Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Defending Jueteng on Moral Grounds

There is no Biblical passage that supports the position that gambling is immoral. There is nothing wrong in investing time, effort, and money to get a chance to hit a jackpot.

Jueteng does not make people lazy because it only takes 1 minute to bet. We can look at Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) as an investment/gambling that makes people lazy, where people put their money in and expect a perpetual downline expansion that will make them rich without working. MLM is widely practiced and it maked people lazy, but never Jueteng.

The worse gamble that makes people lazy are the game shows of Willie and Chris Aquino, poor people gamble their time, effort, money, and even risk their life to fall in line outside the TV Station to get a chance to be picked as game participants. Game shows on TV is legal.

Try to look also at the animal cruelty aspect of sabong where chickens are being played to kill each another in a very painful manner while the people enjoy watching. Sabong is legal.

In Jueteng, service is personalized because the kubrador goes right to your doorstep. Jueteng bet is very affordable, you can bet your small coins instead of using it to buy cigarette, so Jueteng is also a healthy alternative to smoking. It only takes less than a minute to bet, so it won't take much of your time and sure it won't make you lazy. Jueteng is not advertised, it does not induce people to bet, unlike the game shows on TV. No one will get hurt while betting in Jueteng, unlike the TV game shows where people are exposed to the risks of heat stroke and stampede.

Illegalization of Jueteng is the thing that leads to immorality. Immorality of Jueteng exists only when corrupt government law enforcers accept a payola of bribe money from Jueteng operators to tolerate its continuous operation despite its illegality.