Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gun Control, Phase by Phase Implementation

This change will take time. I would prefer that the proposal will be implemented phase by phase in a span of six years.

Phase 1 will be from year 1-3. In this phase, there will be no change in policy at all, but in this stage the gun ownership requirement and gun-carry requirement will be SERIOUSLY followed. Everyone who wish to own or carry a gun will have to take actual Psych Test at least once a year. The psych test is paperless and computerized, it will test the applicant's knowledge on gun safety and will also determine if the applicant has psychosis like paranoia, or grievances, or potential distrust/disobedience to the government. There is a different Psych Test for gun ownership and separate Psych Test for permit to carry. The gun owner will also be required to have an income generating occupation, using a personal income tax return as proof or earning, before he/she can be issued a license. Another requirement for private gun owners would be a permanent place of residence, a residential real estate actually owned by the licensee. For permit to carry, the licensee would be required to own a car. Limitation on the number of allowed ammunition will also be properly implemented. It is in this phase 1 when the cops will be trained on proper manning of systematic random checkpoints. In this phase, the communication and advocacy on the upcoming change of policy will also be prepared and launched.

Phase 2 will be from year 4-6. In this phase, a new tighter policy will be introduced wherein only law enforcers in uniform and on duty will be authorized to carry firearm.. The new policy will be pilot tested within the territory of 5 cities and 5 remote provinces. The checkpoint system will also be pilot tested and closely monitored. In this phase, lapses will be analyzed, operational errors will be noted, and policies/training will be refined. The success of phase 2 is the condition to move to Phase 3.

Phase 3 will be from year 7 onwards. In this phase, the tighter gun ownership policy and tighter gun carry policy will be implemented nationwide along with the perfected checkpoint system.