Monday, August 16, 2010

Licensing - the Most Corrupted Aspect in Governance

The most corrupted aspect of governance in Philippines is LICENSING. It is infested with red-tape, as proven by the existence of fixers. It is infested with under-the-table pay-offs to breach the requirements, as proven example by firearm permit to carry without passing through psychological exam. It is infested with inutile licensing law enforcers, as proven by the existence of colorum professionals operating openly such as Real Estate Agents.

Most people have this impression that government is corrupt because they personally experience it with government front-line services, particularly in LICENSING. When we get our driver's license, the exam requirement is breached as you can pay the proctor to give you the leakage and sign the driving-test approval even without actually undergoing a driving test at all.

As a professional (Real Estate Broker for example), it is frustrating to get a license knowing that the government agencies who issue licenses don't have full time personnel who specialize in catching those who practice without license (colorums). It is even more frustrating that when you report (complete data with names and evidence) about the existence of a colorum, you will be charged by government a fee of P1,010 to file a complaint. What is even even even even more frustrating is when the President of the Republic, His Excellency Noynoy Aquino, attends and delivers a keynote speech, during a Real Estate Festival event that is heavily infested with booths manned by unlicensed real estate agents.

As a licensed firearm owner, I attend gun shows and visit gun-stores to check out new stuffs. It is frustrating to know that gun-shops can facilitate a permit to carry firearm without you having to pass through the required actual psychological exam -- you just have to pay the fee of P12,000.

Philippines is a dangerous place. Licensing is corrupted. As a result, drivers are not disciplined. Skepticism grows against real estate brokers because of a prevailing nationwide customer dissatisfaction in real estate transactions. The streets is not safe because you don't know who among those who carry firearm in their cars are psychologically fit.

Dear PNoy, the solution is simple. Just ask. I have a very workable and effective approach but should not be shared in public because it will beat it's purpose.