Monday, August 30, 2010

Compensation to Survivors of Hostage Tragedy

HK protesters demand "compensation" for the hostage victims. I recommend we pass a Terrorism Insurance Act that will require inbound tourists in the Philippines to pay an insurance fee at port of entry. I think US have this thing in 2003.

Aquino Administration will give "compensation" for the foreigners who died hostages. Ehhhh I thought PNoy said earlier that government coffer is empty? What's that, pampapogi expense item? There is no CLAIM yet by the foreigners, but PNoy is so fast in paying. But PNoy cannot even pay FILIPINO claimants who have made hundreds of follow-ups already for their delayed survivor pensions benefit? Pag foreigner, bayad agad. Pag Pilipino, mamatay ka na lang, mamaya-mayain ka ng gobyerno. PNoy, sympathise with your OWN people first!


Tingnan mo etong Aquino Administration na eto. Masdan mo nang mabuti. Mas ma-uuna pang ma-resolve ang investigation ng hostage-taking na eto kesa sa Maguindanao Massacre.

Pag pinuna mo mukha ni PNoy sa FB, overnight may pagbabago na, kasi "priority" ang vanity niya. Pero yung mga ibang bagay na pinaka importante, ikaw na bahala dumugtong....