Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gun Control Advocacy Briefing

When there is no mechanism that will control people who are unauthorized to carry firearm to roam around with guns, our country is not safe for everyone. We have two choices, (1) weaponize each individual's right to defend oneself, or (2) implement a tighter gun carry policy and effective checkpoint system. Option one is what we have right now and it is not working in preventing gun-aided crimes.

A crime is not committed by a gun, but by a person. In short, crime statistical studies on licensed gun versus unlicensed gun is only relevant on making a determination and judgment as to whether guns should be licensed or not. And we all agree, that as much as possible, every gun SHOULD BE licensed. No debate on that.

Gun-aided crimes come in various forms, such as extortion, threats, physical injury, homicide, murder, terrorism, robbery, kidnapping, rebellion, and even rape. These gun-aided crimes are committed by a wide characteristic of persons, ranging from trained policemen, honorable Mayor, responsible gun owners, ordinary household wives, a 99 year old grandpa, a 7 year old child, down to an unemployed drug addict.

My advocacy is centered on the mission of reducing gun-aided crimes. The twin approach that I am proposing are (1) Tighter Gun-Carry Policy and (2) Effective Checkpoint System.

Tighter Gun-Carry Policy provides strict regulation on licensing, permits, and authorizations to carry. This tight regulation will cover both the law enforcers and private citizens. We already have laws and regulation in place for this approach, we just have to polish it, refine it, and implement it PROPERLY.

Effective Checkpoint system empowers law enforcers to make them effective in PREVENTING gun crimes. This checkpoint system will serve as control mechanism to ensure that the tight gun carry policies are properly implemented. The number of policemen we have right now is sufficient, we just have to RATIONALIZE and STRATEGIZE properly the location and timing of their posts.

If you are interested enough to read the older thread under this topic, I have discussed both of these approaches thoroughly.

I understand that you carry a gun because you feel afraid and insecure about possible crimes that might be inflicted upon you, and you want to be always weapon-ready like a boy scout when the anticipated moment comes.

My mission is to reduce THAT INSECURITY, if not eliminate it, by providing you a new environment that is safer. The beneficiary of my mission is not only you and the rest of your pals who carry guns, but my target beneficiary is the 99.9% of our population who are unarmed all the time.

If my advocacy will be realized, you don't have to be afraid anymore thinking about gun-aided crimes. I guarantee that you will feel secured, for yourself and for your loved-ones.

Don't worry, as long as you pass the qualifications and safety standards, you can still own and carry your favorite gun.