Friday, September 10, 2010

Gun as an Agent of Fear and Power

I see gun as an agent of "fear". Fear of death is part of the human nature. There are many things that causes fear -- natural disasters, guns, knives, poison, car accident, wars, board exam, or even your mother-in-law. But let us just focus on guns.

When a person wants to physically dominate and overpower another person for some reason, the weapon of choice is always a GUN. So, in this connection, we see GUN is an instrument of power, among other perspectives.

There are four ways a GUN is used as an instrument of power -- (1) power of government to maintain peace and order and national sovereignty, (2) power of a nation to invade other nation, (3) and power of an individual to defend oneself, and (4) power of an individual person to overpower someone else to gain "undue" advantage.

When these powers are abused or twisted for reason that gun policies are as vague as a black hole, FEAR and TERRORISM will dominate the air of society. And as always, when there is FEAR, the WEAK are always the ones who get marginalized.

Our most noble cause is to protect the weak. Our greatest endowment from God is intellect to change and perfect the policy. This is our advocacy.