vulnerable sector" -- Filipino ladies who are prostituted by the Americans, the unwed single mothers, the bastards children of the American, and the survivors of those who worked in US for so long. "My patriotic heart bleeds" -- one of the accumulated reasons why I snapped and left the job.


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Denial of Marcos Burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani

QUESTION: Sir John, pag si PNoy ba mamatay, pwede ba siya ilibing sa Libingan ng mga Bayani?

ANSWER: Hindi pwede. Si Cory nga hindi pwede eh. Only heroes of Philippines War can be burried in Libingan ng mga Bayani. The Armed Forces of the Philippines is the institution mandated to determine who gets burried in LNMB. The determination is professional and not subject to public opinion.

In the case of Ferdinand Marcos being subjected to political opinion and being brefused burial in LNMB, that is obviously political persecution and barbarism. This is my promise, as a politician, when my time comes, I will correct the mockery of history and personally watch over the transfer of F Marcos to LNMB.

On his grave in the LNMB, I will surely have it written on the huge brass marker the story about "over 25 years of persecution of the Aquino Family against this particular war hero whose right of proper burial in LNMB is unfairly subjected to public opinion. The future generation will learn from history. The future shall never forget that during the Aquino regime, poverty grew in unmanageable proportions and politicians mocked over the war heroes of this nation."


The burial of late Pres F. Marcos in Libingan ng mga Bayani must be highly supported. He may not be a political hero, but he is a war hero. Libingan ng mga bayani is for war heroes, by which the determination is done exclusively my the Armed Forces of the Philippines, not by the tides and preference of any political administration.

Nakagawa na ng determination ang AFP, so dapat i-Execute na lang ni PNoy ang command. Tingnan mo etong si presidente nonyong si PNoy, wala talagang bayag bilang Commander-in-Chief ng AFP, walang bayag mag decision. Inuuna pa ang political make-up powder niya, pinasa pa nya kay Binay ang trabaho. Napakawalang bayag.

When PNoy decided to delegate to VP Binay the task of resolving the issue of Marcos burial in LNMB, I call it a Presidential Self-Castrating Decision.


Naalala ko noong araw sa panahon ni Rizal. Merong mga revolutionary na discriminated na doon lang pwede ilibing sa libingan ngmga Intsik.


QUESTION: Sir John, pero commander in chief naman sila ahh,ganun?

ANSWER: Pwede Commander-in-Chief during war time. Wala namang war during the Cory Presidency. Kailangan merong Congress-declared War and naka earn ng medal ang soldier during war time. The determination is based on military record, nothing else.

Ang isang war hero, may karapatan ilibing sa LNMB, kahit ano pa mang kalokohang ginawa nyan after the war, kahit naging massacre-king yan epekto ng psychological warfreak. Ang pagka war hero ng tao at ang karapatan niya malibing sa LNMB ay hindi yan pwede i-subject sa good moral character test nor political opinion, nor legislation, nor court decision, nor public opinion.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Filipinos Eat Double-Dead Meat

Ang mga Pilipino, sobrang empoverished na talaga. Even if it is BOTCHA, as long as it's protein, they will sell and eat it. BOTCHA is a double dead chicken, pork, cow, or fish. Double dead means it is found dead because of environmental poisoning of animal disease, yet it is still sold/fed to the human population in the Philippines. Government is inutile.

May isang maliit na palenke ako napuntahan, nag side-trip lang ako dahil nagpagawa ako ng kotse sa tabi. Pag pasok ko sa palengke, tumumbad sa akin palenkera hinihinkayat ako, sabi niya eh "Ser, Botcha pang Pulutan"! Grabe. Atsaka ginagawa na raw yang first class CHICHARON (yung merong konting meat), so hindi mo na talaga makilala na botcha pag chicharon na!

Pag isda naman, Fish Fillet na yan, naka vaccum pack, merong bawang at suka, bangus belly. Hindi mo na makilala na botcha.

Ang gobyerno, higop lang ng higop ng licensing fee pero hindi nag-iinspect ng food processing plants pag walang complaint. GRABE etong government failure na eto!


I remember when I was young. My pet dog died one afternoon and my neighbors helped me dig to burry it under a cocoa tree. While I was asleep, one of my poor neighbors dug it in the middle of the night and cooked it for pulutan in the morning.