Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tighter Gun-Carry Advocacy Reaching the Global Audience

Let's also help the Chinese Investigators. Let's tell them the truth that gun-carry practices in the Philippines is also corrupted. Policemen don't undergo "actual" periodic psych screening. Even those who are suspended or dismissed are still free to wear uniform and carry firearm. Civilians are given permit to carry firearm without complying to the psych screening if they pay more than the required licensing fee. The whole world should know this anomaly so they can make an informed decision about allowing their tourists to visit Philippines.

And the international community should also know that there are over 2,000 Police grievance cases in the pipeline workload of National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) now. Rolando Mendoza hostage tragedy is one of these cases. This will give them a picture about the the future possibilities affecting safety of tourists. Let's just tell the truth and seek their help about the sickness of our country.

Firearm carry policy in the Philippines appears to be "tight" in paper, but the practice is very loose because of corruption. It is very difficult to distinguish a bad guy from a good guy when you see a civilian with a gun because they both look the same. Law enforcers who are off-duty wearing civilian clothes carry gun inside pub houses, videoke houses, and public places. There are many cases of shootouts in places where alcohol is served. Liquor and cigarettes are cheap in Philippines, but entertainment places are not safe both for locals and tourists because gun carry practices are very loose.


Philippine Policeman Salary = P14,000
HK Domestic Helper Salary = P20,000

This figure means a lot. The HK people should know that these cops are a lot poorer than their household slaves. But these cops have guns and they are out here in our streets..... WELCOME TOURISTS!


Facebook Group of this Tighter Gun-Carry Policy Advocacy is at



Mr. President, with a relaxed gun carry practices in this country, I don't think we can honestly say to tourists that they are safe in our country. Other countries already have tight gun-carry policies and they are very serious about it. At present, Philippines is still like a wild-wild west.



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