Friday, September 10, 2010

Gun Criminals are Intelligent People


QUESTION: Sir John, will carrying a gun enable a person to defend himself from assassins?

ANSWER: No. Assassins are not random criminals. They are very intelligent and uniquely skilled individuales who use proper equipment (gun, poison, knife, costume) and carefully plan/rehearse their moves. They would know if their target is a soft target (armed) or a hard target (unarmed). They would apply the best technique to kill their target. In short, if you are a target of assassination, you will be gunned down even if you are as heavily armed. Your only defense against assassination is evasion through tight personal information management.

High-profile criminals like professional assassins, kidnappers, and bank robbers carry their unregistered gun only on assassination moment. They use unregistered guns because the Police have no ballistic identity of these guns, the bullets and capsules of these guns cannot be traced back to the owner.

In the present system, people in plainclothes are given permit to carry firearm. You cannot distinguish a criminal from a non-criminal because they all look the same.

QUESTION: What can give society a "chance" to stop the criminals?

ANSWER: The solution could be (1) Tigher Gun Carry Policy and (2) New Effective Checkpoint System.

The TGCP will make the criminals get distinguished easily.

The NECS will give law enforcement a chance to catch a criminal in transit.


A debater once told me a story about his mother who was gunned down beside their house on the way to the courthouse. I told her that "Your mom was probably gunned down by someone in civilian clothes. We see these kinds of people everyday, we just don't react because we don't know who among these people are criminals. Some of these goons are even policemen, am I right?"

"If my proposal is in place in the time your mother was gunned down, your mother would probably have not been gunned down because those gunmen will have difficulty in moving their firearms in and out of that place that is supposed to be a high-security area. But I must admit that my proposal will not prevent the assassin from stabbing your mom with an ordinary kitchen knife."

If organized criminals would want to victimize you, even if you have a gun, even if you have an armored vehicle, even if you have security guards, you will be targeted according to their plan.

The people who are mostly robbed with a knife on the neck are not the rich people who have cars, but those ordinary people who commute and walk under unlighted alleys. Are you proposing that permit to carry firearms should be given to people without cars? Would you want to have a society where private citizens carry concealed guns in their belts and hand-bags while outside their houses?

I have a gun in my house to defend my family. But outside my house, I demand that government should be 100% effective in defending me and my family. And my advocacy, undefeated in any debate worldwide, proposes that society is safer with (1) tighter gun carry policy and (2) effective firearm checkpoints.