Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gun Crimes - Persons are Inherently Good

A person in naturally good, we are all born naturally good. A criminal is a person who commits a crime in that very short time of his entire life. A person who lives a good life in his entire life becomes a criminal only in that particular moment he commits a crime.

People are born good. Gun is a weapon of a person against other persons. Gun is a regulated equipment because it is dangerously destructive. If you are a good citizen, you won't carry a gun if it is not part of your job.

Look, criminals and non-criminals are not different species. They are one specie only, humans. If you carry a gun without authorization, you are a good citizen who becomes a bad citizen in that particular instance, and you will be dealth with accordingly by the law enforcers.

Crime-fighting is more of a challenge of preventing the crime event to take place. Gun Control is one of the chances we have to prevent crime. It involves strict implementation of policies that will prevent gun ownership to persons who are prone to crime. It also involves policies that prevent guns from being used as an equipment of crime though tight gun carry policies and checkpoint system.

Only Law Enforcers in uniform and on duty should be allowed to carry gun in public places. Private persons should not carry guns. It is also very important that these law enforcers pass the psych screening tests.

The PNP/AFP who are authorized to carry guns should undergo psych tests and evaluations at the individual scale. Of course this is aside from the rule that they can only carry a gun while in uniform and on duty hours.