Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gun Control and the Makati Robbery Case

Tinga's violation and laxity of the Mall Entrance rule cannot be justified with their response to that situation. It cannot be. Never never never.

Someone said that the Makati Watchstore Robbery Case was prevented because the bodyguards to Tinga who were carying guns inside the mall has responded against the robbers. He argues that it was the allowance of those private guns to enter the mall that saved the day. In my opinion, I think the argument is wrong.

What was wrong in that Makati scenario is the laxity of the Gate Guards who have allowed people to carry gun inside the mall. They were lax on Tinga, they were lax on those fake cops who robbed the watch store. I have heard they have already corrected the laxity error.

Another error I notice in that incident is the absence of a system that will enable anyone (especially the checkpoint guard) to determine if a gun-carrying cop in uniform is in a legitimate proper place and time. For this error, I have inputted a proposal wherein all law enforcers uniform shall have big visible numbers at the back (size of like a car plate number), and any person can text/sms that particular number to a central computer and the sender will receive a response as to where that number is supposed to be at present official time. This plate number system will also help motorists determine if a checkpoint is legitimate. Under my proposal, policemen who are off-duty are not supposed to wear uniform and not supposed to carry a gun. I think I have explained this in the previous post.