Sunday, December 30, 2012

Character vs Knowledge

All persons have unique characteristics, and they differ according to color, shape, behavior, habits, social perspectives, moral standards, preferences, sound, smell, gender, etc. Stereotyping a character is taboo in the universality of mankind. Stereotyping a character is only done by losers who want to make their own common characteristic superior compared to the diversity of the rest. Unlike character, knowledge can be sold, can be bought, can be given away, can be withheld. And there such a thing called forgetfulness that may just make knowledge evaporate into oblivion. By the way, a pretentious character is just a product of acquired knowledge about a desired characteristics that can be forgotten anytime anywhere.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

People are generally good

A person is generally good all the time. A person becomes criminal only a few minutes. It's just difficult to predetermine the who, where, when, how, and why of a crime. So it is important that there is tighter gun-carry law that is reinforced with a non-nonsense checkpoints system. (reaction to the Dec 2012 Connecticut shooting of 26 students and educators)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why am I reluctant to support the Anti-Epal Policy?

WHY AM I RELUCTANT TO SUPPORT ANTI-EPAL Policy? There are two types of Political Advertising, (1) Traditional Tri-Media Advertising and (2) Guerilla Advertising. Traditional is only for the rich politicians because this type is EXPENSIVE as it uses printed broadsheets, radio, and TV. Guerilla uses fly-posters, t-shirts, internet, and street billboards. A non-performing politician can't put up a project billboard, but can use heart-warming traditional ads. Among all these, I like the street billboards because it is somewhat a PERFORMANCE-BASED political advertising. If a politician built a smooth highway for me, I would love to see on billboards along the highway the face of the politician who worked hard to accomplish the project. But I HATE it when I pass by bad roads and when I come home I see non-performing politicians on TV. Political advertising on project billboards should not be prohibited, but it can be regulated to prevent false ads that deceives the public into believing that it is the politician who FUNDED the project. In project billboard advertising, due credit must be given to the funder and to the politician who worked hard in pushing the project into reality.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Visions and Memories

The mind of the young ones is full of VISIONS of the future. The mind of the old ones is full of MEMORIES of the past. Just by looking at the line-up of your top leaders, I will be able to tell whether your organization will be moving forward or reverse.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Frustration, Depression, Inspiration

What defines a weak and strong person is how his mind reacts to frustration. Frustration will either cause a person to get depressed or inspired to create solutions.


Frustration drives people in two ways. For a weak person, depression. For the strong person, inspiration to create solutions.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) Facebook ‎[Adm-03]: President Aquino has signed into law a key piece of legislation penalizing cybersex, child pornography and unsolicited electronic communication like email spam, among others. The President signed Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 on Wednesday, Undersecretary Abigail Valte announced on Saturday. RA 10175 punishes content-related offenses such as cybersex, child pornography and libel which may be committed through a computer system. It also penalizes unsolicited commercial communication or content that advertises or sells products or services. But there are exemptions relating to the sending of unsolicited material: It is not a crime if there is prior consent from the recipient, the communication is an announcement from the sender to users, and if there is an easy, reliable way for the recipient to reject it, among others. (Courtesy of TJ Burgonio, Phil. Daily Inquirer)


RA 9646 nga na professionalization ng Real Estate Service Practitioners, 2009 pa eto naging batas hindi pa rin na-iimplement, ang dami pa ring colorum professionals nagkakalat sa mga malls. Ehhh eto nanaman gumawa nanaman ng bagong nakakaloka na batas na tinatawag na CyberCrime. I have no problem in criminalyizing cybersex and childporn. But I am worried about the anti-cyberlibel provision that might be used to retaliate against people who expose corrupt and unworthy government officials. I am also worried of the insertion of the anti-cyberlittering provision na nag-criminalize ng unsolicited internet advertising. Klaro naman na etong batas na eto ay gamitin lang ng mga mayayamang may kaya pang ads sa TV at ng mga politiko para mas lalong makakalamang sa competition laban sa mga gumagapang na mga mahihirap. Kawawa mga mahihirap nitong RA 10175 at kawawa din lahat maging criminal na hanggang maging makapal na mga mukha ng lahat na Pilipino maging tolerant sa crimes. In other words, the more laws are made, the more laws are left unimplemented, the more it nortures the Filipinos to become more naturally tolerant to crimes. Besides, internet advertising is the cheapest alternative to promote a small business or small politician, it is the only chance for the the thriving small to crawl up the river. What the government should work on is the criminalizing of paper flyposting of commercial and political ads (especially during elections) in public places and open walls because it's littering effect is an eyesore.


On the other hand, baka makatulong etong batas na eto sa professionalization ng real estate service practitioners kung kaya nitong pigilan ang internet advertising. Mas makakabuti kung Business SignBoards lang sa labas ng principal place of business natin ang magiging legit. Mga ibang profession like doctors hindi naman sila nag-aadvertise sa internet, tayo lang talaga mga brokers nag-pepeddle sa internet and sa streets. Sa kasalukuyan, tayo sa IPORESP ay nag-hahanda, nagpaplano ng Phil National Listing System. Darating din ang panahon na mga customers ay mag walk-in na lang sa offices natin at wala na yang peddling na yan. 

Legislative Gluttony tawag nyan. Sobrahan na ng mga batas na ginawa pero hindi na iimlement. Parang gluttony sobrang pagkain nilalalamon pero hindi na kaya i-contain sa tiyan kaya sinusuka. Kaya ako hindi bilib sa mga Legislators ng nakaraang atlong dekada, mga batas hindi napopondohan at hindi na-iimplement, hence norturing the culture of corruption and lawlessness in the mind of the Filipino.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tax Grace Period for New Businesses

PNoy posted a Facebook Message about the TESDA. I responded.

"Sino ba binibigyan mo ng employment, ang mga TRAINING PROVIDERS or ang mga GRADUATES? Patong-patong na ang pinag-aralan ng mga tao, walang mahanap na mapapasukang trabaho. Paano kasi, pag malaking negosyo (malaking kotong), may Tax Grace Period lalo na pag sa Economic Zone mag locate. Pero mga NEW SMALL and MEDIUM BUSINESSES eh tina-taga na agad ng taxes kahit hindi pa nakaka-lipad. Try mo kunin ang statistics ng Business Name Registration per year, then correlate mo in other data that will measure the medium-term and long-term period survival of the business, then you can make analysis of the data and implement policies to address the problem of business mortality especially at take-off stage.

Dapat pag new established business, TAX-FREE dapat para maka-lipad. Aanohin mo yang buwis pag pinapatay ang taxpayer?

Friday, February 24, 2012

On EDSA Celebration

Nilabanan ang diktadorya, hangad ang kalayaan, pero kahirapan ang napala, kasi ang demokrasyang pinaghirapan ng mga taong bayan ay na hi-jack ng pamumuno ng mga oligarchs. Tyranny of power, replaced by tyranny of poverty.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Law-Enforcement Agency ng Government - Toilet Paper lang ng mga Senador


Today, I read the news posted by ABS-CBN in Facebook titled, "Five people were arrested by officials of the PNP-CIDG in Rizal for allegedly selling copies of the sex video of slain actor Ramgen Revilla and his girlfriend Janelle Manahan".

My reaction is funny. Pag "Personal Benefit" ng Senador, aggressive ang gobyerno umaksyon. Pero pag benefit ng general public, walang action ang gobyerno. May mas malala pa dyan na problema, marami pa ring mga real estate agents openly handing out real estate fliers and selling real estate openly na walang license from PRC, hindi hinuhuli. Ehhh June 29, 2009 pa kaya approved ang RESA Law Professionalized na yang Real Estate Service, parang mga Lawyers and Doctors na ang standard, required na ang license. The licensed ones are being put out of business financially because the colorums compose 95% of the sales agents. Paano aactionan, eh mga Senador connected sa mga real estate developers na nag coddle and exploit ng mga colorums.

Hehehehe. Gobyerno talaga, parang personal toilet paper lang ng mga Senador.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Stop the Topsoil Harvesting in Mindanao


TOPSOIL quarrying is the worse kind of natural resource exploitation. It takes 500 years to naturally add one inch of topsoil to land. The fertility of land is based on the thickness and quality of topsoil. Without sufficient thickness and good quality of topsoil, we can't plant and our agriculture in the future would perish.

I have heard that there are systematic mineral dealers and miners there in Mindanao that sells topsoil to foreign ships docked at sea that are pretending to be mineral buyers. Our people are being deceived as they are told that those ships are buying soil so they can filter the gold and other minerals. Please spread this information to our people and find a way to mobilize our troops in the grounds to prevent the movement of our topsoil. There must be an IMMEDIATE STOP of the removal of topsoil from its original land! (Rltr. John R. Petalcorin)