Thursday, September 2, 2010

Call for Support for The One President

One friend in the Erap Camp who really really really hates Noynoy asked me, "John, during the campaign , you were the best in mudslinging Aquino, Gibo and Villar. Now, why, all of a sudden you like Noynoy and is helping him"? I answered: "well, during the campaign, our democracy allows us to choose who we like among the candidates; but now, we only have one President. It's like a father, you only have one, so you have to stand by him. We have one nation, one President, and we can move this country to progress faster if we stop fighting and consolidate our strengths. It is a win-win thing."

We all help in our little ways. Some of us who are good in finding faults, please do continue finding faults in the system so we can make corrections. For the timid ones who will just cry when they are afraid, please do continue praying. For those who are gifted with strategies, techniques, and tactics, please don't hesitate to say your suggestions. For those who are indifferent to the political issues, please do help in small things like not jay-walking. For those who won the election, please reach out to recruit those good people outside your party-support-system, for they too can be of very big help for this country.


PNoy got all the willing hands. Ang masama eh he's just choosy on where the help is coming from. "Walang tiwala" kumbaga. Pero pwede ring hindi niya alam kung sino mga eto dahil hinaharang ng mga campaign supporters niya. Maari rin na wala siyang talent scout. Yung ka-alyado lang sa campaign ang nilalagay niya sa mga command posts. So, yung ibang magagaling na gusto na sanang tumulong sa kanya eh nagsi-balikan na sa kanya-kanyang campo, at nag-coconsolidate na ng opposition.

During the inauguration, everyone was excited on what good his administration's gonna do. But now, barely 100 days, everyone is excited each day on what's next palpak his administration's gonna do.


Dahil sa PRIDE and self-claimed HOLINESS, hindi sumang-ayon si PNoy na magkaroon ng JOINT SESSION ang outgoing Cabinet and incoming Cabinet. Ayun, ang resulta nangangapa sila ngayon sa mga pipeline issues. They came in without mentor. First 100 days sinasayang ang pera ng gobyerno sa trial and error.