Monday, August 9, 2010

On Arming MMDA Enforcers

Tolentino says MMDA traffic enforcers do not carry guns... Last year, 6 officers were killed.. It's a dangerous job.

My Reaction: He he he. The street is a public place. It's government's fault they issue permit to private citizens to carry firearm in their vehicles in public places such as the streets. What you need is more efficient round-the-clock firearm checkpoints at random places and time. But don't arm those MMDAs because they are exposed to air pollution and most likely they are hot-headed and ready to snap anytime -- DELIKADO.

Pulis nga eh trained yan sa discipline in firearm handling, eh namamaril pag umiinit ang ulo, eh papano na kaya ang MMDA enforcer? Kung gusto mo may baril ang traffic enforcer, pulis ang ilagay mo sa traffic, hindi MMDA.