Friday, September 10, 2010

Room Full of Guns vs Room Without Guns

Imagine yourself in a big room of 1,000 people who carries guns. One of you in that room is a would-be criminal who will go amok any moment. Are you safe in that room?

Think that that room is a movie house. It's dark. You are watching movie. You have a gun just like anyone else. But you know that any moment, one of you will start shooting people inside that room.

Do you feel safe in that room?


Jumping from the question above, now I will give you a comparative scenario. You have two separate movie houses, showing the same film. One movie house allows guns to get into the room. The other movie house does not allow guns to enter the room, no exemption.

Which room will most movie goers prefer, especially those who have family, children and wives going with them to watch movie?


Society is like that movie room. Society is safer if each gun owner will NOT carry his gun in the movie room. Hence, this analogy is one of the supports to my policy advocacy of (1) Tighter Gun carry Policy wherein only law enforcement in uniform and on duty will be authorized to carry firearm outdoors, and (2) Effective Random Checkpoint system that will hassle any person whou would possibly violate the tighter gun carry policy.