Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hostage-Takers Will Upgrade Equipment Too

Kung ang pulis ay uunlad sa equipment, ang hostage takers din. At least next time alam na ng hostage taker kung paano gumagalaw ang pulis na kumpul-kumpul. Granada at gasolina pala dapat huwag kalimutan.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Compensation to Survivors of Hostage Tragedy

HK protesters demand "compensation" for the hostage victims. I recommend we pass a Terrorism Insurance Act that will require inbound tourists in the Philippines to pay an insurance fee at port of entry. I think US have this thing in 2003.

Aquino Administration will give "compensation" for the foreigners who died hostages. Ehhhh I thought PNoy said earlier that government coffer is empty? What's that, pampapogi expense item? There is no CLAIM yet by the foreigners, but PNoy is so fast in paying. But PNoy cannot even pay FILIPINO claimants who have made hundreds of follow-ups already for their delayed survivor pensions benefit? Pag foreigner, bayad agad. Pag Pilipino, mamatay ka na lang, mamaya-mayain ka ng gobyerno. PNoy, sympathise with your OWN people first!


Tingnan mo etong Aquino Administration na eto. Masdan mo nang mabuti. Mas ma-uuna pang ma-resolve ang investigation ng hostage-taking na eto kesa sa Maguindanao Massacre.

Pag pinuna mo mukha ni PNoy sa FB, overnight may pagbabago na, kasi "priority" ang vanity niya. Pero yung mga ibang bagay na pinaka importante, ikaw na bahala dumugtong....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tighter Gun-Carry Advocacy Reaching the Global Audience

Let's also help the Chinese Investigators. Let's tell them the truth that gun-carry practices in the Philippines is also corrupted. Policemen don't undergo "actual" periodic psych screening. Even those who are suspended or dismissed are still free to wear uniform and carry firearm. Civilians are given permit to carry firearm without complying to the psych screening if they pay more than the required licensing fee. The whole world should know this anomaly so they can make an informed decision about allowing their tourists to visit Philippines.

And the international community should also know that there are over 2,000 Police grievance cases in the pipeline workload of National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) now. Rolando Mendoza hostage tragedy is one of these cases. This will give them a picture about the the future possibilities affecting safety of tourists. Let's just tell the truth and seek their help about the sickness of our country.

Firearm carry policy in the Philippines appears to be "tight" in paper, but the practice is very loose because of corruption. It is very difficult to distinguish a bad guy from a good guy when you see a civilian with a gun because they both look the same. Law enforcers who are off-duty wearing civilian clothes carry gun inside pub houses, videoke houses, and public places. There are many cases of shootouts in places where alcohol is served. Liquor and cigarettes are cheap in Philippines, but entertainment places are not safe both for locals and tourists because gun carry practices are very loose.


Philippine Policeman Salary = P14,000
HK Domestic Helper Salary = P20,000

This figure means a lot. The HK people should know that these cops are a lot poorer than their household slaves. But these cops have guns and they are out here in our streets..... WELCOME TOURISTS!


Facebook Group of this Tighter Gun-Carry Policy Advocacy is at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=311790639600



Mr. President, with a relaxed gun carry practices in this country, I don't think we can honestly say to tourists that they are safe in our country. Other countries already have tight gun-carry policies and they are very serious about it. At present, Philippines is still like a wild-wild west.



RECENT NEWS in KOREA: Korean Pastor Killed in Philippines. http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2010/08/116_71852.html
It is also in Philippine Star. http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=605517&publicationSubCategoryId=65

Another Gun-Crime one two months ago victimizing Korean tourists. Korean Man Shot Dead in Philipippines. http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2010/06/113_67470.html

I found another one, still gun-related. This is the third article for the past two years in KoreanTimes. Security Alert Raised in Philippines After Shooting Sprees. http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2010/04/120_56389.html

My Proposal to Expand Flag Laying Rites

PNoy said in his recent speech that "becoming a good and responsible citizen is heroic enough". I recommend DILG to order the LGUs to do a cash-free flag laying ceremony to honor the burial rites of civilians who are good citizens (basis: Section 24 of RA8491 otherwise known as Philippine Flag Law) especially the OCWs who died while working abroad, the mediamen, and retired civilian employees of government.

At present, only military, police, and politicians are given the flag rites. I think they should have no monopoly over the prestige of flag rites. If government wants to encourage heroism among the individual citizen, the prestigious flag laying ceremony is the best program to be expanded. Recognition and honor will encourage ordinary persons to be good citizens. Budget should not be a problem because there is no need to give cash to the survivors.

Actually by default dapat lahat na namamatay na Pinoy ay merong Flag Rites, except you mga namatay habang gumagawa ng crimen or namatay na sentensyadong criminal.


Republic of the Philippines
Congress of the Philippines
Metro Manila

Tenth Congress

Republic Act No. 8491 February 12, 1998


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled::

Section 1. Short title. – This Act shall be known as the "Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines."

Section 2. Declaration of policy. – Reverence and respect shall at all times be accorded the flag, the anthem, and other national symbols which embody the national ideals and traditions and which express the principles of sovereignty and national solidarity. The heraldic items and devices shall seek to manifest the national virtues and to inculcate in the minds and hearts of our people a just pride in their native land, fitting respect and affection for the national flag and anthem, and the proper use of the national motto, coat-of-arms and other heraldic items and devices.

Section 3. Definition of terms. – Whenever used in this Act, the term:

a) "Military" shall mean all branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines including the Philippine National Police, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, and the Bureau of Fire Protection;

b) "Festoon" shall mean to hang in a curved shape between two points as a decoration;

c) "Flag" shall mean the Philippine National Flag, unless stated otherwise

d) "Fly" shall mean the part of the flag outside the hoist or length;

e) "Symbol" shall mean any conventional sign which reveals man's achievement and heroism (for orders and decorations), identification, authority and a sign of dignity (for coat-of-arms, logo and insignia);

f) "Half-Mast" shall mean lowering the flag to one-half the distance between the top and bottom of the staff;

g) "Hoist" shall mean the part of the flag nearest the staff or the canvass to which the halyard is attached;

h) "Inclement Weather" shall mean that a typhoon signal is raised in the locality;

i) "National Anthem" shall mean the Philippine National Anthem;

j) "Official Residences" shall mean MalacaƱang, and other government-owned structures where the President resides, and other structures occupied by the Philippine Consulate or Embassies abroad;

k) "Places of Frivolity" shall mean places of hilarity marked by or providing boisterous merriment or recreation; and

l) "Institute" shall mean the National Historical Institute.


A. Design of the National Flag

Section. 4. The flag of the Philippines shall be blue, white and red with an eight-rayed golden-yellow sun and three five-pointed stars, as consecrated and honored by the people.

B. Hoisting and Display of the National Flag

Section 5. The flag shall be displayed in all public buildings, official residences, public plazas, and institutions of learning every day throughout the year.

Section 6. The flag shall be permanently hoisted, day and night throughout the year, in front of the following: at MalacaƱang Palace; the Congress of the Philippines building; Supreme Court building; the Rizal Monument in Luneta, Manila; Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite; Barasoain Shrine in Malolos, Bulacan; the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Libingan ng mga Bayani; Musoleo de los Beteranos dela Revolucion; all International Ports of Entry and all other places as may be designated by the Institute.

The flag shall be properly illuminated at night.

Section 7. The flag shall also be displayed in private buildings and residences or raised in the open on flag-staffs in front of said buildings every April 9 (Araw ng Kagitingan); May 1 (Labor Day); May 28 (National Flag Day) to June 12 (Independence Day); last Sunday of August (National Heroes Day); November 30 (Bonifacio Day); and December 30 (Rizal Day); and on such other days as may be declared by the President and/or local chief executives.

The flag may also be displayed throughout the year in private buildings or offices or raised in the open on flag-staffs in front of private buildings: Provided, That they observe flag-raising ceremonies in accordance with the rules and regulations to be issued by the Office of the President.

Section 8. All government agencies and instrumentalities, and local government offices, government-owned corporations and local government units are enjoined to observe flag day with appropriate ceremonies. Socio-civic groups, non-government organizations and the private sector are exhorted to cooperate in making the celebrations a success.

Section 9. The flag shall be flown on merchant ships of Philippine registry of more than one thousand (1000) gross tons and on all naval vessels.

On board naval vessels, the flag shall be displayed on the flag-staff at the stern when the ship is at anchor. The flag shall be hoisted to the gaff at the aftermast when the ship is at sea.

Section 10. The flag, if flown from a flagpole, shall have its blue field on top in time of peace and the red field on top in time of war; if in a hanging position, the blue field shall be to the right (left of the observer) in time of peace, and the red field to the right (left of the observer) in time of war.

The flagpole staff must be straight and slightly tapering at the top.

Section 11. If planted on the ground, the flagpole shall be at a prominent place and shall be of such height as would give the flag commanding position in relation to the buildings in the vicinity.

If attached to a building, the flagpole shall be on top of its roof or anchored on a sill projecting at an angle upward.

If on a stage or platform or government office, the flag shall be at the left (facing the stage) or the left of the office upon entering.

Section 12. When the Philippine flag is flown with another flag, the flags, if both are national flags, must be flown on separate staffs of the same height and shall be of equal size. The Philippine flag shall be hoisted first and lowered last.

If the other flag is not a national flag, it may be flown in the same lineyard as the Philippine flag but below the latter and it cannot be of greater size than the Philippine flag.

Section 13. When displayed with another flag, the Philippine flag shall be on the right of the other flag. If there is a line of other flags, the Philippine flag shall be in the middle of the line.

When carried in a parade with flags which are not national flags, the Philippine flag shall be in front of the center of the line.

Section 14. A flag worn out through wear and tear, shall not be thrown away. It shall be solemnly burned to avoid misuse or desecration. The flag shall be replaced immediately when it begins to show signs of wear and tear.

Section 15. The flag shall be raised at sunrise and lowered at sunset. It shall be on the mast at the start of official office hours, shall remain flying throughout the day.

Section 16. The flag may be displayed:

a) Inside or outside a building or on stationary flagpoles. If the flag is displayed indoors on a flagpole, it shall be placed at the left of the observer as one enters the room;

b) From the top of a flagpole, which shall be at a prominent place or a commanding position in relation to the surrounding buildings;

c) From a staff projecting upward from the window sill, canopy, balcony or facade of a building;

d) In a suspended position from a rope extending from a building to pole erected away from the building;

e) Flat against the wall vertically with the sun and stars on top; and

f) Hanging in a vertical position across a street, with the blue field pointing east, if the road is heading south or north, or pointing north if the road is heading east or west.

The flag shall not be raised when the weather is inclement. If already raised, the flag shall not be lowered.

Section 17. The flag shall be hoisted to the top briskly and lowered ceremoniously.

The flag shall never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, flood, water or other objects.

After being lowered, the flag shall be handled and folded solemnly as part of the ceremony.

C. Conduct of Flag Raising Ceremony

Section 18. All government offices and educational institutions shall henceforth observe the flag-raising ceremony every Monday morning and the flag lowering ceremony every Friday afternoon. The ceremony shall be simple and dignified and shall include the playing or singing of the Philippine National Anthem.

Section 19. The Office of the President upon the recommendation of the Institute shall issue rules and regulations for the proper conduct of the flag ceremony.

Section 20. The observance of the flag ceremony in official or civic gatherings shall be simple and dignified and shall include the playing or singing of the anthem in its original Filipino lyrics and march tempo.

Section 21. During the flag-raising ceremony, the assembly shall stand in formation facing the flag. At the moment the first note of the anthem is heard, everyone in the premises shall come to attention; moving vehicles shall stop. All persons present shall place their right palms over their chests, those with hats shall uncover; while those in military, scouting, security guard, and citizens military training uniforms shall give the salute prescribed by their regulations, which salute shall be completed upon the last note of the anthem.

The assembly shall sing the Philippine national anthem, accompanied by a band, if available, and at the first note, the flag shall be raised briskly.

The same procedure shall be observed when the flag is passing in review or in parade.

Section 22. During the flag lowering, the flag shall be lowered solemnly and slowly so that the flag shall be down the mast at the sound of the last note of the anthem. Those in the assembly shall observe the same deportment or shall observe the same behavior as for the flag-raising ceremony.

D. Half-Mast

Section 23. The flag shall be flown at half-mast as a sign of mourning on all the buildings and places where it is displayed, as provided for in this Act, on the day of official announcement of the death of any of the following officials:

a) The President or a former President, for ten (10) days;

b) The Vice-President, the Chief Justice, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, for seven (7) days; and

c) Other persons to be determined by the Institute, for any period less than seven (7) days.

The flag shall be flown at half-mast on all the buildings and places where the decedent was holding office, on the day of death until the day of interment of an incumbent member of the Supreme Court, the Cabinet, the Senate or the House of Representatives, and such other persons as may be determined by the Institute.

The flag when flown at half-mast shall be first hoisted to the peak for a moment then lowered to the half-mast position. The flag shall again be raised to the peak before it is lowered for the day.

E. Casket

Section 24. The flag may be used to cover the caskets of the honored dead of the military, veterans of previous wars, national artists, and of civilians who have rendered distinguished service to the nation, as may be determined by the local government unit concerned. In such cases, the flag shall be placed such that the white triangle shall be at the head and the blue portion shall cover the right side of the caskets. The flag shall not be lowered to the grave or allowed to touch the ground, but shall be folded solemnly and handed over to the heirs of the deceased.

F. Pledge to the Flag

Section 25. The following shall be the Pledge of Allegiance to the Philippine flag:

Ako ay Pilipino
Buong katapatang nanunumpa
Sa watawat ng Pilipinas
At sa bansang kanyang sinasagisag
Na may dangal, katarungan at kalayaan
Na pinakikilos ng sambayanang
Makakalikasan at

Such pledge shall be recited while standing with the right hand with palm open raised shoulder high. Individuals whose faith or religious beliefs prohibit them from making such pledge must nonetheless show full respect when the pledge is being rendered by standing at attention.

G. Flag Days

Section 26. The period from May 28 to June 12 of each year is declared as Flag Days, during which period all offices, agencies and instrumentalities of government, business establishments, institutions of learning and private homes are enjoined to display the flag.

H. Specifications of the National Flag

Section 27. The flag shall have the following proportions. The width of the flag, 1; the length of the flag, 2; and the sides of the white triangle, 1.

Section 28. The technical specifications shall be as follows:

The blue color shall bear Cable No. 80173; the white color, Cable No. 80001; the red color, Cable No. 80108; and the golden yellow, Cable No. 80068.

Section 29. In order to establish uniform criteria in the making of our national flag and to guarantee its durability by the use of quality materials, the following standards and procedures shall be observed:

a) All requisitions for the purchase of the Philippine National Flag must be based on strict compliance with the design, color, craftsmanship and material requirements of the Government;

b) All submitted samples of flags by accredited suppliers offered for purchase for government use shall be evaluated as to design, color and craftsmanship specifications by the Institute, through its Heraldry and Display Sec., which shall stamp its approval or disapproval on the canvass reinforcement of the flag sample submitted. The samples shall be sent to the Institute by the requisitioning office, not by the flag supplier; and

c) The Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) or the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) shall evaluate the quality of material of all flag samples and certify whether the fabric for the blue, white, red and golden yellow colors, including the canvas submitted, conforms to government requirement as to quality of the material. The samples shall be sent annually to the ITDI/PTRI by the manufacturer. The laboratory test results shall be submitted by the said office to the Institute.

Section 30. All deliveries of the flags requisitioned by the government shall be inspected by the requisitioning agency's internal inspector and by the Commission on Audit (COA) using the flag stamped approved by the Institute as reference.

Section 31. In carrying out its responsibilities under Sec. 4 hereof, the Institute, COA, the ITDI/PTRI shall prepare guidelines to be approved by the Office of the President.

Section 32. All government agencies and instrumentalities shall ensure that the requirements under this Act with respect to the standards, requisitions and delivery of the national flag are strictly complied with.

Section 33. All departments, agencies, offices, and instrumentalities of the government, government-owned or controlled corporations, local government units, including barangays, shall include in their annual budgets the necessary outlay for the purchase of the national flag.

I. Prohibited Acts

Section 34. It shall be prohibited:

a) To mutilate, deface, defile, trample on or cast contempt or commit any act or omission casting dishonor or ridicule upon the flag or over its surface;

b) To dip the flag to any person or object by way of compliment or salute;

c) To use the flag:

1) As a drapery, festoon, tablecloth;

2) As covering for ceilings, walls, statues or other objects;

3) As a pennant in the hood, side, back and top of motor vehicles;

4) As a staff or whip;

5) For unveiling monuments or statues; and

6) As trademarks, or for industrial, commercial or agricultural labels or designs.

d) To display the flag:

1) Under any painting or picture;

2) Horizontally face-up. It shall always be hoisted aloft and be allowed to fall freely;

3) Below any platform; or

4) In discotheques, cockpits, night and day clubs, casinos, gambling joints and places of vice or where frivolity prevails.

e) To wear the flag in whole or in part as a costume or uniform;

f) To add any word, figure, mark, picture, design, drawings, advertisement, or imprint of any nature on the flag;

g) To print, paint or attach representation of the flag on handkerchiefs, napkins, cushions, and other articles of merchandise;

h) To display in public any foreign flag, except in embassies and other diplomatic establishments, and in offices of international organizations;

i) To use, display or be part of any advertisement or infomercial; and

j) To display the flag in front of buildings or offices occupied by aliens.


Section 35. The National Anthem is entitled Lupang Hinirang.

Section 36. The National Anthem shall always be sung in the national language within or without the country. The following shall be the lyrics of the National Anthem:

Bayang magiliw,
Perlas ng Silanganan
Alab ng puso,
Sa Dibdib mo'y buhay.
Lupang Hinirang,
Duyan ka ng magiting,
Sa manlulupig,
Di ka pasisiil.
Sa dagat at bundok,
Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw,
May dilag ang tula,
At awit sa paglayang minamahal.
Ang kislap ng watawat mo'y
Tagumpay na nagniningning,
Ang bituin at araw niya,
Kailan pa ma'y di magdidilim,
Lupa ng araw ng luwalhati't pagsinta,
Buhay ay langit sa piling mo,
Aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi,
Ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo.

Section 37. The rendition of the National Anthem, whether played or sung, shall be in accordance with the musical arrangement and composition of Julian Felipe.

Section 38. When the National Anthem is played at a public gathering, whether by a band or by singing or both, or reproduced by any means, the attending public shall sing the anthem. The singing must be done with fervor.

As a sign of respect, all persons shall stand at attention and face the Philippine flag, if there is one displayed, and if there is none, they shall face the band or the conductor. At the first note, all persons shall execute a salute by placing their right palms over their left chests. Those in military, scouting, citizens military training and security guard uniforms shall give the salute prescribed by their regulations. The salute shall be completed upon the last note of the anthem.

The anthem shall not be played and sung for mere recreation, amusement or entertainment purposes except on the following occasions:

a) International competitions where the Philippines is the host or has a representative;

b) Local competitions;

c) During the "signing off" and "signing on" of radio broadcasting and television stations;

d) Before the initial and last screening of films and before the opening of theater performances; and

e) Other occasions as may be allowed by the Institute.

Section 39. All officials and employees of the national and local government, and any agency or instrumentality thereof, including government-owned or controlled corporations, privately-owned entities or offices displaying the national flag and government institutions of learning are hereby directed to comply strictly with the rules prescribed for the rendition of the anthem. Failure to observe the rules shall be a ground for administrative discipline.


Section 40. The National Motto shall be "MAKA-DIYOS, MAKA-TAO, MAKAKALIKASAN AT MAKABANSA."


Section 41. The National Coat-of-Arms shall have:

Paleways of two (2) pieces, azure and gules; a chief argent studded with three (3) mullets equidistant from each other; and, in point of honor, ovoid argent over all the sun rayonnant with eight minor and lesser rays. Beneath shall be the scroll with the words "REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS," inscribed thereon.


Section 42. The Great Seal shall be circular in form, with the arms as described in the preceding Sec., but without the scroll and the inscription thereon. Surrounding the whole shall be a double marginal circle within which shall appear the words "Republika ng Pilipinas." For the purpose of placing The Great Seal, the color of the arms shall not be deemed essential but tincture representation must be used.

The Great Seal shall also bear the National Motto.

Section 43. The Great Seal shall be affixed to or placed upon all commissions signed by the President and upon such other official documents and papers of the Republic of the Philippines as may be provided by law, or as may be required by custom and usage. The President shall have custody of the Great Seal.


Section 44. Any government entity, including the military, may adopt appropriate coat-of-arms, administrative seals, logo, insignia, badges, patches, and banners; and initiate awards, citations, orders or decorations; as may be authorized by Congress or the Office of the President.

Section 45. Such heraldic devices and items shall be filed with the Institute for recording and evaluation as to precedence, design, customs and traditions. The Institute shall promulgate the corresponding rules and regulations which shall be submitted for approval to the Office of the President or to Congress.

Section 46. All government offices including the military are hereby ordered to purchase all heraldic items and devices from manufacturers accredited and authorized by the Institute. Such items and devices shall be subject to inspection by the purchasing agency's internal inspector and the COA representative using the design and specifications approved by the Office of the President or by the Congress, through the Institute.

Section 47. No government official or employee shall accept any order or decoration from any foreign government without the consent of Congress, and without the prior evaluation and documentation of such order or decoration by the Institute.



Section 48. Failure or refusal to observe the provisions of this Act; and any violation of the corresponding rules and regulations issued by the Office of the President, shall after proper notice and hearing, shall be penalized by public censure which shall be published at least once in a newspaper of general circulation.

The Department of Education, Culture and Sports and the Commission on Higher Education, upon the recommendation of the Institute and after proper notice and hearing, shall cause the cancellation of the recognition or permit of any private educational institution which fails or refuses to observe the provisions of this Act for the second time.

Section 49. The Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) and the Commission on Higher Education shall ensure that the National Anthem, as adopted by law, shall be committed to memory by all students of both public and private educational institutions, and performed during the flag ceremony conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations issued by the Office of the President. In addition, they shall make available the vocal, piano or band scores of the National Anthem, as adopted by law, to all private and public schools, as well as the general public.

Section 50. Any person or juridical entity which violates any of the provisions of this Act shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not less than Five thousand pesos (P5,000) nor more than Twenty thousand pesos (P20,000), or by imprisonment for not more than one (1) year, or both such fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court: Provided, That for any second and additional offenses, both fine and imprisonment shall always be imposed: Provided, further, That in case the violation is committed by a juridical person, its President or Chief Executive Officer thereof shall be liable.


Section 51. The Institute shall issue the necessary rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this Act within ninety (90) days after effectivity. The Institute shall submit its rules and regulations to the Office of the President and the Congress of the Philippines.

Section 52. The Institute shall also be responsible for the strict enforcement of the provisions of this Act. It may call upon any government department, agency, office, or government instrumentality, including government corporations, and local government units, for such assistance as it may deem necessary for the effective discharge of its functions under this Act.

Section 53. Separability clause. – If any provision, or part hereof, is held invalid or unconstitutional, the remainder of this Act not otherwise affected shall be valid and subsisting.

Section 54. Repealing clause. – Any law, presidential decree or issuance, executive order, letter of instruction, administrative order, rule or regulation contrary to, or inconsistent with, the provisions of this Act is hereby repealed, modified, or amended accordingly.

Section 55. Effectivity. – This Act shall take effect fifteen (15) days from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette or in at least two (2) newspapers of general circulation.

Approved: February 12, 1998

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nurses OJT after Schooling

Kahit walang plantilla position vacancy sa hospital, napipilitan pa rin ang hospital sila tumanggap ng pursigidong baguhan na nurses para lang mabigyan ang mga eto ng "experience" sa content ng resume nila. Madalas walang bayad yan dahil wala ngang vacancy eh. Parang post-graduate OJT ang kalalabasan.

Getting the Best Ones into Govt Service

Leadership Vacuum? I don't think so. I know a lot of brilliant Filipinos, some of them are very prominent in Facebook who are just waiting to be called for duty to serve the country. The problem with this Administration is that the Liberal Party is monopolizing the leadership positions.

What? The govt did not receive application letters and resume of the the good ones? OF COURSE! The good ones will NEVER submit application. You have to identify them and REACH OUT to them and visit them personally to RECRUIT them in government service. Ohhhh Government, you are not a class-A in terms of pay, the good ones will not apply in your institutions. But always believe that these good ones are willing to serve the country. You just have to be "CREATIVE" to get them into the service. If you just sit there reading resume and application that you receive, you will just be getting the best of the junks.

Supporting PNoy Amidst the Crisis

Our President is the flag-bearer of the democracy of our country. If we burn our President, we are as well burning our country. As a free nation, we can run our own country by discussing criticisms and changes internally among ourselves as Filipinos. But we don't insult our President in front of the international community. Moreso, we should not allow any foreign country to look down at our flag bearer. Tayo lang ang may karapatan na linisin ang sarili nating bahay.


MORATORIUM OF DETRACTION. This is the moment wherein the President is very vulnerable to criticism by his political detractors. But this vulnerability should not be taken advantage of because hitting the President will surely hit our motherland as well. At this time, we Filipinos MUST CONSOLIDATE. We will resume our internal struggle later on after we, as one nation, survive this crisis.

Anti-Hazing Program

There is something wrong with how our students, military officers, police officers, even our fratmen lawyers are trained. It has been a tradition in schools and training camps that the students and cadets are subjected to maltreatment and pains of physical contact in the execution of training-related man-to-man fraternity hazing actions. Sometimes our youths are being sadistically hazed without any disciplinary reason at all -- just plain barbarism. This is one of the deepest anomalies that could be the primary cause of human rights abuses.

I think we should focus on eradicating the Hazing Tradition in the schools and training centers. There must be a Special Team composed of Psychologists, Sociologists, and Advocacy Experts to plan and implement a sustainable program that will reverse the social acceptability of torture and hazing in Police, Military, and Fraternity initiation rites.

We can no longer continue training our people in a violent manner. It will make them prone and tolerant to violence in the long run. Assuming that hazing tradition started to reduce in 1995 when the Anti-Hazing Law was passed, we are still expecting the Police and Military Officers who gradated 1995 down to be hazing tolerant. At the moment, our Generals are class 1976-79. I am looking at 30 more years that our AFP and PNP are led by torture-tolerant officers. This is is a big battle against torture and hazing that we have to seriously face.




Blacklist the Discriminating Employers

If our OCWs in Hongkong feel unsafe and discriminated after the Hostage Tragedy, I think the Philippine Government will have to respond by implementing a ban for Filipinos to work as domestic helpers in Hongkong. There are other non-discriminating countries with high demand for our skilled domestic helpers.

At the very least, the employers who fired their Filipino DH over the Hostage Tragedy should be identified, put in the database, and be put on alert status in the Philippine accredited recruitment agencies. We should not allow any Filipino DH to be exposed in the risk of working in the household of those HK families with proven record of racial discrimination.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Natural Errors During the Hostage Raid

The assault teams in other countries cover their faces with black mask to avoid embarrassment. In Philippines, we don't, because we are not afraid to show our faces whether we succeed or fail.


Do you know why it took so long for our SWAT to enter the bus? BECAUSE THE BUS IS CLOSE!


In the past 20 years, we have over 30 hostage taking in Metro Manila and we did excellent compared to how they do it in other countries. In any operation, there is always a possibility of encountering difficulties and mistake. We have people who took the risk, even without proper equipment. No police anywhere in the world are braver than our police here who don't wear protective gears.


I read this comment saying the President should have come to the hostage site and risked his own life to resolve the case. Well, I told him that if you want our President to expose himself to the hostile hostage taker? Even if the President would want it, the Presidential Security Group would not allow him. Heroism is a VOLUNTARY act. You can't force someone to fly over the situation like Superman and be your hero. If it is unnecessary to expose yourself to danger, then do not expose yourself, because if you do, you will be more of a STUPID than a hero. If the President did a job of an ordinary Policeman Operative or the job of a Hostage Negotiator, then he would become STUPID.

On Job Seekers in PNoy FB Page

I can see many Filipinos asking jobs from PNoy in his FB page. There is no such thing as a grand plan invisible hand of government controlling the workforce like pawns on a chessboard. Each member of the workforce will have to finds his/her own way to succeed in the career. PNoy is not a waiter who will deliver jobs on a silver platter.

On the President's Smiley Face

I don't think it is valid to criticize the President over his smiley face as he express sympathy over the tragic hostage drama.

Smiley face is a natural default face of President Aquino. He had that natural smiley face when his father was assassinated, when his mother died, even when he was ambushed and in pain when hit by bullets when he was young. That smiley face is his natural default face.

For us, wide eyes people, our eyes become slanted when we smile. But we can't say that all Chinese have smiling eyes, because having a slanted is your default eyes.


The HK people were instigated to get upset over little things such as the default smiley face of our President and even to the point of twisting facts by launching a propaganda that the tragedy is an attack against the Chinese race. It is sad that some HK nationals bite the bait of "some groups" who wants to provoke conflict in the relationship between China and Philippines.


If it will appease you if we will accept your statement that we have no basic manners, then we will. We have learned our lesson on maximum tolerance when dealing with angry people.


Being a Victim will not give you a license to insult our country, especially our President. Remember to preserve the symbiotic relationship of our countries. We need the Hongkong people. The Hongkong people need Filipinos.


QUESTION: Should the coffin of Captain Rolando Mendoza be wrapped with a Philippine Flag?

ANSWER: Funeral Flag is governed by Military Code, not by popularity comments.


If the new picture of PNoy will not satisfy you, then I guess he will just have to change it with an avatar.


PNoy Job: Assign a Chief of Philippine National Police. Job done= YES.

Chief PNP Job: Assign a Situation Ground Commander. Job done=YES.

Ground Commander Job: Determine the Right Personnel, Right Equipment, Right Plan, Replica Training, Crowd... Management, Hostage Negotiator. Job done = FAILED

RESULT: Operatives failed because the Ground Commander did not do a good job.

The Command Responsibility for the mistakes stops at the Ground Commander.


If you insist to make a big deal about that smiling face, I will be forced to launch a propaganda that HK people discriminate natural default faces of human beings. If you can discriminate the face, you can discriminate the color, the race, and even nationality.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moratorium of Detraction Against the President

Ikaw na ordinaryong mamamayang Pilipino. Anong klase kang Pilipino kung sa pag-dating ng conflict with other nations, eh imbis na kailangan nating mag-consolidate bilang isang bansa, at ayusin ang mga weaknesses natin, eh gusto mo pang isingit ang loser's syndrome mo sa election at gusto mong watak-watakin ang suporta ng mga kababayan natin sa Presidente natin?

This is the moment wherein the President is very vulnerable to criticism by the President's political detractors. But at this time, this vulnerability should not be taken advantage of because hitting the President will surely hit our motherland as well. At this time, we Filipinos MUST CONSOLIDATE. We will resume our internal struggle-for-change later on after we, as one nation, survive this crisis.

Supporting PNoy's Statement - "Heads Will Roll"

What? Manila is safe? I am a resident of Manila. A one-way street now becomes a two-way street tomorrow and then back to one-way the following day. Try visiting Manila now. Most streets don't even have street name-signs. When you elect an OLD politician in the City, be ready to say goodbye to safety, efficiency, and innovation.

So now it is clear that it's Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim who ordered the Police Generals to give instruction to ARREST the brother of the hostage-taker Rolando Mendoza. You have a psycho Police Officer who snapped into a hostage-taker and combine your concoction with an old almost-senile Mayor who meddles with the professional police operation, what output do you expect to get?

I think Mayor Lim should push his own emergency eject button. Well, to be fair to him, instead of resigning, he can opt to voluntary RETIREMENT to have a graceful exit.


That name "Merceditas Gutierrez", I have already heard thousands of media exhortations against the ineffectiveness of the Umbudsman kahit noong panahon pa na mainit ang Jocjoc Bolante Fertilizer Scam. Rinding rindi na ako sa pangalang yan, nandyan pa rin yan? Kaya nga naging kengkoy si PNoy na magtatayo na lang na sarili niyang Umbudsman operation na tinatawag na Truth Commission dahil wala talagang silbi yang Umbudsman na yan eh. Etong si Rolando Mendoza kung binigyan lang ng copy ng Umbudsman ng complaint and investigation against him eh naka-sagot sana siya ng maayos sa charges sa kanya. Yang umbudsman na yan masyado marami kalansay dyan, hindi yan effective in anti-corruption. Heads must roll there in Umbudsman, huwag nang hintayin na bala ang gagamitin ng mga tao para gumulong ang mga ulo.


Biro mo? Na-una pang umangkin ng responsibility si Gen. Magtibay kesa sa nag-utos sa kanya sa kapalpakan. Si Mayor Lim ang puno at dulo ng kapalpakan na yun!

Sabi ng operative ng SWAT eh "biglaan" daw ang utos na lumusob. Ura-urada! Ibig sabihin yung platoon leader nila hindi sila pina-formation, hindi binigyan ng last minute reminders, NI HINDI ININSPECT ang mga bit-bit nilang gamit! Basta pinalusob na lang! Walang binigay na assignment kada tao! Nag-kumpul kumpul pa sila sa likod ng bus ng ilang minuto, nuti hindi sila nilaglagan ng granada. Pinasubo ng mga officers ang mga tauhan nila sa alanganin. Atsaka bakit mahahabang M16 ang dala ng mga assault team eh ang sikip ng combat zone? Sa ganung CQB, hand-gun lang ang dapat!


Does Tulfo or RMN have liability? Of course NONE! When the hostage taker saw that his brother was harassed, he assumed the negotiator has breached the "peace". As a result, the hostage taker did his best to talk to the Media as his last desperate resort to pressure the government to stop the instigation.


Ang sabi pa nitong isang General, they did not shoot Mendoza when they had the clean-shot opportunity because they respect any individual protester and the democratic right to air grievances? HA? Ang bobo! Sir, Hindi po ganyan ang DEMOCRACY! Ang Democracy hindi gumagamit ng baril para makapag-salita at mag-air ng grievance! Pag ganyang may baril na dala, at nag-kukunwaring democracy siya, lokoloko ka kung maniwala ka, TERRORISM yan! Barilin dapat agad pag ganyan. Sa susunod ha!


Do you know the meaning of PROFESSIONAL? A Professional had undergone TRAINING and follows specific PROCEDURE on specific SITUATION. A Professional Doctor follows a PROCEDURE. A Professional Real Estate Broker follows a PROCEDURE. A Professional Engineer follows a PROCEDURE.

In hostage negotiation, the Police and the Negotiator are professionals and they follow a PROCEDURE. These are US-Trained, right? I think we should review the PROCEDURE taught to them by the Americans.


Hostage Aftermath Instigators are Filipinos, not Chinese

Most of those with Chinese names who spark/instigate conflict between China and Philippines by calling our President with defamatory names, seems to appear that they are Chinese. But actually, they are not Chinese, they are Filipinos who just want the current Administration or the Philippine Government to fall.

I am a Filipino. But I believe Chinese people are SMART people. In fact, the Chinese are even Smarter than us Filipinos because their civilization and system is much much older than ours. We do the lowest level of labor in their mainland and business cities like Hongkong. We even do the lowest level of labor for them in our own land as we can see the fact that their immigrants in the Philippines run the big businesses as tycoons.

Anywhere in the world, the Chinese people don't instigate conflict between their government and someone else. They don't over react on situations like this.

In my opinion, most of those UGLY comments does not come from the Chinese nor from the Hongkong Nationals. Those UGLY comments come from Anti-Government -- probably the leftists, or the anarchy youths, or the bitter ones who lost during the recent election, or the American gun runners. Yes the Americans gun runners because these are the only people who want's war worldwide, they live by the business of war.

So, I think let's just ignore those instigators.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nothing Wrong with Aftermath Pictorials with Hostage Bus

Some people wants to instigate further conflict by twisting and negatively exaggerating the interpretation of this photo to add insult to injury. The twisters are similar to that small subset of people who are trying to instigate earlier by saying that the the tragedy is a result of a grand plan of the Filipino race murdering the Chinese race.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with people taking picture with the hostage bus. It is just like any other historical monument that reminds us of war events. If there is something to rejoice, it is the celebration of the end of conflict. It happened in our generation, we should take any opportunity to have a picture with the bus for souvenir purposes so we can share some lessons learned to the next generation.

In this hostage drama, nine people are dead. Condolence to the deceased. But the Philippines as a nation with 80 million population, also suffered much. Our national law enforcement institution suffered embarrassment. Our economy is affected with the expected short-running slow down of tourism.


I found this photo in Erap FB page because I was tagged by the photo uploader (I removed myself from the tag). If you look at the notes on the photo, you will see a very destructive propaganda that intends to instigate. The note says "One of these bitches here might be your future maid". It uses Chinese alphabet characters to target the Chinese in Hongkong. The notes in this photo is EXTREMELY malicious.


Taking a picture of the bus will not jeopardize the investigation on the crime scene anymore. The investigation on the bus is already complete. They normally preserve crime sites to identify culprits on the loose. In this case, the victims and the culprit are already dead. The crime site investigation is moot and academic. The most important now is the investigation on the technical glitches, lapses of the operation, and command responsibility.


In that tragedy, it shows that police will apply the full force of the law even if the culprit is a police officer. In the course of pursuing a terrorist, sometimes innocent people inevitably die even if we exert extra precaution in the operation.


What's wrong with smiling on camera? They are not there to have a picture with the bus to express sadness. They were there to show their best pose (with a smile of course) because they will be showing it to their friends.The twin towers have nothing to do with this. I don't think there is something wrong to smile on camera, even during funerals.


It is not disrespectful to have a nice souvenir photo with a tragic scene. I cant find anything in the internet or scriptures or any culture that it is disrespectful. It is something new and I don't like the new stereotyping because it is just intended to instigate further conflict.

Look! People even BUILD monuments on tragic sites and convert the place into tourist spots. People even make sculptures and statues that depict the crucifiction of Jesus Christ or the execution of Jose Rizal.


China have no right to over-react over this isolated hostage tragedy fiasco. We did not over-react on the DELIBERATE and PROFITEERING Melanine contamination of milk from China. Let's just move on and continue strengthening our trade, tourism, and diplomatic ties, okay?

No one in the Philippines is happy with that hostage tragedy. We are all sad. We will do what is right to improve things in our country because we have a lot of nice beaches and we want the tourists from all over the world to enjoy a vacation here. We fail now, we improve tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Advice to a Kababayan in Hongkong

QUESTION: Sir John, we can sense hatred of Chinese against Filipinos here in Hongkong. The Philippine Embassy closed because of Chinese protesters. Some of our kababayan are fired by their employers over this bloody Mendoza Hostage event. What will I do? ANSWER: I would suggest you to be always ready to come home, & if you sense strange panic among the Filipino community, make sure that you are first to decide to come home.

‎"The Chinese government demands the Philippine government launch a thorough investigation into the incident and inform the Chinese side of related details as soon as possible," Yang said, according to a statement posted on his ministry's website. In Foreign Service lingo, the use of the word DEMAND is very strong. It asks for something or else.

The Chinese Government in Hongkong has already issued statement to discourage their people for outbound travels to Philippines.

So please, the decision to come home is on you, but you have to be very alert, be ready, and be very quick in deciding what is best for your safety.



PNoy, I have received a report by our kababayans in Hongkong. There is a growing scare among our people there. Some of their friends are fired by their employers over this hostage drama. The Philippine Embassy there closed because of Hongkongian protesters. You must organize a think-tank team to be ready to manage the sudden rush of Filipinos in Hongkong wanting to come home, just in case any eventuality will happen.

Sharing to PNP a Technique on Glass Breaking

By the way, I would like to teach the PNP SWAT a little mechanical tactics related to the recent hostage taking assault. You don't use a sledge hammer to break a tempered glass, especially if the glass is over-head because sledge hammer use the force of gravity (downward force using its own weight) to crash objects you strike. In construction engineering, it is a HAZARD to use a sledge hammer to crush objects above you. To break a tempered glass, you just use an ordinary "pointed hammer" or you can also use a hand-gun mounted glass breaker like this one in the picture above that I found at http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2009/02/08/glock-mounted-glass-breaker/.


If you want to force open a car door or a bus door, you use iron-hook and welded chain or cable to pull it away using a truck or an armored van. Don't use an ordinary rope.


Don't use the truncheon riot shield as a portable stair because it is slippery even if it is not wet.


See also this is a 3:32 minutes assault footage. Look at 1:08-1:13 notice the third cop from left carelessly pointed the muzzle of his handgun on the cop in front of him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRt1aNsNM0c

Violent Grievance Venue

The desperate action of Rolando Mendoza is just a natural REACTION of unfairness in governance. We have over 2,000 grievance cases now in the pipeline of National Police Commission. Any moment, a similar scenario will erupt, and may even be worse.


Just remember this. People who served their country well and and protected the honor of their name are kinds of people you don't mess around with. These kinds of people are willing to die to air out their grievances and regain their honor. Mendoza had valid grievances. The government system on grievance handling failed. He did what he had to do. The sacrifice is big, but the gain of what happened is so HUGE. Nagising ang madla.


Ayusin dapat ng gobyerno ang trabaho nila para wala nang mangyaring ganito. Hindi yun ordinary criminal. Pag sinabi yan ni PNoy sa Media na criminal si Rolando Mendoza, SASABOG ang galit ng mga tao na matitino ang utak. Se Mendoza, naging ganun yun dahil sa oppressive government. Merong VALID grievance yun.


It is honorable to die fighting against a foreign invader. But it is more honorable to die fighting against your own oppressive government. I believe in this ideology and patriotic duty because this is the pressure that will naturally force our government to walk in a straight parameters in the long run.

Police Tactics of Retributive Threat

Threatening the relative of the terrorist has always been the police tactics here in Philippines. In many cases of stand-off like kidnapping and hostage-taking. Sometimes, it makes the terrorist surrender. But most of the time, the hostages get killed and the relatives of the terrorist gets remotely killed by the police too. There is something wrong in this police tactics.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rolando Mendoza Hostage Taking

"A big mistake to correct a big wrong decision" - Police Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza (RIP 8/23/2010)


With this recent SCANDAL, I think we should focus our attention to the failures and anomalies of this animal they call UMBUDSMAN.

Ang umbudsman ang puno at dulo ng scandalo. Ang roll-over ay ang internal conflict ng PNP na nag-resulta sa massacre. Last week lang eh merong General na may grievances sa maling pamamalakad ng politica ni PNoy na nakiki-alam sa standard staffing process ng Military. Yang kay Mendoza parang ganun din, grievance din sa system.

Sa panahon ni Cory, grievance din yun kaya nagka-Coup de Etat. Marami pang mangyayaring ganyan kung hindi maayos ang tolerance policy ng gobyerno sa grievance-motivated protests.

The medalled Officer just asked for his life back. Pinagkaitan ng karapatang harapin ang accuser, tinanggalan ng hanap-buhay, sinira ang honor ng pangalan, pinagdamutan ng kaliit-liit na hinihingi, hinarass pa ang kapatid, at pinatay kasama mga tourists. Where is LOVE in your Administration?


The Mendoza Hostage Drama is like that Denzel Washington movie titles JOHN Q.

Ang ginawa ni Mendoza ay sakripisyo sa bayan para mamulat tayo sa mga anomaliya ng Umbudsman. Inilabas niya sa international audience ang mga hinaing ng nakararami nating kababayan. I think Mendoza transcended from fighting his own personal welfare to fighting for the cry of oppression of the ordinary people. He was prepared to die for the cause of justice. Personally, I can classify what he did as a one-man rebellion against an oppressive system.

I just noticed that Mendoza did not kill a comrade Policeman nor a Filipino passenger in that bus. Recent report says killed hostages were shot at the back (probably bullets from raiding team).

Sa ngayon, wala pang evidence na binaril ni Mendoza ang hostage. Yung sabi nga ng driver na patay na daw lahat na mga hostages eh hindi nga totoo. Pag mag-deny ang driver na siya nag-sabi na patay na nag mga hostage, eh pwedeng imbento lang yun ng mga Police para may reason sila na mag-assault at may dahilan sila na maka-tama ng hostage sa raid dahil sa akala na patay na lahat. Hintayin na lang natin ang result ng investigation.



Bakit sumugod yang mga pulis sa bus na walang exact replica simulation practice? Mahigit 8 hours ang negotiation hindi nag-practice! Parang tangang nag-kumpulkumpol na hindi makapasok sa bus. Wala nang element of surprise, nasa harap pa sila ng malakas na ilaw. Saan na yung mga infrared optical mask? Backhoe ang dapat gamitin pam-basag ng mga salamin ng bus. Hook and chain at kotse ang pang-hila force-open dyan sa pinto ng bus! Susmaryosep!

Bakit pick-up patrol car ang dinala dyan sa likod ng bus? Susmaryosep! Bulldozer dapat ang dinala dyan sa likod para pwedeng i-elevate ang mga sniper at ilapit sa bintana ng bus na hindi masyado delikado dahil makapal ang bakal ng bulldozer. USE PROPER EQUIPMENT!

Nag-kumpol-kumpol ang mga pulis. Pag nilaglagan yan sila ni Mendoza ng granada patay yan sila lahat. Susparyosep!



In my opinion, I believe Ex-Police-Officer and hostage-taker Rolando Mendoza is in the middle of desperation and frustration on the system and is now doing the RIGHT THING to protect the honor of his name. Civilized societies have this thing we call "Right to Face the Accuser". It is unfair that he was not furnished a copy of the Umbudsman report of investigation and charges against him despite his numerous request. It is even grossly unfair that he was penalized without conviction in proper courts. In cases like this, hostile action by Police is a NO NO. Just let the negotiator work fully on the case.

Just hold on. Maximum Tolerance lang kahit abutin yan ng ilang araw ang negotiation. Mapapagod din yan pag nai-labas na niya ang hinaing niya at napakinggan ang kapatid niya na spokesperson niya. Nagpaputok na, kaya medyo naka-release na yan ng tension at galit. Hayaan lang mag-salita ang kapatid sa media. Yang SPO2 na kapatid na yan ang "maka-convince" ng pag-suko ng hostage-taker.

Kaya nga merong Truth Commission eh walang tiwala ang Administration sa Umbudsman eh. Yang Umbudsman na yan, marami nang atrsaso yan sa bayan, yung Fertilizer Scam eh hindi dinisisyonan pero yang maliliit na kaso na ganyang katulad ni Mendoza eh mabilis ang decision na wala sa tamang procedure.

I agree that the family of the hostage taker must be removed from the hostage site. The recommendation should have come from the negotiator. The uncontrolled presence of the family members in the site will just distract the gains of the negotiation.



Na dismiss na daw sa serbisyo ang hostage-taker na si Rolando Mendoza. POSSESSION ISSUE - Eh bakit meron pa syang high-powered firearm at maraming mga baril? CARRY-ISSUE - Eh bakit walang checkpoint na naka-detect nyan nung nilabas niya yang mga baril na yan sa bahay niya? Yan ang sinasabi ko na lapses ng firearm regulations.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Indoctrination on Bill of Rights

The most feasible solution to combat human rights abuses is indoctrinating our young about the Bill of Rights. When people know their rights, they will naturally fight for it and won't easily give it up when the moment comes they are put in a vulnerable situation.


Reactor: I've met many people who know their rights but don't feel empowered enough to fight for them.

My Response: Each person has 600 voluntary muscles in his body. This is the empowerment of God.


Reactor: Yup, and 1 bullet can stop all of those muscles.

My Response: Of course. Part of the indoctrination is to inspire them that death as a result of fighting for one's rights is an honorable death. Any human rights abuser can overpower or kill the body but not the spirit. And when the abuser is facing a population of individuals who are willing to die to defend their rights, he knows he is facing a formidable opponent.


Reactor: That's gonna be interesting, John. It is quite possible to abuse that by making people believe that they're fighting and dying for their rights when in fact they're just pawns of others.

My Response: That fear is possible only in the realm of impossibility. Empowerment, in order to be effective, must come from within and energized by the natural human instinct of self-preservation.

Govt Lacks Sense of Service

Magaling lang ang gobyerno sa PANININGIL sa bawat proceso ng document. Akala nila, yung paniningil ay serbisyo na. Mahina ang front-line ng gobyerno sa TOTOONG SERBISYO. Bakit? Kasi puro matatanda ang mga lider ng mga departamento, kaya walang innovation to improve the systematic processing.

Reasons for Joining Fraternities

There are three reasons why my youth friend joined fraternity: (1) he needs a group of big-bros to fight for him in bully-infested schools, (2) he needs connections with fraternity alumni whom he expect favors later on, (3) he has this deep desire for adventure to sadistically hurt a neophyte when it is his turn to initiate. Now I know the gaps for policy-making purposes.


I remember when I was in college, I was persistently recruited by a fraternity. Nakulitan na ako sa invitation, so I attended the briefing. I was asked why I want to join the frat, I told them because they INVITED me. When they asked me to tell something about myself, I told them something like: "I fight for the least advantaged, you can rely on me in rumbles.... but don't attempt to put me in a vulnerable situation even if I am still a neophyte, if you try to blindfold me or tie my hands or inflict pain on me, I will and react and will execute a preemptive strike before you even move an inch". They separated me in one corner and they never followed me again.

My eyes sore at electric cobwebs

Ang napansin ko lang, natural na mas pangit at marumi tingnan ang cities ng Philippines compared sa ibang bansa. Dahil sa cobweb ng kuryente, cable, at telepono. Dagdagan pa ng vandalism sa mga pader, mga street name posts na dilapidated. Pero at least natanggal ni BF ang mga sidewalk vendors na noong araw ay nakakarumi din sa lansangan. Saan na kaya yun si BF? Magaling yung lider na yun.

Lubak na Manhole

Ang napansin ko lang, halos lahat na surprise lubak sa Metro Manila ay sanhi na hindi level ang aspalto sa takip ng manhole ng PLDT. One time, na-lubak ako sa PLDT manhole, bumukol ang pagka-bago-bago kong gulong, eh P2,500 gastos na naman pambili ng bagong gulong. Either bobo ba ang gumagawa ng kalye, or they don't drive so they don't know what it feels like driving -- either way may laxity lapse and government project inspectors.

No ID you get No ID

Alam ko kung gaano ka-tanga ang policies ng gobyerno. Lahat na ID issuer ay nag-rerequire ng ID bako ma ma-issuehan ng ID. Eh kaya ka nga kumukuha ng ID dahil wala kang ID eh. Diba? Mapapakamot ka sa ulo. He he he.

PNoy Must Focus in his Mandate -- to Implement Laws

PNoy, the CHANGE we want is for the Executive Branch to start enforcing laws, masayado nang maraming batas ang nasa implementation backlog. Focus ka lang sa mandate mo. As much as possible, huwag ka nang makisawsaw sa mga lobbyists ng CHANGE of the Laws, just refer these lobbyists to the Legislative Branch kasi trabaho yan law-making ng mga Congressman at Senador.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Anti-Hazing Law of the Philippines

Last week, issues on Police Torture and Fraternity Hazing rocked the Philippines. There is something wrong with how our military officers, police officers are trained, and youth in general are socially educated. It has been a TRADITION in training camps and fraternities that newbies are subjected to maltreatment and pains of physical contact during initiation rites. Sometimes the applicants are being sadistically hazed without any disciplinary reason at all -- just plain barbarism. This is one of the deepest anomalies that could be the primary cause of human rights abuses.




Be enacted by Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

SECTION 1. Hazing as used in this Act is an initiation rite or practice as a prerequisite for admission into membership in a fraternity, sorority or organization by placing the recruit, neophyte or applicant in some embarrassing or humiliating situations such as forcing him/her to do menial, silly, foolish and similar tasks or activities or otherwise subjecting him/her to physical or psychological suffering or injury.

The term organization shall include any club or the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, Philippine Military Academy, or cadet corps of the Citizen’s Military Training, or Citizen’s Army Training. The physical, mental and psychological testing and training procedure and practices to determine and enhance the physical, mental and psychological fitness of prospective regular members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police as approved by the secretary of National Defense and the National Police Commission duly recommended by the Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Director General of the Philippine National Police shall not be considered as hazing for the purpose of this act.

SECTION 2. No-hazing or initiation rites in any from or manner by a fraternity, sorority or organization shall be allowed without prior written notice to the school authorities or head of organization seven (7) days before the conduct of such initiations. The written notice shall indicate the period of the initiation activities which shall not exceed three (3) days, shall include the names of those to be subjected to such activities, and shall further contain an undertaking that no physical violence be employed by anybody during such initiation rites.

SECTION 3. The head of the school or organization or their representatives must assign at least two (2) representatives of the school or organization, as the case may be, to be present during initiation. It is the duty of such representative to see to it that no physical harm of any kind shall be inflicted upon a recruit, neophyte or applicant.

SECTION 4. If the person subjected to hazing or other forms of initiation rites suffers any physical injury or dies as a result thereof, the officers and members of the fraternity, sorority or organization who actually participated in the infliction of physical harm shall be liable as principals. The person or persons who participated in the hazing shall suffer.

a.) The penalty of reclusion perpetual if death, rape, sodomy or mutilation results therefrom.

b.) The penalty of reclusion temporal in its maximum period if in consequence of the hazing the victim shall become insane, imbecile, impotent or blind.

c.) The penalty of reclusion temporal in its maximum period if in consequence of the hazing the victim shall have lost the use of speech or the power to hear or to smell, or shall have lost an eye, a hand, a foot, an arm or a leg shall have lost the use of nay such member shall have become incapacitated for the activity or work in which he/she was habitually engaged.

d.) The penalty of reclusion temporal in its minimum period if in consequence of the hazing the victim shall become deformed or shall have lost any other part of his/her body, or shall have lost the use thereof or shall have been ill or incapacitated for the performance of the activity or work in which he/she has habitually engaged for a period of more than ninety (90) days.

e.) The penalty of prison mayor in its maximum period if in consequence of the hazing the victim shall have been ill or incapacitated for the performance of the activity or work in which he was habitually engaged for more than thirty (30) days.

f.) The penalty of prison mayor in its medium period if in consequence of the hazing the victim shall have been ill or capacitated for the performance of the activity or work in which he was habitually engaged for ten (10) days or more, or that the injury sustained shall require medical attendance for the same period.

g.) The penalty of the prison mayor in its period if in consequence of the hazing the victim shall have been ill or incapacitated for the performance of the activity or work in which he was habitually engaged from one (1) to nine (9) days, or that the injury sustained shall require medical attendance for the same period.

h.) The penalty of prison correctional in its maximum period if in consequence of the hazing the victim shall sustain physical injuries, which do not prevent him/her from engaging in his habitual activity, or work nor require medical attendance.

The responsible officials of the school or of the police, military or citizen’s army training organization may impose the appropriate administrative sanctions on the person or persons charged under this provision even before their conviction.

The maximum penalty herein provided shall be imposed in any of the following instances:

a.) When the recruitment is accompanied by force, violence, threat, intimidation or deceit on the person of the recruit who refuses to join;

b.) When the recruit, neophyte or applicant initially consents to join but upon learning that hazing will be committed on his person, is prevented from quitting.

c.) When the recruit, neophyte or applicant having undergone hazing is prevented from reporting the unlawful act to his parents or guardians, to the proper school authorities or to the police authorities, through force, violence, threat or intimidation;

d.) When the hazing is committed outside of the school or institution; or

e.) When the victim is below twelve (12) years of age at he time of hazing.

The owner of the place where the hazing is conducted shall be liable as an accomplice, when he/she has actual knowledge of the hazing conducted therein but failed to take any action to prevent the same from occurring. If the hazing is held in the home of one of the officers of members of the fraternity, sorority, group, or organization, the parent shall be held liable as principals when they have actual knowledge of the hazing conducted therein but failed to take any action to prevent the same from occurring.

The school authorities including faculty members who consent to the hazing or who have actual knowledge thereof, but failed to take any action to prevent the same from occurring shall be punished as accomplices for the acts of hazing committed by the perpetrators.

The officers, former officers or alumni of the organization, group, fraternity or sorority who actually planned the hazing although not present when the acts constituting the hazing were committed shall be liable as principals. Officers or members of an organization, group, fraternity or sorority’s adviser who is present when the acts constituting the hazing were committed and failed to take any action to prevent the same from occurring shall be liable as a principal.

The presence of any person during the hazing is prima facie evidence of participation therein as a principal unless he prevented the commission of the acts punishable herein.

Any person charged under this provision should not be entitled to the mitigating circumstances that there was no intention to commit so grave a wrong.

This section shall apply to the president, manager, director, or other responsible officer of a corporation engaged in hazing as a requirement for employment in the manner provided herein.

SECTION 5. If any provision or part of this Act is declared invalid or unconstitutional, the other parts or provision thereof shall remain valid and effective.

SECTION 6. All laws. Orders, rules of regulations, which are inconsistent with or contrary to the provisions of this Act, are hereby amended or repealed accordingly.

SECTION 7. This Act shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in at least two (2) national newspapers of general circulation.

Approved: June 07, 1995


President of the Philippines

Principle of Check and Balance

Kaya nga. Ang "control" na tinutuloy sa Check and Balance principle ay ibig sabihin nyan ay "limitation of function". It prevents the concentration of power in one chamber. Ang Check and Balance ay hindi yan "Power to Encroach" each other's function.

Congress have separate powers to make laws but they don't have con...trol over the departments that implement laws; nor do they have control over the judiciary who resolve disputes in the implementation of the law.

The Judiciary have separate powers to resolve disputes in the implementation of the law, but they do not have control over the departments that implement the law, and they don't have the wide popular representation in law-making.

The Executive branch have separate power of the departments to implement the law, but it cannot make rules of engagement that are not consistent with the National Laws passed by Congress and Jurisprudence of the Courts.

Napakaraming trabaho ang Executive Branch na dapat atupagin, mga batas na backlog ang implementation and enforcement. With limited resources and time, they have to take care of their own business before they pay attention to the business of their co-equal chamber (Congress and Judiciary).

The President should implement the law. For example, if the law says there will be election, then tuloy ang election. If Congress will change the law and will say that it will be postponed, then PNoy must implement the law as changed.

Hoping for the Best for PNoy

I think it is unfair to look down at PNoy by comparing him with the greatness of Cory and Ninoy. Every man have goodness in him, and unique best characteristics too. Everyone of us, including PNoy, is like gold as we mature everyday, the more you burn it with FIRE of exhortations, the more it purifies and shines. Who knows, PNoy could be the best President this country will ever have when he graduates his term. It is his dream (I hope) to surpass the greatness of his parents. He has all the support, but the rest is in the hands of God.

My Ultimate Advice for PNoy

The ultimate advice I have for PNoy is: Sir, your Job Description as President is to Manage the Executive Branch and do the best you can to ensure that LAWS ARE IMPLEMENTED. Don't be influenced by people who wants you and your departments to waive the implementation of the law or make exemptions. If the issue concerns Legislation, try to be silent about it; it is not your job anymore to make or amend laws.

I will be the FIRE, and there is such thing I call COMMAND and MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY -- I will exhort you for every inaction or error in the implementation of law even those that are committed by the lowest rank in your administration.

It is not a good habit to MAKE EXCUSES in the delay of implementing the laws. Each person in the government must know their mandate and code of ethics through repetitive annual training. If they will not function as worthy as their pay, YOUR MANDATE is to fire and replace them. We have lots of job seekers, so you have no problem in hiring.

This political will to fire a malfunctioning personnel must be instilled in the heart and mind of all managers and supervisors in the government. Instill it using the element of FEAR. If the political will energy will not flow down to the supervisors, DAMN you will not accomplish your job description.

Friday, August 20, 2010

PNoy May have Hand on Attempts to Bribe Mancao

Witness Protection Program of the Department of Justice have jurisdiction over the safety, communications, and meetings of Mancao. If there should be people who are successful in making contact with Mancao to bribe him, DOJ should not be discounted as the possible facilitator. DOJ is under the Office of the President. In my opinion, Mancao is already dead under the hands of DOJ.


Mancao complains of pressure, bribery to clear Lacson | The Philippine Star News Metro

Govt to Blame in Road Mishap Deaths

The government is partly responsible for the deaths and injuries caused by vehicular accidents in the provinces because it is inutile in enforcing the use of seatbelt in high-speed provincial buses.

Although sometimes I wonder why the traffic enforcers are so aggressive in catching and collecting bribes from motorists in Metro Manila who does not even reach 30 km/hr because of traffic jams. I think they just enforce the road laws for the purpose of collecting bribes.


EDITORIAL - Deadly curves | The Philippine Star News Opinion

PNoy Promotes Polygamy

TEST MESSAGE: PNoy attempts to influence legislation with a personal proposal that allows those who are legally separated to remarry. I was wondering if he ever became a legislator, because it seems he did not know that a person whose marriage is legally separated is still CURRENTLY married. Allowing a legally separated person to remarry is simply allowing multiple simultaneous marriages -- POLYGAMY. Violation: (1) unethical encroachment to legislative function, (2) promotion of polygamy.

PNoy FB Page Failed Democratic Tolerance Test

PNoy's old and new FB Page and main website failed my "democratic tolerance test" and "political unity test". The current Administration still has strong inclination to be monopolized by the Liberal Party. Airing of military grievances are punished. Legislative determination on liberalization of marital laws are put into a power-play by the executive branch. Etc etc etc.

I think it is not a good idea to drive the whole population into supporting the administration. To maintain political balance in this Nation -- there must be an equivalent counter-force for every force. It is a good idea to allow the unification of the opposition.

The Administration's so called "feedback mechanism" is nothing sophisticated but only a "dear PNoy" drop box. PNoy's social networking sites are nothing but a controlled environment, a "Praisebook" as one commentator called it. His FB account is highly influenced by the Liberal Party, who claim upon themselves the ganglike title of Yellow Army -- so divisive. If they want this nation divided, let's be on the other side.

I believe that the resistance should not allow themselves to bite the lure and trickery of this so called feedback mechanism of the administration. Expressing their voices inside the controlled environment like PNoy's FB Page is like falling into a trap of silence.

Besides, government reactions to complaints are always slow and witness protection program is ineffective. PNoys message button is hidden, in short, he is unreacheable if you need to expose specific names in anomalies you witnessed. The hired killer (if there is) of the corrupt officer being complained could reach the complainant faster than the speed of government reaction to the complaints. You complain a particular corrupt government official in PNoy's FB Page, you could be dead the following day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Price List for Professional Services

I believe professional services should have a standard price list. Ang mga abogado ang nagpapamahal ng hustisya sa Pilipinas. Ang mga doktor na sumisingil ng mahal ang reason kung bakit nag-hehesitate pumunta sa hospital ang mga may sakit. Ang mga gahaman na real estate broker ang rason kung bakit dumadami ang nag-se-self help na lang sa kanilang real estate transactions at nagkakamali.

LGUs should have Free Crematory Service Facilities

Cremation services costs P23,000. Burial costs even higher. This is the reason why poor people fall in line in the houses of corrupt politicians to seek burial assistance. This is also the reason why cadavers are displayed in sugalan for months to raise burial funds. If I become Senator someday, one of my priority Legislation is the mandatory acquisition and operation of LGUs of Free Crematory Service Facility in every Municipality -- dito ko ibubuhos ang Pork Barrel ko.

Sa mga ilog, patay na tao lang ang fini-fish-out. Hindi na kinukuha ng gobyerno ang mga patay na aso at pusa, hinahayaan na lang ubusin ng langaw. Eh saan kaya pupunta yung langaw pagkatapos, diba dadapo din sa mga plato ng mga mahihirap na households? CREMATORIUMS, yan ang wala ang public sector sa Pinas.

Autistic Inmate Mixed in Regular Jail

Below is a very valid message in PNoy's Page. It is about an autistic person being mixed in the general inmate population.

Eto ang magandang actionan dapat! Hindi dapat hinahalo sa general inmate population ang merong diperensiya. I have responded to Imelda and suggested that she will follow-up this 15 days from now. If PNoy will not act on this, bombahan natin ng batikos sa pagka-walang kwenta itong PNoy page. I will also try to visit the autistic inmate.


Someone sent a message in PNoy page, saying: "I need a help from you, My brother has been in jail for almost 3 years now. my mother died he didnt even get to see him.His name is Afredo Capaycapay his in Manila City jail. Alredo is a Autistic spectrum disorder ASD, who doesnt know whats going on surrounding him. I am his younger sister, Im too far away from him at the moment and no one would listen even the medical certificate has proven his suffering from ASD the court judge not paying attention.I heard in filipino news about prisoners has been torturing by the polices, Im scared for my brother life, his in prison.. the complainant is not turning up on court hearing. they accuse him for something that he does'nt really understand what complaint are. All i know if the complaint is not turning up in court hearing the should be cease.I need your help. please help us.Thank you so much spending time reading this letter Mae Local resident"

Red Light Anomaly

There is one person who suggest that the enforcers hould be given a commission toevery ticket they issue to traffic violators. I disagreed because it is the bribery lang ang ini-eradicate natin. We won't give incentive to the existence of violation.

Pag bigyan mo ng incentive ang enforcer to each traffic violation, gagawa ng mga katarantaduhan yan para maka-huli ng maka-huli ng marami.

Noong araw, mMay kilala akong tatlong pulis eh. Team sila sa kalokohan. Sa stop light sila pumupwesto. Dalawa nasa likod ng puno after the stop light. Yong isa naman may kotse, ikot lang ng ikot sa u-turn at nangunguna sa pag-GO kahit red light. Tapos yung mga sumusunod sa nag-violate ng red light ay hinuhuli ng dalawang bigla na lang lumalabas galing sa likod ng puno. Parang isda, huli lang nang huli.

Kawawa ang mga nahuling sumunod lang sa kakontsaba na police/driver, ang palaging sinasabi ng nahuli ay "sumunod lang ako doon sa na-una sa akin bakit ako hinuli eh yung na-una sa akin eh hindi hinuli?". He he he. Overnight dami LAGAY nasamsam ng mga walang-hiya.

PNoy Office is not an Employment Agency

I have not heard President Noy Aquino mentioned that he is making the presidency a Job Placement Office. In short, those people are writing to the wrong address. Getting a job is a responsibility of the applicant to use the proper application method and go directly to the employer. The presidency cannot be a middleman between the applicant and employer.

Honestly, people who flood and spam the Office of the President with job application letters should not be acted upon and their letters should go directly to the incinerator if I am sought an advice on matters of National Security. Aside from the spamming effect that may slow down the work of the Office of the President, there is also a risk of anthrax. If they want to apply for a position, they should check for published openings and submit an application to the division of the various offices who process job applications.

Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is very dangerous if we can't find its missing twin sister called Privacy Act.

FOIA allows for the full or partial disclosure of information and documents in government. The Act defines government records subject to disclosure, clarifies the mandatory procedures on disclosure, and enumerates some exemptions.

In the US Government, they have annual Seminar on FOIA and Privacy Act. These two acts must are twin laws that must always be applied together. If it is a car, FOIA is the accelerator and Privacy Act is a brake.

Privacy Act protects personal data of individual citizens like address, family members, contact numbers, medical records, employment record, criminal record, credit record, tax payment record, etc that are stored in government database. Under the Privacy Act, personal information can only be released with the consent of the individual or for purposes of government law enforcement investigation.


TRIVIA QUESTION: Sir John, how many official US Government Training-with-Exam have you attended and passed about the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act?

ANSWER: A total of Seven. Annually. From 2002-2009.

Top 5 Avenues of Govt Corruption

From my macro-perspective, the top five avenues of government corruption are (1) red tape in licensing and permits, (2) conflict of interest and rigging of bids in procurement, (3) underpricing in sale of government assets and privatization, (4) conspiracy with evaders of taxes, duties, fines, and penalties, and (5) profit-cutting in infrastructure projects.

Especially in the local level, when public position becomes a family businesses that is passed on from old generation to the new within the same family, the corrupt allies will also just be transferred from one generation to the next. This is one of the reasons why corruption survives through time.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PNP Should Handle ROTC, not AFP

Ang recommendation ko, PNP na ang hahawak ng ROTC at hindi AFP. Ayoko yug ROTC na puro formation at martsa lang ng AFP na walang kwenta.

Turuan ang mga youth sa mga sumusunod:
- Manning of anti-riot front-line
- Investigation reporting
- Blotter writing
- Community Patrolling
- Police Motorcycle Driving
- Proper way of frisking
- Proper manning of Checkpoint
- Reading of Rights of arrested individual
- Proper way of applying for and serving of search warrant
- Bomb Scare Crowd Management. etc etc...

... kasi ang kaalaman sa mga eto ay applicable eto sa buhay ng tao na siya ang dapat mangalaga at mag-protekta sa sarili niyang mga karapatang pangtao.

AFP Modernization is Excuse of Ineffectiveness

Abolish na dapat ang AFP. Sobrang tagal ng labanan sa NPA at MILF eh hindi matapos-tapos kasi sa kanila din galing ang mga bala at baril. Pulis na lang dapat lahat. Eh sobrang inferior na tayo sa Military technology, hindi na tayo maka-catch up, gagawin lang nilang dahilan yang need of modernization para ma justify ang ineffectiveness nila sa pag-sugpo ng organized crime groups. Abolish na yan, gawin na lang silang Teachers to the Barrios.

Expediting Fee is Grease Money

Tingnan mo yang Philippine Passporting proccessing centers. Pag mayaman ka, expedite ang process ng paper mo, mabilis. Pag mahirap ka, ordinary lang process ng paper mo, mabagal. Pera lang ang katapat, pinapaboran ang mga CAN-AFFORD. Ganyan ka BOBO ang gobyerno pagdating sa FAIRNESS and EQUITY.

Pantay-Pantay dapat. Parehong bayad. Parehong bilis ng production. Kung gustong bilisan, dapat walang perang katapat.

Public pricing policy is sensitive to the concept of equity. Look at it the other way around. Mabilis dapat lahat, mabilis ang STANDARD process at pantay-pantay laghat dito makikinabang sa bilis na eto. Pero Kung hindi nagmamadali ang applicant, pwede siyang mag opt na mabagal at bibigyan siya ng DISCOUNT.

Yan ang ugat ng lahat na CORRUPTION sa document issuance and licensing front-line ng gobyerno. Yang pampabilis na yan ay tinatawag yan na GREASE MONEY noong araw. Ngayon ang tawag nila sa GREASE MONEY ay EXPEDITING FEE. Sobrang Palusot ng mga Kurakot!

Noy people are saying na ang expediting fee ay para sa overtime, dahil pag overtime mabilis kesa sa regular-time. Sa opinion ko, mali ang logic na yan. Pag ginawa ba sa gabi mas mabilis pag ginawa sa araw? Anong klaseng logic yan? Isang production step-by-step process lang ang dinadaanan ng lahat na passport. Ang sabihin natin, pag magbayad ka ng grease money, lalaktawan ng aplikante yung ibang aplikante na na-unang pumila sa production process.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anomaly in Permit to Carry Firearm

I have NEVER NEVER NEVER applied for a PTCFOR (permit to carry firearm) because I know that there is ANOMALY in the requirements. Way back four years ago, a gun store told me that I can get a PTC just by PAYING the P12,000 fee. I asked if I needed to take an exam or prove something like death threats, they said NO NEED because they will take care of everything.

I have repeated this ASKING a couple of times in the past four years in many gun stores in NCR after the Gun Shows in Megamall and even in TARLAC (the one inside the mall near Hacienda Luisita) --- they all say the same -- P12,000 ALL IN and they will take care of EVERYTHING and WORRY-FREE and NO EXAM and NO PROVING.

Imagine the timeframe, four years ago I asked and until now the system is still the same, and the anomaly is wide-spread. SHOCKING we don't know how many crazy people out there are carrying guns. I have not applied for PTC because there is ANOMALY that I cannot stomach. Why would I carry gun along with those probably crazy paranoid people?

I have created a Facebook Group called Tighter Gun-Carry Policy. There is a Discussion Topic there where I am challenging Atty. Tabujara for a debate after I heard him on radio debating with that guy from Kapatiran. I sent Tabujara a Facebook PM but he did not respond. I take it as a win by default. I think you have to LIKE or JOIN these groups to see the threads. The URL of the group is at http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=311790639600

There is also a Facebook Group called Anti Gun Aliance. The members are few but international in scope. In that page, there is a debate on gun-carry, checkpoints, police uniform tagging, limited gun and ammunition at home, requirement for license to possess firearm at home, etc etc etc, and I think I won the debate. I think you have to LIKE or JOIN these groups to see the threads. The URL is at http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=5057142814

Let me tell you this again and again and again -- my advocacy is not against licensing of firearm for household protection purposes. My advocacy is on Tighter Gun Carry Policy, which I believe it will ONLY work well with effective police checkpoints.

Witness Protection is National Security Issue

Secrecy of Witness Identity is One of My Proposed Solution to Graft and Corruption.

It is important that Government should spend in communication and advocacy on the proper way to file complaints against corruption. And in this country where taking of a human life is cheap, it is more important that Government should have a reliable Complainant-Witness Identity Protection Program.

Graft and Corruption is an issue of National Security because it makes the people distrust their government. When people distrust their government, there will be political rallies, people will not support government programs, people will not be motivated to follow the law, and people will find it unreasonable to pay correct taxes.

To eradicate graft and corruption, the identities of complainants and witnesses should be protected by classifying it SECRET under the interest of National Security.


Related article: Torture by 'cop' caught on cam, witness afraid to come out... at http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/metro-manila/08/17/10/torture-cop-caught-cam


Related Link: Website of Philippine Department of Justice, Witness Protection Program.... at http://www.doj.gov.ph/index.php?id1=4&id2=1

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bakit Maraming OCW na Inaabuso sa Ibang Bansa

Kung gaano kadami ang inaabusong hayop, ganun din karami ang inaabusong Pilipino sa ibang bansa. Yan ay sanhi nga mababang pagtingin ng ibang mga tao sa ating lahi, dahil tayo mga Pilipino ay parang hayop na hindi nakaka-intindi at hindi sumusunod ng batas ng tao -- lahat tayo ganun, pati ang ating mga mambabatas at ganun din ang mga taong gobyerno na nagpapatupad ng batas.

Licensing - the Most Corrupted Aspect in Governance

The most corrupted aspect of governance in Philippines is LICENSING. It is infested with red-tape, as proven by the existence of fixers. It is infested with under-the-table pay-offs to breach the requirements, as proven example by firearm permit to carry without passing through psychological exam. It is infested with inutile licensing law enforcers, as proven by the existence of colorum professionals operating openly such as Real Estate Agents.

Most people have this impression that government is corrupt because they personally experience it with government front-line services, particularly in LICENSING. When we get our driver's license, the exam requirement is breached as you can pay the proctor to give you the leakage and sign the driving-test approval even without actually undergoing a driving test at all.

As a professional (Real Estate Broker for example), it is frustrating to get a license knowing that the government agencies who issue licenses don't have full time personnel who specialize in catching those who practice without license (colorums). It is even more frustrating that when you report (complete data with names and evidence) about the existence of a colorum, you will be charged by government a fee of P1,010 to file a complaint. What is even even even even more frustrating is when the President of the Republic, His Excellency Noynoy Aquino, attends and delivers a keynote speech, during a Real Estate Festival event that is heavily infested with booths manned by unlicensed real estate agents.

As a licensed firearm owner, I attend gun shows and visit gun-stores to check out new stuffs. It is frustrating to know that gun-shops can facilitate a permit to carry firearm without you having to pass through the required actual psychological exam -- you just have to pay the fee of P12,000.

Philippines is a dangerous place. Licensing is corrupted. As a result, drivers are not disciplined. Skepticism grows against real estate brokers because of a prevailing nationwide customer dissatisfaction in real estate transactions. The streets is not safe because you don't know who among those who carry firearm in their cars are psychologically fit.

Dear PNoy, the solution is simple. Just ask. I have a very workable and effective approach but should not be shared in public because it will beat it's purpose.