Friday, September 10, 2010

My Gun Control Poposal Could have Prevented Maguindanao Massacre and Mendoza Hostage Tragedy

That MAGUINDANAO Massacre and MENDOZA Tragedy are actually a failure of the present system. Those would have been prevented in my system.

What happened there was there were Police Law Enforcers watching the killings, but they could not prevent the killings because the Ampatuans Private Army carry more powerful weapons under the guise of "Responsible Gun Ownership". Those Policemen were controlled and overpowered by civillians (Ampatuans) who carry guns in the guise of "self-defense".

In that incident, the law enforcers who have guns were not able to do their mandate of preventing the violence because the perpetrators are too many and highly-powered with guns.

If we allow guns to be carried by everyone, the law enforcement would be put at risk and would not be able to assert its authority and power over people who are already at the verge of committing violence.

In my proposal, that Maguindanao incident would not happen.

1. Everyone would not be able to amass those high-powered firearms and great number of ammunition, including and especially the Ampatuans.

2. Checkpoints would deter any movement of unauthorized gun carriers. Assuming the Ampatuans have hidden high-powered guns and they decided to bring it out in that particular day, they will have to be encountered by the Law Enforcers at the checkpoints.

If my proposal is already in place, the Mendoza Hostage Tragedy wouldn't happen.

1. He is already disarmed at the moment a decision was made to dismiss him from the service.

2. As a private citizen, he could not get a permit own or carry a gun when (A) he will not pass the psych test, and (B) he already filed a grievance suit against the government.

3. If he was able to get hold of a loose unlicensed firearm, it is unlikely that he will be able to successfully transport it from Batangas to Manila because he will have to pass through 3 checkpoints.

4. Under my proposed policy, if you carry a gun without authorization and you got caught as a threat on a crime scene, you will be KILLED immediately by the Police in exercise of a routine standard operating rules of engagement without necessary command from the higher-ups.