Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Ultimate Advice for PNoy

The ultimate advice I have for PNoy is: Sir, your Job Description as President is to Manage the Executive Branch and do the best you can to ensure that LAWS ARE IMPLEMENTED. Don't be influenced by people who wants you and your departments to waive the implementation of the law or make exemptions. If the issue concerns Legislation, try to be silent about it; it is not your job anymore to make or amend laws.

I will be the FIRE, and there is such thing I call COMMAND and MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY -- I will exhort you for every inaction or error in the implementation of law even those that are committed by the lowest rank in your administration.

It is not a good habit to MAKE EXCUSES in the delay of implementing the laws. Each person in the government must know their mandate and code of ethics through repetitive annual training. If they will not function as worthy as their pay, YOUR MANDATE is to fire and replace them. We have lots of job seekers, so you have no problem in hiring.

This political will to fire a malfunctioning personnel must be instilled in the heart and mind of all managers and supervisors in the government. Instill it using the element of FEAR. If the political will energy will not flow down to the supervisors, DAMN you will not accomplish your job description.