Thursday, March 31, 2011

Incorrigible corruption under the Aquino Administration

Philippines 2011, most corrupt and least attractive portfolio in Asia. It is our noble task to share these links in your wall and to your friends. We have to keep on nagging the government to change and stop the incorrigible culture corruption in Philippines we are facing at present.

This article will show that the Philippine Government under the Aquino Administration is incorrigible in the aspect of corruption. Personally speaking, I presented and complained to PNoy Facebook Page a specific case of red tape being committed in an agency under the jurisdiction of the Office of the President. PNoy did not act on it, nag retaliate pa sa akin. Incorrigible talaga yan, sure na.

Recommended Readings

1. Philippines is second least attractive investment site in ASEAN. The Manila Times Online. March 2011. URL:

2. Daily Tribune report about the PERC Survey that says Philippines is most corrupt nation in Asia. March 2011. URL:

3. Corruption Warning About Philippine Real Estate Buying and Investing. Google Blog Nov 2010. URL:


The oligarchs behind the Administration and the plutocrats who are benefiting from the corruption are conspiring to cover-up these issues. The conspirators will use the traditional media (TV/RADIO/PAPER) to cover it up with other none-sense issues like past. These conspirators will focus on broadcasting pogi-points news and pretending to be anti-corrupt by investigating the past administration, they will move to administrationalize of the courts and watchdog agencies, but they will not come up with policies to PREVENT ongoing corruption. Let's not play with these cover-up artists. Let's use the internet to counter them. Corruption is a disease, we cannot pay serious attention to it and it cannot be cured as long as we suppress the pain.


(1) Pinauuwi na mga host countries napakaraming OFWs sa Pinas, (2) Napakabagal ang pag-dami ng SMEs sa Pinas dahil nasapawan ng pagpasok ng mga MLM, (3) Environment prevents agriculture, livestock, and fisheries from producing sufficiently, (4) real estates sector integrity is fast degrading, (5) Corruption is incorrigible. Patay na ang Pinas in the next 5 years pag ma-ubos na mga savings ng middle class.


QUESTION: Sir John, why can't govt stop oil price hike?

ANSWER: Govt is not on the side of the oil consumer, neither on the side of the oil sellers. It is the govt who enjoys oil price hike, the consumers and sellers don't enjoy it. When oil price increase, VAT collection of govt increases. When govt need money, it can take advantage of the Libyan war to stimulate the few oil companies to raise price.


QUESTION: Sir John, papaano pa sa tingin mo makaka recover and Pilipinas after all the past recent scenarios na published sa mga peryodico? Are there any upside happenings that are not being covered by the media that perhaps are newsworthy?

ANSWER: Publishing the upside news will not make the downside less toxic. The traditional local media and the government is ALREADY partnering to cover up the downside to fool the people and make them believe that everything is fine, but this pretention won't be sustainable because we are already in the information age. As long as Philippines will not follow the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS, it will continue to become the least attractive investment site both for local and foreign investors, and this will naturally will herd its people like sheeps to the slaughterhouse.

I myself have taken steps to reachout and show my intentions to help the Philippines, at least in my sector which is Real Estate. But the oligarchic Aquino Administration deliberately suppressed me. That is just ME ALONE who can testify to this, but I believe there are still many more good guys out there who are also suppressed by the government. This is what I call the point when the Philippine Incorrigibile Culture of Corruption has already rooted firmly in government, media, and general population. In my estimate, any action that will abruptly and painfully replace Administrations will do LONG-TERM more harm than short-term good.

With the incorrigible corruption pattern that I see right now, I believe that Philippines going down is inevitable within the next ten years. To MINIMIZE the damage, it is better for Bangsamoro Land put on it's lifevest, jump out of the sinking boat, and fasttrack it's paddling towards independence. There is a bigger ship out there called the OIC who has long been willing to help Bangsamoro Land. Manila will eventually become an "old city" and "crime capital" of the world.


I dedicate this blog to my Facebook Freiends who celebrate their birthdays today. Afirahs Muty, Carissa Adora Balanon, Cathelyn Yabut, Gian Ferol Dabalos, Gm Shahoney Mercado, Hazel Porsincula, Jason Mande, Joey Valdez, Malou Fabello-Agudo, Maria Isabel Evangelista, Rey Mark Remollo, Roan Penera Emuslan, Tatyana Kopieva

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Death Penalty and Summary Executions

Some Filipino oppose death penalty to be metted by regular court in China; but are not interested in the WEEKLY summary execution in Metro Manila. Ang mga victims ay naka masking tape ang buong mga mukha at may nakasulat na message: "Huwag Tularan ang mga Pusher", merong mga marks ng torture bago pinapatay. The frequency of these killings is even more than the pattern of a serial killer. They are not even bothered about having a mayor who is popularly known as "Berdugo ng Maynila" (means Summary Executioner of Manila), plain hypocricy, what a shame.


Moralists and Humanists endlessly debate on abortion and contraceptive issues. Some even consider the poor sector as a large pool of unwanted children, and they use this perception as a reason of wanting full government subsidy on artificial contraceptives. In my opinion, they don't see the bigger picture on pupulation size issues. If population size is really a big problem already, I believe death penalty is the best form of population control program because it gets rid of those persons who are already judged as menace or unwanted in society. Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan (children is the hope of society) because they replace the older generation.


Moral Lesson sa DEATH PENALTY sa China. Pag mag-travel kayo, huwag kayong mag-tiwala sa mga friends and kamag-anak na nag-papadala ng mga kung ano-anong nakabalot na bagay. Huwag din tanggapin ang alok na pahihiraman ka ng luggage bag. Okay?

Kung nabitay ka dahil talagang totoong drug mule ka, ehhh okay lang yan, buti nga sayo. Pero kung innocent ka at nahuli ka dahil pa-tanga-tanga ka sa panghihiram ng luggage, ehhh okay lang din yan dahil at least mabawasan ng isang tanga ang mundo, population size control na rin yan.


I dedicate this blog to my FB friends who celebrate their birthdays today. Angela De Taza Raagas, Anthony Joseph, Cindy Lison, Eden Areola-amper, Franco Macion, Gladys Ibasan, Ivan Lilles, Jhelly Ace Reyes, Jossie Remollo Bernardo

Characteristics or Marks of a TRAPO

By: Facebooker alyas QUI TAM LAWS VS. CORRUPTION

1) He buys votes with cash, gifts, goods, foods, goodies and promises of employment in government offices;

2) He cheats in elections;

3) He spends a fortune to win an election;

4) He cheats even before the election by indirectly campaigning ahead of the period allowed by law;

5) He kills to eliminate, or employs intimidation to scare away, oppositions;

6) He espouses the perpetuation of the pork barrel;

7) He is corrupt, a thief and a cheat;

8) He grooms a son, a daughter, a spouse or a grandchild as his successor;

9) He practices patronage politics such as horse trading (scratch my back and I will scratch yours), and by stuffing government offices with relatives and political supporters regardless of their qualifications;

10) He loves to do visible though less priority projects where he can write his name and post his photograph;

11) He promotes herd mentality among his people;

12) He is unprincipled and behaves like a chameleon: changing his colors (ideological, religious, etc.) to those of the people whose support he seeks;

13) He is a turncoat (changing his political party as often and as easily as he does his dress);

14) He has a bloated ego, believing that he is indispensable for the welfare of his people;

15) His answers to questions on important issues is always vague;

16) He gives fish to his constituents rather than teaching them how to fish;

17) He has no long-term platforms of governance;

18) He unduly influences law enforcers, investigators, fiscals and judges to help a political supporter;

19) He panders to religious groups to win their votes;

20) He says only what his listeners want to hear, not what should really be said;

21) He condones wrong and lawlessness among his relatives, friends, party mates, electors and supporters;

22) He does not mind acting like a clown to please the crowd (especially voters); and

23) He loves to grandstand.


Friends, please feel free to add more characteristics of a TRAPO that we may have overlooked… Salamat po!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

On Agogo Dance Step of Jan-Jan in Willing Willie Show

QUESTION: Sir John, ano ang impression mo sa segmant ng Willing Willie show featuring Janjan the agogo dancing child. Can you smell child abuse or not? (see embeded video below or check out Youtube title "Willing Willie feat. JAN-JAN ang batang ASTIG sumayaw! (March 12, 2011)"?

Answer: I can't smell child abuse in that specific show. Although the presentation is tolerably BITTER, that is a GOOD expose' of the REALITY of poverty in Philippines that forced many young boys to be OPEN to the possibilities of dancing for a fee. There is no child abuse in that presentation at all.

I am a very sensitive person. But I can't see any degradation there. Neither the parent/administrator/guardian of the child. That is Jan-jan's talent, that is his dance step, so we must appreciate it. If his dance step looks familiar in shows in Gay Bars, then it is your isolated imagination. If your husband will do that dance step in a fun show in their Christmas Party, as long as he is not naked, I don't think there is a problem.

There are rich families, though, that thinks that it is already DEGRADING if their children will fall in line with the poor people to get a game slot in the Willie Contest.

Sa audience entertainment yan, sa dancer hanap-buhay yan, wala yan silang sinasaktang tao. At the end of what they are doing, merong sumaya, at merong makaka-uwi ng pagkain sa lamesa.

Everybody laughed because everybody was ENJOYING and having FUN!

The boy was briefed before the show. "Pag tumugtog ang music, sayaw agad at mas maganda may pa-iyak-iyak pa". It was scripted, dudes, and the audience enjoyed the impact. Hindi pwede sulsulan ang bata or guardian na mag-complain. And it was just "a dance step".

I was told that I will get bad comments for not supporting the condemnantion of that show. Do you think I am your traditional politician who LIE because they are afraid of bad comments? No one can stop me from telling the TRUTH about how I feel about that show. I tell you, there is nothing wrong in that show. That segment is a good show.

Hindi scandalous nor malicious ang dance step na yan. Ehhhh yong Otcho-Otcho diba mas malaswa pa yan kesa sa dance step ni JanJan, wala namangnag-over-react. Ehhhh yong Otcho-Otcho diba mas malaswa pa yan kesa sa dance step ni JanJan, wala namangnag-over-react.

That is just a one-day affair. Isang araw lang yang pasayaw-sayaw niya sa TV eh. Aside from our social obligation to share our talents, children with talent also have a right to earn money. Malay mo ma-discover yan ng mga scouts eh maging artista pa yan kasi marunong sumunod sa briefing eh at malakas ang loob umarte.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Advocacy Specialization

QUESTION: Sir John, as an advocacy communicator, what is your specialization? ANSWER: I specialize in resurrected the dead. I specialize in reversing the devastation of unfair media packaging. Example: (1) Pro-poor Erap, (2) Tight Firearms Control, (3) Medical Marijuana, (4) Bangsamoro Sovereignty, (5) Values Formation in Real Estate Brokerage, (6) Religious Tolerance, etc.

QUESTION: Sir John, I'm from Dumaguette, I transfered school to Manila, pinagtatawanan ng mga classmate ko ang pag-English ko dahil out of fashion daw. ANSWER: Colonial mentality and discrimination dyan sa Manila grabe sa aspect ng English accent and skin color. Ganyan dyan sa Imperial Manila, tinotolerate na nga ng mga media at ng mga social climber ang corruption dyan.

QUESTION: Sir John, ano ang advocacy participation natin on discrimination against women? ANSWER: Dito sa Pilipinas mababangis ang mga chicks, huwag na natin pa-sobrahan. Pero pwede natin awayin yang mga advertisements na ginagawang pangit ang mga chubby at hindi mapuputi na mga chicks, lalo na yang ads na nilala-it ang may mga dark armpits. The media in the Philippines accept for a FEE, the advertisements that discriminate natural skin color. Mga mukhang pera ang media dyan, walang VALUES.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Corruption is Leprosy of Society

QUESTION: Sir John, I need this for my school paper. Sa panahon pa ni Rizal eh sabi niya corruption ay CANCER ng lipunan, pero hanggang ngayon nandyan pa rin ang corruption sa Pilipinas?

ANSWER: I think nagka-mali si Rizal. Tinawag niyang "Cancer", kaya tuloy kina-aawaan, tinotolerate, and stays with sentimental value. I would like to start describing corruption as "Leprosy" para kinadidiri-an.

Mga corrupt na government officials na malalaking bahay ay kina-iinggitan ng mga kapitbahay, imbis na kinadidiri-an. Mga bata gusto maging government official para yumaman. Grabe dyan sa Pilipinas.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Religious Discrimination is a Major Cause of Armed Conflict

QUESTION: Sir John, I have read your official MNLF comment in Philippine Star warning them against use of word "Muslim" or "Islam" when talking about criminals and terrorists, I think you are the first who is ever doing that advocacy. By the way, does MNLF also protect Christians against discrimination by Muslims?

ANSWER: YES. Part of my personal crusade as MNLF Director for Advocacy Communication is to eradicate religious discrimination. This is part of the Peace Initiative of MNLF and we do it the guerilla advocacy way because this is an unfunded project. Regarding your question about protecting Christians against Muslim's discrimination, it gave me a hard time thinking about it. I was searching the whole day yesterday I could not find any muslim media publication that discriminates Christians. Christian publications discriminating Muslims are like tons and tons of cases. I am a Christian, don't forget.

I could find cases of Christian Sects discriminating another Christian Sects, well, actually discriminating one another as they squabble for "market share".

Religious discrimination is one of the major provoking factors of armed conflict.

The Chrisian Leaders have to talk among themselves in an closed door executive session to find ways that will restrain their members from discriminating other religions. The journalists should also include this issue in their code of ethics.

PRIEST: "Peace be With You"

RESPONSE: "And Also With You"


Best Approach to Substance Abuse Problem

QUESTION: Sir John, what is the best policy on substance abuse?

ANSWER: All substances derived from nature have good use and also abuse (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, opium, etc). None should be prohibitted, but could be regulated. All persons who have committed deviant behavior (crime, violence, indolence, absenteesm, discrimination, habitual tardiness, etc) should be diagnosed on substance abuse.

Substance abuse can be tested scientifically using blood/urine. Substance abuse is a mitigating circumstance in determining and confirming a deviant behavior. Once diagnosed, it can also be used as a cause-factor that can be the focus of medical or rehabilitative treatments.

The Egalitarians treat people equally and we will provide humanitarian care for ALL especially the sick and the deviants. All crimes should be "treated". The motive of the treatment should not be vengeance but rehabilitation. It is evil to equate justice with satisfying vengeance, anger, and hate.

Treatment comes in many forms, ranging from jail term to simple house arrest. But the objective of rehabilitating a criminal should be above all purposes.

Did God created grass to destroy mankind? Should society jail for six years a person who possess grass in his pocket, and after that discriminate his access to employment? Ano na nangyayari sa mundo na kinagisnan natin?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pork Barrel is the Best Equalizer

QUESTION: Sir John, what is your position on Pork Barrel?

ANSWER: I support Pork Barrel because it is the best equalizer and it is demand-driven. No one has ever defeated me in a debate on Pork Barrel. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the CONGRESSMAN to steal money from Pork Barrel. I challenge ANYONE to stand up and explain to me HOW a Congressman could steal MONEY from Pork Barrel.

It is the Agencies/Departments of the Executive Branch who implement the Pork Barrel projects. If there is overpricing, it is not the fault of the Congressmen.

At present, YES there is overpricing and red-taping of the projects, and these anomalies are done by the PNoy Administration who now holds the Executive Branch.


FahdMeya Marohombsar: A congressman can earn his share of the pork through the winning contractor after a mocked bidding. I guess!

ANSWER: That's a nice question. The Congressman has no jurisdiction or influence over the bidding. The entire bidding process is a sole jurisdiction of the agency or department of the Executive Branch who implements the project.


Successful collusion among bidders is still a failure of the bidding administrator, in all cases failure of the Executive Branch.

The function of a Bidding Administrator is undertaken by the PBAC. PBAC is an organic personel component of the Executive Branch, not the Congressman.

I think there is a provision that says PBAC is supposed to be participated in by representatives from the private sector. Why is it that there is no Anti-Corruption Advocates who join PBACS as a private sector watchdog?



Sa Pilipinas, grabe ang failure ng Procurement and Bids Committee ng kahit anong sangay ng pamahalaan, grabe ang INSIDER trading. Sa haba ng estorya, isa lang ang masasabi kong solution. Values Formation ang kailangan. Dapat meron nang Bachelor of Science in Procurement Service. Dapat may Code of Ethics, Board Exam, and professional licensing requirement.

Pero bago eto gawin, ayusin muna ang Professional Regulation Commission dahil INUTILE yang institution na yan and it is also infested with thick-faced red-tape.



CORRUPT LAWMAKERS get to steal certain percentage of the pork barrel funds through kickbacks.

These lawmakers have their “favorite” contractors who get to win the biddings conducted by the implementing agencies (like the DPWH in the case of infrastructure projects) through the collusion of other contractors (who make sure that their bids are lower than those of the “favorite” contractors) and officials of the implementing agencies.

The “favorite” contractors of course set aside portions of the loot for the other contractors and the officials of the implementing agencies (who colluded with them), and kick back a certain percentage of the funds to the lawmakers.

Lawmakers, contractors and other government officials are able to do this easily because the prices of materials regularly submitted by the implementing agencies are far higher than the actual prices. Hence, there is much room for manipulations, and nobody verifies (not even most COA auditors) the actual prices on the ground.

But even if COA auditors should verify the actual prices on the ground and the anomalies are discovered, the lawmakers can hardly be pinned down legally because documents show that he merely chose the project. They can only be pinned down if the contractors and officials of the implementing agencies testify against them!

Sometimes, the whole funds are stolen by certain lawmakers by coming up with ghost projects, faking the necessary documents, but these usually happen in areas where lawmakers are warlords. They succeed because everybody, including COA auditors, are afraid of them.

Hence, the only effective way of stopping corruption in the pork barrel funds is to scrap them!


How do you ascertain that it is the congressman who masterminds the rigging of the bids? Would it be more rational if the the awarder of the bid is the mastermind?

I'll tell you a thing that you can't see. Actually, ang anti-congressional-pork lobbyists ay ang mga masterminds ng bid rigging sa executive branch na gusto solohin ang lahat na projects ng gobyerno. Congressional Pork is the greates equalizer that will ensure wide distribution of projects.

Merong different layers ang project: (1) Project Identification, (2) Project Feasibility Study Preparation (3) Project Appraisal and Financing, (4) Detailed Project Engineering, (5) Project Bidding and Implementation, (6) Project Monitoring, and (7) Post-Project Evaluation.

Ang Congressman sa Project Identification stage lang yan sila ma involve. All the rest of the stages are done in the Executive Branch. Ang Bid Rigging ay ginagawa sa preparation ng Project Implementation Stage, and it is unethical for the executive branch to allow the Congressman to get involved in stage 2-7.

@Cairia, ang gatekeeper ng ethics ay ang executive branch department na nag iimplement ng project, hindi congressman.

Romero Jo, meron talagang Post-Project Evaluation stage. Part yan ng whole project process. Nakakalusot ang Ghost Project pag tumatanggap ng pera ang evaluator ng NEDA. I am an Economist, an Ex NEDAn, and my father was a retired NEDA Engineer who retired in 1998 and died in 2000 with P500 savings in his bank account. My only inheritance is a good name and book from him titled: "Project Development Manual".

If you want to stop project corruption, iboto nyo muna ako pagka-Senador, kakapalan ko na mukha ko kahit wala akong pera at dugong-oligarch. Ang plano ko dyan ay napaka simple, pero napaka-effective, something I learned from the American Government (having worked in it for 7 years).

The solution is something I call "Mandatory Anti-Corruption Seminar" sa lahat na government employees ang contractors. Twice a year eto na One-Hour Online Seminar cum Certification Exam. Pag magawa na etong batas na eto, gusto ko exit na ako pagka Senador and I want to personally oversee its implementation. Oks ba?

24 naman ka Senador yan, isang seat lang hinihingi ko, atsaka 3 years lang ok na exit na ako. Sana makatulong ako sa Bayan sa MALAKING paraan.

Sa Anti-Corruption Seminars, eto mga sumusunod ang kailangan malaman ng mga Govt Employees and Contractors:

1. What are the different kinds of corruption schemes and what are the penalties?
2. How to safely and properly report a corruption that you personally witnessed?
3. How the government guarantees your protection as a corruption witness and reporter?
4. What are the actions that government will do to respond to a corruption report?
5. What are the awards, recognition, and cash rewards the reporter or witness is entitled to?

Alam mo sa US Government, bilang employee na nag aadminister ng project, once na ibigay mo ang personal cellphone number mo sa mga contractor ng project eh sigurado sisante ka na agad kinabukasan. Dito sa Pinas, susmaryosep, mga govt administrators dining and wining together with contractors! Grabe!

Mga dudes, hindi sa COA ang solution ng corruption. Too late na pag sa COA ka mag-susunog ng kilay. Nangyari na ang corruption pag sa COA mo na aayusin. Too late the hero ka na. Yang mga anti-corruption daw sila na sa COA ang gusto nila ayusin, mga peke na anti-corruption yan, gusto lang nyan gamitin ang COA para mang-hulidap.

Ang importante ay PREVENTION. Hindi mangyayari ang corruption pag maayos ang gate-keepers sa Project Implementation Stage lalo na sa bidding stage. Nasa Procurements Bids and Award Committee (PBAC) ang solution dyan na dapat pag-tuunan ng pansin.

Ang PBAC ay meron talaga yang Civil Society Representative, so okay na tayo dyan lamang na tayo. Kailangan mo lang nitong mga Mandatory Seminars na gusto ko i-legislate para KNOWLEDGEABLE ang mga gatekeepers kung ano angrole nila at ano ang dapat nilang gawin.

Hindi ko ma-intindihan kung bakit maraming Pilipino na naniniwala sa myth na pera yang pork barrel na binibigay sa mga Congressman. Hindi po yan pera. Ang Pork Barel ay privilege lang yan na mag-identify ng project. Kaya merong limitation ang Pork Barrel amount dahil para hindi naman puro congressionally referred ang lahat na projects, ehh napat meron ding nationally identified projects.

The Congressman is not involved in the bidding and implementation of the project. In fact, ang Executive branch (let's say DPWH) ay takot yan sila mangurakot ng Pork-Barel Projects dahil tinututukan ng mga constituents ng Congressman ang monitoring sa mga Pork Barel Projects.

Kaya patuloy yang corruption dahil mali ang tao na tinatahulan ng mga watchdog. Maraming dyan watchdog kuno pero hindi alam kung ano ang project stages, nakakalungkot.


Yang District Engineer ay isa yan sa mga tinatawag ko na Gate Guards, kasama din dyan ang PBAC members. May Pork Barrel man o wala, pag bobo or corrupted na ang operating system ng kaluluwa ng Project Implementing Staff ng Executive Branch (halimbawa yang District Engineer), kayang-kaya ng Congressman o kung sino mang ma-influensiya na tao (businessman, politician, or church) na gawing puppet ang District Engineer.

Yang Engineer na yan ang gusto ko ipa-seminar ng twice a year kung ano ba ang mandate niya, sino ba ang boss niya, ano ba ang procedure na susundin niya, at ano ang gagawin niya pag may mag-attempt na i-breach ang tamang landas.

Sino ba binayan mo ng sweldo para hindi makaroon ng briberyhan? Diba ang implementing staff mo sa Executive Branch? Pag pumalpak yang taong yan, may problema ang management skills mo or training or values formation.


Teka, naintindihan nyo ba na ang pork barrel ay hindi yan pondo na "binibigay" or "pinapahawakan" or kina-cash advance" sa Congressman? Ganito yan ha, mga iha mga iho, ganito ang pork barrel.

Let's say for example ako Congressman ng Cagayan de Oro. Merong budget ang DPWH and LGU para sa mga infra projects sa Cagayan de Oro. Pero let's say merong isang mahirap na bario na lumapit sa akin na nangangailangan ng road and potable water hose pero wala sa program ng DPWH and LGU. Ang gagawin ko bilang Congressman ay susulat ako ng referral letter sa DPWH telling DPWH that my constituents have identified this road project and I want the project funded and implemented, charge it to my Pork Barrel. Ang gagawin ng DPWH, popondohan yang Pork Barrel Project pero ang DPWH ang mag-administer ng bidding and implementation ng project.

Pork Barrel is simply a courtesy of project identification given by the Executive Branch to the Legislative Branch. Hindi yan pondo na hinahawakan ng Congressman. Na-intindihan ninyo?

Si Lacson ay isang Senador na hindi nag-rerefer ng project sa Executive Branch (hindi gumagamit ng Pork Barrel) kasi nahihiya siya sa Executive Branch dahil binabatikos niya eto bilang opposition. Naintindihan ninyo? Pag opposition ka kasi, siyempre batikosero ka, hindi pagbibigyan ang Pork Barrel projects mo, so useless mag refer ka ng project eh iipitin din naman.

If Ping does not use his Pork Barrel privilege, it does not make him uncorrupt.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Egalitarianism and Open Society versus Communism


EGALITARIANISM is an ideology which affirms, promotes, or characterizes a principled belief in the EQUALITY of ALL PEOPLE in the political, economic, social, and civil rights aspects regardless of differences in religion, race, ethnic origin, age, and gender. Egalitarianism is the common denominator between me and Nur Misuari; and it is the political ideology of the MNLF.

Socialist Communism versus Egalitarian Open Society

The ideology of SOCIALISM leads to COMMUNISM. Socialism is a HUGE operation and it will not work efficiently and sufficiently if you make it a function of government.

My ideology is EGALITARIANISM and it leads to OPEN SOCIETY.

COMMUNISM is equality of people's wealth by means of a top-to-bottom policy dictated by an oligarchy. Each family gets 1 kilo of rice regardless of size of family. Each person works 8 hours a day regardless of their physical condition. In communism, the general people are not allowed to become rich even if they work more, and you are dead if you are unfit to work. Only the oligarchy in power are the ones who enjoy the extremely expensive pleasures in life.

OPEN SOCIETY is a vibrant democracy wherein there is equality of people's access to basic empowering factors such as basic healthcare, education, basic housing, and basic food. People face a start-line in life with unrestricted access to join the race along the highway of wide range of opportunities. Those who work more become rich, and those who work less will just be a normal person who lives a "decent lifestyle" under the basic social welfare baseline.

QUESTION: Sir John, what is the difference between the Egalitarian Society of the CPP/NPA/NDF versus the MNLF?

ANSWER: The proposed Egalitarian Society of the CPP/NDF/NPA is one that is a close economy and economic activity is DICTATED upon by the State, or simply a Communist Regime. The MNLF proposes an OPEN SOCIETY which is something more advanced, it is the future world order, and better than DEMOCRACY.

QUESTION: Sir John, why is OPEN SOCIETY of MNLF the future world order?

ANSWER: (1) It provides sanctuary to forced migrations, (2) It is tolerant to differences in religion, ethnic origin, political ideologies, gender, and race, (3) It provides sufficient food for the present generation without depleting the productivity of natural resources, (4) Its governance is responsive, reliable, sustainable, and accountable.


Egalitarianism and Democracy

The Philippines is an OLIGARCHY country, not a democracy. You may look forward first on how to topple the Oligarchy through elections, and be careful because most of the time, the replacement of an Oligarchy is another Oligarchy.

In Bangsamoro Land, the Egalitarian MNLFs believe that democracy is not merely allowing people to endlessly shoutout their economic frustrations, but providing policies of equal opportunities so that the private sector will supply goods, services, and employment that will end these shoutouts. We see the Philippines as a good example of how not to run a country.

Democracy is a SUPPLY of Economic, Political, and Religious Freedom, it is not a mere DEMAND of Freedom.


Egalitarianism Versus Oligarchs

QUESTION: Sir John, let's say a P1B fund, compared to Oligarchs, how will Egalitarian MNLF use it for anti-poverty program? ANSWER: Intelligent question. Oligarchs will give away the P1B to 100,000 families at P1,000/mo each for ten months to augment consumption. Egalitarians would pick the poorest 1,000 families, allocate P1M each and have them assisted by 100 business mentors through successful business start-up.

Oligarchs boost consumption without creating income-generating activities, thus increasing the "dependency" of the population on them. Worse is when Oligarch's twin sister named Cronyism comes into the picture -- the people will be forced to consume the goods of the Crony -- the P1,000/month will be in the form of Crony Food Basket.

Egalitarians boost productive activities that will create sustainable income, thus encreasing the "independence" of the population at the household level.

QUESTION: Sir John, what is the difference between how the oligarchs/plutocrats and the egalitarians use economic stimulus spending?

ANSWER: Oligarchs spend it more on direct subsidies to increase the "wage/alms dependency" of the people. Egalitarians such as the MNLF propose industrialization to increase jobs, productivity, income, and financial independence of the people.


Egalitarianism position on Homosexuality

QUESTION: Sir John, I am a gay/homosexual. Islam is against homosexuals. Christianity is against homosexuals. How about MNLF?

ANSWER: The ideology of MNLF is EGALITARIANISM, meaning, people should be respected despite differences in religion, race, ethnic origin, political ideology, and GENDER. The MNLF will protect the gay population in Bangsamoro Land.


Egalitarianism and Dictatorship

QUESTION: How is Dictatorship similar to Oligarchy/Plutocracy?

ANSWER: Both set-up results to oppression of the vulnerable sector of the population. Dictatorship suppresses democracy. Oligarchy suppresses freedom of choice. Plutocracy suppresses economic opportunities. Marcos/Arroyo Admins are Dictatorships. The Noy Aquino admin is an Oligarchy and Plutocracy combined.Dictatorship is IMPOSSIBLE in Egalitarianism because people at the grassroots level are economically empowered, hence politically empowered too.

QUESTIONS: Sir John, there are scary Muslim groups who wants to drive out the Christians away from Mindanao.

ANSWER: Yes that is true. There is Oligarchy in Imperial Manila who maintains the conspiracy between the AFP-MILF-AbuSayyaf to "scare" the Christians and oppress the Muslims to keep a thick wall division between the two cultures. The MNLF is the opponent of the Oligarch. It used to be the Spanish Colonizers, then the American Colonizers, but now it's the Oligarch Filipinos in the Imperial Manila who are doing terroristic systems in Bangsamoro Land.


Egalitarianism and Right to Bear Firearms

The Egalitarian MNLF believes that each human being has the right to life and the right to protect oneself from the threats of someone else's gun. The MNLF believes that firearm is a great equalizer in a scenario when inequality, exploitation, and abuse is in the air.

The Army of the Oligarchs/Plutocrats sow terror, exploitation, land-grabbing, rape, murder, genocide, religious wars, and inequality in the Bangsamoro Land. This scenario leads to the NECESSITY for each MNLF freedom fighter to have a gun to defend himself and his family.

QUESTION: Sir John, despite its huge number of armed members, why do the UN consider the MNLF as excellent in the aspect of protecting human rights and firearms control?

ANSWER: People in the MNLF. The number one gun control advocate in the country is with the MNLF and the UN/Nobel Peace Prize Awardee is with the MNLF.

QUESTION: Sir John, in battle, how do you differentiate the MNLF from the AFP, MILF, Abu Sayyaf, and NPA?

ANSWER: The MNLF does not do "ambush" and does not do "indiscriminate firing that kills civilians", which the others do. Normally, the MNLF warns and challenges the opponent to prepare for battle and give enough time for civilians to flee. The MNLF always win in any battle in Bangsamoro Land.

QUESTION: Sir John, why are there many civilians who carry long firearms in the Bangsamoro Land?

ANSWER: Those are the MNLF, the sovereign party/army in BSM Land. Under the 1994 GRP-MNLF Joint Ceasefire ground Rules, MNLF may carry their firearms anywhere in 13 Provinces in BSM Land, wherein the PH Govt soldiers and police may only carry their firearms when in line of duty.

Take note, the MNLF has the most disciplined and undefeated army in this entire archipelago.

There is a United Nations Security Council report in 23 April 2010 that says that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), New People's Army (NPA), and the Armed forces of the Philippines (AFP) are among the groups around the world that have subjected minors to the most brutal violence, such as killings, maimings, rapes and other sexual assaults. (

MNLF is not mentioned as a human rights violator in the 51-page UN report. Despite its huge number of armed freedom fighters, the MNLF under Nur Misuari has consistently maintained the discipline and integrity of its men and commitment to the Peace Agreement. The MNLF is also pioneering in Armed Forces Humanitarianization Program and Firearms Ownership Registration and Control Program.

The war between Philippine Govt (GRP) and MNLF from 1970-1976 resulted to around 200,000 dead soldiers totalled from both sides -- 80% from GRP and 20% from MNLF. The Mercenary Army of the GRP lost the battle in the past, is losing the batt...le now, and will always lose the battle. The result is the 1976 Tripoli Agreement whcih rolled into a 1994 Ceasefire Agreement, and 1997 Final Peace Agreement. The MNLF is proven SUPREME and DOMINANT and SOVEREIGN in WHEREVER PLACE in the Bangsamoro Land (Mindanao, Sulu, Palawan).



1. The ceasefire shall be primarily in effect in the following provinces, including the cities and villages situated therein, as provided for in the Article II of the Tripoli Agreement, namely:

1. Basilan

2. Sulu

3. Tawi-tawi

4. Zamboanga del Sur

5. Zamboanga del Norte

6. North Cotabato

7. South Cotabato

8. Maguindanao

9. Sultan Kudarat

10. Lanao del Norte

11. Lanao del Sur

12. Davao del Sur

13. Palawan

2. The ceasefire shall also be in effect in the other provinces and cities of Mindanao where the MNLF Forces ARE FOUND as jointly determined by the Joint Ceasefire Committee.

5. Existing laws on the carrying of firearm shall apply. MNLF Forces CAN, however, carry their firearms within MNLF identified areas which means specific areas clearly identified by both GRP and MNLF as areas OCCUPIED BY or WHERE regular MNLF forces are LOCATED. Government forces MAY carry their firearms ONLY in the performance of their official functions...

6. GRP shall authorize MNLF VIPs to carry sidearms and shall provide additional security when moving in urban areas upon the latter's request. The MNLF Chairman when entering into and moving in urban areas may bring his immediate and necessary security. The strength of this security and the type and number of their firearms shall be mutually agreed upon.


Splitting the Land

I will divide this land into two. If you find happiness in a plutocracy/oligarchy set-up, you live in Philippines. If you find happiness in egalitarianism and open society set-up, you live in Bangsamoro Land. Freedom to choose is the key that will liberate people from the bondage of oppression and poverty.

People who get frustrated with what's going on in their country will naturally want a revolutionary solution. The best revolutionary organization have (1) undefeated defense army, (2) egalitarian ideology, (3) definite territorial sovereignty, (4) credible leadership, (5) human rights clearance, and (6) responsive communication fronts. Only the MNLF has all these 6 elements.

About MNLF, check out

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PNoy FB is inutile

QUESTION: Sir John, bakit ka nag UNLIKE sa FB Page ng Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy), diba first 100 member ka nyan? (carl)

ANSWER: Totoo yan Carl. Ako pa nga nag help ng depensa ng take-over ng BSA3. Pero I bolted out because I personally found out that PNoy FB feedback mechanism it is just a bottomless pit of the wish-coins of the people, parang frustration ventilation mechanism lang.