Thursday, August 19, 2010

Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is very dangerous if we can't find its missing twin sister called Privacy Act.

FOIA allows for the full or partial disclosure of information and documents in government. The Act defines government records subject to disclosure, clarifies the mandatory procedures on disclosure, and enumerates some exemptions.

In the US Government, they have annual Seminar on FOIA and Privacy Act. These two acts must are twin laws that must always be applied together. If it is a car, FOIA is the accelerator and Privacy Act is a brake.

Privacy Act protects personal data of individual citizens like address, family members, contact numbers, medical records, employment record, criminal record, credit record, tax payment record, etc that are stored in government database. Under the Privacy Act, personal information can only be released with the consent of the individual or for purposes of government law enforcement investigation.


TRIVIA QUESTION: Sir John, how many official US Government Training-with-Exam have you attended and passed about the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act?

ANSWER: A total of Seven. Annually. From 2002-2009.