Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Campaign Rage Meaning

CAMPAIGN RAGE is hostile expression of annoyance caused by tension and despair in political or advocacy campaigning. (new terminology by John R. Petalcorin)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Proving Bona Fide Intent to Run

COMELEC cancels certificates of candidacies of some who fails to present proof of bona fide intent to run. In my opinion, the filing of Certificate of Candidacy (COC) is the primary proof that a person has explicit intention to run because it is a public document as it is sworn in before a notary public.

The best secondary proofs of bona fide intention to run are his preparations for the campaign, such as (1) formulation of platform and agenda, (2) development of information, education, and communication materials, (3) organizing of supporters' and movements, (4) nominating a bank account that is ready to receive financial donations, and (5) development of campaign plan and strategy.

Never should political party affiliation, even a party nomination, can be used as proof of bona fide intention because there are candidates who choose to be independent, and some candidates who are nominated are mere dummy substitutes.

Never should availability of spendable wealth be used as proof of bona fide intention to run because there is always a facility for campaign contributions for supporters.

It is the absence of fund, whether at the start of the campaign or in the middle, that decreases a candidate's capability to campaign nationwide; but it cannot be used as factor to determine lack of bona fide intention to run.

A candidate's health and old-age may restrain a candidate's capability to attend to rigorous campaign, but it cannot be used as factor to determine lack of bona fide intention to run.


The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) is supposed to be apolitical. Declaring a qualified candidate as nuisant based on subjective popularity perception, unofficial wild guess that the candidate is not winnable, and generalizing a specific profession is an act of prejudice, infringement of rights to run for public post, and political harassment by the COMELEC. Such act is abuse of power because they are virtually puting their personal guess, preference, and opinion above the constitutional rights and above the general electorates' right to choose. Remember, genuine sincerity of intent to run is proven by the candidate's campaign preparation and public pronouncements, not by a mere common wild guess opinion of a third party on the candidates popularity, winnability, and financial speculation.

I debunk COMELEC's opinion that says independency decreases a candidate's capability for such a rigorous and expensive campaign. Such COMELEC opinion is absolutely malicious, a clear act of political intervention that brainwashes the mind of the electorates. It is also an act that somewhat favors the candidates with political parties and discriminates the independent ones.

I believe that political parties neither have monopoly, nor comparative advantage in accessing campaign contributors compared to independent candidates.

Campaign contribution is a political investment. People contribute campaign funds to candidates who have similar advocacy with them. Example, people who are scared if BBL will be passed will put their political investment on candidates who are anti-BBL; so we expect that people who are anti-BBL will not support political parties who are pro-BBL like Liberal Party and its allies such as PDP-Laban. Another example is Malaysia's huge political investment to political parties in exchange of silence on the Sabah issue.

I have 21 Legislative Agenda in the John Petalcorin for Senator campaign. The potential happiness people will get from my legislative agenda translates into 21 reasons why people should invest campaign funds in my national candidacy. I never has problem in formulating my basket of agenda because the interest I have in mind is only my people, my country, and humanity as a whole.

One of the major reason why I hesitate to join coalitions is that a multiple-party scenario is almost always problematic in terms of platform harmonization, they cannot fully agree to a common agenda because they have their own opinion on various issues and each one have their own business interests. This absense of uniformity of agenda in coalitions is also a reason why campaign funders hesitate, for example, an anti-BBL funder may like to put in money into the coalition to support a Presidential Candidate who is anti-BBL, but the same funder may hesitate because that particular Presidential Candidate has some well-known pro-BBL candidates under his or her Senatorial tickets.

Choice of companion and technique determines the level of campaign expenses. Candidates who want to arrive with style and grandeur in the sortie venue by helicopter and bodyguards will spend a much higher campaign fund to compared to the candidate who will only commute alone. The candidate in helicopter may attract the crowd, but voters normally prefer to vote for the candidates with simple lifestyle.

The current development in wireless communication and internet has sharply decreased the financial expenses of wide-scale campaign of candidates who know how to use it. When it comes to field sorties, the political parties and coalitions have huge entourage, more people to coordinate, hence more difficulty in events coordination, bigger logistical problem, and larger financial requirement compared to candidates who prefer to be independents, not to mention they are prone to internal conflict.

The independents, undeniably, have flexibility advantage and least financial requirement because they will usually mobilize a nationwide campaign like a small unit.


Residence address in not enough information needed for COMELEC to contact the candidate. The COC Form should have a space where candidates write their contact information such as telephone numbers, email address, and official Facebook account. It should also have a space for names and contact numbers of three references needed to background investigate the education, work, organization, and next-of-kin of the candidate. Much better if COMELEC will just require the candidate to complete and attach a standard government Personnel Date Sheet Form in his/her COC.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The politics of disaster

It's not the disaster of natural calamity (earthquake, tsunami, typhoon) that will cause a mass kill after those who will die on-the-spot, but the slow mobilization of help and chaos because of our inability to remove an incompetent leader, moreso if the new leader is the incompetent's anointed one. Ang boto mo hindi yan taya sa sugal na may premyo pag winnable sa political ads and surveys ang binoto mo. Ang maling pagboto ng leader ay maaring ikamatay mo o ng pamilya mo sa panahon ng national disaster. Remember Yolanda.

Fearless words that describe PNoy and his Administration in the past five years as President of the Republic of the Philippines: Aid-redtaper, Buck-passer, Credit-grabber, Shameless, Apathetic, Incorrigible, Impunity, Incompetent, Hoodwink, Rogue, Psychotic, Mobster, Traitor, Malaysian Collaborator, Oligarchy, Elitist, Media-hyped.

ANTI-ROYALTY. The anti-dynasty slogan is soft, I will make it stronger with anti-royalty, not as a legislated measure but as a voting culture. Pag ang magulang ay naging Presidente o Senador na noon, huwag na iboto ang anak na kumakandidatong Presidente o Senador, payuhan na lang na i-invest sa private sector business ang mga kinita nila nung naka-upo pa ang magulang nila. Yang mga magkakamag-anak na dala-dalawa na sa Senado, huwag na iboto yang dalawang pareho, isa lang dapat kada angkan. Walang forever - isang termino lang dapat para parating bago ang naka-upo, ma Presidente man, o Senador, o Congressman, Governor, Mayor. WALANG PAGBABAGO SA LUMANG KANDIDATO. #iBOTOangBAGO

Monday, July 27, 2015

George Soros: By failing to help refugees Europe fails itself

By failing to help refugees Europe fails itself
By: George Soros
Financial Times
July 27, 2015

As many as 400,000 people will make dangerous journeys to reach Europe this year, about half of them fleeing the civil war in Syria or brutal government repression in Eritrea. By the time they reach the west, they will have had to risk their lives twice: once in fleeing their countries, and again in entering ours.

The victims of many previous conflicts have had better luck. After the 1956 Soviet invasion, 200,000 Hungarians fled to Austria and Yugoslavia; within months almost all had been resettled in countries as far flung as the US, Australia, Brazil and Tunisia. A generation later, when war scattered millions in Indochina, the international community resettled 1.3m. In the 1990s, the Balkan conflicts displaced almost 4m people, and again the world helped.

But in the present refugee crisis the EU has failed to act collectively, leading countries to take matters into their own hands. Hungary is building a fence along its border with Serbia. Frontline states are shirking their obligations under the European asylum system, for instance by failing to provide adequate reception and asylum processing capacity, thus encouraging them to move elsewhere in the EU. France and Austria have temporarily reinstated passport controls at borders.

After the Refugee Convention was adopted in 1951, Europe served for decades as its moral and operational backbone. No longer. In May, the European Commission proposed a comprehensive agenda on migration that, if implemented, would give Europeans what they seek — a sense of control over migration flows. In most EU countries, citizens view legal migration positively; it is the chaos at their borders that sends them into the arms of populists.

Yet only two aspects of the commission’s agenda received immediate support: a military mission targeting smugglers in the Mediterranean, which launched last month, and a robust effort to return migrants who are found not to qualify for international protection. The rest of the plan, which aimed to save lives and create livelihoods for those unable to go home, came under attack.

The most resisted idea was a mandatory plan to take 40,000 asylum seekers from Greece and Italy to be processed in other member states. In the end, only 32,000 were accepted on a voluntary basis. The impact on most of those countries would be minimal — and they, too, are likely to be beneficiaries of the relocation principle when migration flows shift. A proposal to resettle 20,000 refugees from camps in the Middle East also proved unattainable.

These programmes embody the spirit of shared responsibility that lies at the heart of the EU. If they do not become permanent and mandatory features of the common European asylum system, it will fall apart. If improved, however, the European asylum system could serve as a model for international co-operation on refugee protection.

Europe must make it possible for refugees to apply for asylum in safety. This does not mean offering protection to everyone in need. But those whom Europe does accept should not be forced to risk their lives. In practice, this would entail allowing people to apply for asylum from abroad. Thousands of Syrian refugees with skills needed in Europe — doctors, nurses, construction workers — languish unemployed in Lebanese and Jordanian camps. The EU could allow them to apply for labour visas.

As it pursues one integrated migration and asylum policy, the EU should eliminate the waste and redundancy of 28 parallel systems. There should be a single European asylum and migration agency, for example, that processes asylum applications for the entire union. Eventually, a joint border guard should be established, too.

The EU’s migration system must be remade to reflect a more collective and generous spirit — and one that is more faithful to European values.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Suggestion to new firearm license process

I suggest the new PNP management to just resume the procedure where we took off before the chaos and confusion of gun licensing process. Decentralized dapat yang complete processing ng renewal ng license card. We (the already licensed gun owners) merely bring our old license card to the nearest license processing site (list must be published in the PNP website and also in Official Gazette), and then we complete a form, picture will be taken by the computer, we pay the fee, and we get our new license card right away. Ganyan lang dapat ka simple at mabilis ang "routine" and "non-problematic" renewal process. Pag merong third party complaint against any particular gun-owner, saka na bigyan ng special investigation ang particular na gun-owner at ipa-tawag (summon via subpoena duces tecum) para mag-comply sa lahat na control-requirements such as court clearance, police clearance, NBI clearance, psychiatric test result, drug test result.

Monday, June 29, 2015

My opinion about legislating same sex marriage

If ever I become Senator, I would approve any proposed legislation to allow LGBT to get married, HOWEVER with a special provision that it be allowed only by those who tolerate it, without prejudice to the service provider's rights of refusal. Not everything that is legal can be pushed for consumption down the throat of all - the minister and owner of the business still has rights to conspicuously display a signage that such thing is not allowed in his establishment. Forcing a religious minister to marry a LBGT couple is similar to forcing in pork into the mouth of Muslims, it's gonna result to armed conflict. If a particular minister refuses, then the customer should just find some other minister. I cannot allow a legal charge against those who refuse. This is how my egalitarian ideology puts this issue in proper order.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Election is not gambling

ELECTION IS NOT GAMBLING The only prize we get if we vote for the winnable brands of the usual politicians is the same frustration and disappointment that we get in the government’s performance now. We, the people, will be loser in the end if we vote for those who appear to be winnable in surveys an advertisements. Let's take the road less travelled by increasing our curiosity and liking for new brands of politicians who braved to challenge the usual winners. There is more hope in new names because their feet are in our shoes – they feel the same frustration as we do.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Mary Jane Veloso

Mary Jane Veloso in jail for 5 years, unattended by PNoy. PNoy did a cramming to prevent further decline of his reputation.

Limang taon nang nakakulong yan si Mary Jane veloso at hindi inaasikaso ni PNoy Administration. Bumawi na lang si PNoy sa iba pang mga nakakulong na Pilipino OFWs sa ibang bansa. Kung sincere siya, ang dami iyang opportunity para tumulong sa dami nyang mga distressed OFWs, kung talagang sincere siya.

Five years na yan nakakulong si Mary Jane Veloso, tamad ang PNoy Administration sa pagtulong sa mga OCWs in legal distress. Kundi dahil sa pressure ng Indonesian President, hindi kikilos ang tamad na DFA at NBI ng PNoy Administration para mahuli ang totoong salarin. Mary Jane and we Filipinos in general are blessed with a good Indonesian President.

Magpasalamat sa Presidente? Well, I think The citizens have no obligation to thank the service of any government employee (including the President) whose salary they paid for. The citizens may thank an extra special service, and definitely the Veloso case is not an extra service by the President but rather a free-rider on the effort of the citizens to save Veloso. The only extra effort I see in this issue is a clear attempt by the President's mass media managers to cover the President's indolent ass. So, my question to the President is, how many Veloso-like cases you have in your inventory all over the world that is just sitting there for you to harvest when you need something to jerk up your popularity?

Malaysian ang recruiter nyan at ang naglagay ng drugs sa bag nya. Yang Malaysia-Aquino Mobsters na yan, hindi lang MILF, NPA, ASG, JI ang hawak nyan. Hawak din nila ang drug trade sa Pilipinas (Malaysian yang druglord sa loob ng bilanguan), massage-escort-prostitution and blackmail ring, multilevel marketing pyramiding scams (Google search nyo about Manuel Amalilio, 15billion pesos nakulimbat nun pinatakas ng PNoy administration), blackmarket trading of petroleum, Bangsamoro Peace Process scam (si Iqbal Malaysian yan), and human trafficking. Lahat yan ginagawa nila para panatilihing mahirap ang Pilipinas at madali nilang i-colonize at idagdag sa Sabah na kanila nang naagaw. Ingat lagi kasi mga Malaysian spies na yan, kahit alyas lang ang dalang pangalan, ay madali lang nakakakuha ng passport sa PH DFA dahil Aquino Aministration naka-upo eh. Mga Pilipinong MILF, NPA, ASG, JI na namamatay sa armed conflict ay nililibing na lang na walang death certificate record sa NSO kasi ginagamit ng mga Malaysians ang birth certificate para makakuha ng PH Passport yang mga Malaysian intruders na yan.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Incompetence and Psychological inconsistency Explain PNoy's Blaming on Napenas

URL Of Original Post: https://www.facebook.com/OneMNLF/posts/1055634774463755

[This article is published in the Headline section of Tribune. Read more at http://www.tribune.net.ph/headlines/mnlf-says-noy-psycho-inconsistency-exposed

Q: Sir John, PNoy recently blamed SAF General Napenas for "lying" to him in reporting information about the Mamasapano operation. What can you say about this? Is he excused? What was his mistake? What is your recommendation?

A: It is an admission that: (1) he [PNoy] has direct hands-on involvement as the highest authority in managing the decisions on the operation, (2) he [PNoy] lacks the necessary inquisitiveness and fell short of competency in validating information reported directly by his operations officer, (3) he [PNoy] does not take responsibility over failure of operations despite being a direct management participant of it. Admission of INCOMPETENCE will not excuse him [PNoy] of command responsibility.

His mistake was he gave a political decision over a tactical situation. He had in his hands the authority, power, resources and sufficient time to save the lives of the SAF who are in life-and-death situation, but he choose to sacrifice their lives for his personal ambition to get a nomination for Nobel Peace Prize that Teresita Deles lured him on.

The president has multiple functions and he has to make the best decision in any given circumstance. As president, he is the highest political decision-maker as well as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. In this case at hand, he demonstrated incompetence and lack of responsibility as commander-in-chief of the armed forces and this puts ALL OF OUR LIVES at imminent risk. The Philippine Society, as a whole, should find a way to make him resign. This is a life-and-death situation. Buhay natin at tayo lahat ang at-risk dito habang patuloy yan na naka-upo as commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Tingnan nyo rin yung aspect ng PSYCHOLOGICAL INCONSISTENCY ni PNoy. Given two similar situation, did the person responded consistently? In Zamboanga Siege of Sept 2013 (which the MNLF denies participation) PNoy was provoking the MNLF peace process by ordering three battalions of his armed forces to create havoc for almost one month which destroyed the homes of some 100,000 indigenous peoples minority Badjaos in Mariki and Rio Hondo, in response to an alleged MNLF shooting of one navy man. In this Mamasapano incident of January 2015, his 44 peacekeepers were slaughtered by the MILF yet he is withholding military response using the peace process as an excuse. So, given two situations, he behaved differently -- obviously meron siyang psychological inconsistency.

Nevertheless, whether he will resign or not, he has to be charged of TREASON, baka kasi sumusunod lang siya sa utos ng Malaysia. He may use insanity as a legal defense and we will be lenient. We will consider the facts of his psychological inconsistencies. We will gladly accept insanity as a plea bargain because it's long been established already with complete medical record. (John R. Petalcorin, MNLF Director for Communications, Admin of OneMNLF page in FB, 10 March 2015)