Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gun Ban is not Good if Checkpoints are not Ready

Now, do I agree in a permanent gun-carry ban for private citizens? Yes, that should be the direction we are heading. However, as to the question if we are ready for it NOW, i believe we are not yet ready for it. WHY? Because the police have not yet perfected the checkpoint system, they are yet to prove to me (and the public) that their training/rehearsals on checkpoint handling is perfect and safety precautions are in place both for the benefit of the public and the policeman.

If the checkpoint system is not perfect and you implement a gun-carry ban, the restriction will only filter out the law-abiding and policy-fearing gun-owners from the streets, but will not deter those persons who are wanting to commit a gun-aided crime in that particular time/space.

So, again, I would like to emphasize the TWIN policy direction in my proposal. I say TWIN because we have to implement both in order for the proposal work properly.

1. Tighter-gun carry policy. Only law enforcers in uniform and on duty will be authorized to carry firearm in public places including the streets.

2. Effective Checkpoint System.