Thursday, August 19, 2010

PNoy Office is not an Employment Agency

I have not heard President Noy Aquino mentioned that he is making the presidency a Job Placement Office. In short, those people are writing to the wrong address. Getting a job is a responsibility of the applicant to use the proper application method and go directly to the employer. The presidency cannot be a middleman between the applicant and employer.

Honestly, people who flood and spam the Office of the President with job application letters should not be acted upon and their letters should go directly to the incinerator if I am sought an advice on matters of National Security. Aside from the spamming effect that may slow down the work of the Office of the President, there is also a risk of anthrax. If they want to apply for a position, they should check for published openings and submit an application to the division of the various offices who process job applications.