Thursday, August 12, 2010

Possible Senate Position on PAGCOR Privatization

[On the proposed PAGCOR Privatization - Part 6]

QUESTION: Anong possible position ng Senado on this PAGCOR Privatization? Is this a GO already?

ANSWER: Ang justification ng sale ng PAGCOR ay budget deficit. Ang solution na nakikita ko sa problem na yan ay increase ni PNoy ang revenue collection, di na kailangan mag-benta at gumawa ng bagong buwis. Mukahang okay ang Senate na ibenta ang PAGCOR dahil sabi nito na "we must contract the government" to finance the programs. Contract means reduce in size, meaning, privatize some assets.

Eto ang recent Transcript of SP Enrile's Interview after Committee on Finance Briefing: On GOCC's budget scrutiny: "We have to scrutinize them. The amount of money available for the expenditure of the government is not adequate. We cannot impose a heavy burden of additional tax to the people. If we want to really reduce our deficit and live according to our financial capability, WE MUST CONTRACT OUR GOVERNMENT and save some money for important things like education, health, infrastructure, agriculture & environmental protection. Kontrolado ng mga board of directors ng mga government corporations 'yung pera. It's outside the scrutiny of the Congress which ought to handle the raising of money and budgeting of funds according to the request of the President. We have to look at all of these things."