Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mall Security, the Best Gun/Crime Control Model

That is what I really really really like, when people see that endless crimes are committed by our police in uniform such as kidnappings, corruption, unlawful detentions, torture, and hostage takings. Do you know why these things happen? Because many policemen who carry guns are in the wrong place and the wrong time. Under my proposed policy, cops can no longer be in the wrong place and wrong time while in uniform and on duty time. Cops will not be authorized to carry guns when are not in uniform, when they are not on duty time/place.

If you notice, there are existing heavy populated places yet almost zero gun-aided crime where (1) no one is allowed to carry a gun except the law enforcers on duty and in uniform, and (2) effective checkpoint system.

Do you know where that places are? Hmmmmm. Presenting to you...... tantarantantannnnnn!


We just have to expand our visions and follow the model set by the malls. Replicate the model to cover an entire or cluster of cities.


The first counter argument I have read is that even banks of malls are raided by bank robbers. Now my answer for that is straightforward. Most banks are at the ground-floor perimeter of the mall facing the streets outside the mall, and that is the weakness because the streets outside are not secured. It means that the robbers can reach the bank without passing through checkpoints. That is why the solution is to expand the checkpoints system to cover the whole city so that the bank robbers will have to pass through a series of checkpoints before reaching the bank.


The second counter argument I have heard says that checkpoints in the street is Martial Law. Well, I think it is not. There is checkpoint in the Mall but there is no martial law in there. In fact, even Military and Police personnel are obliged to deposit their guns at the entrance before they enter the mall.


The picture below is what you can see in all entrance of heavily populated malls in Metro Manila. There is a body frisking and open bag inspection at the entrance. The result is amazing in terms of crime reduction. It also makes the people "secure".