Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Limitation of In-House Ammunition

Each individual may own as many guns he wants, but should not keep in his house more than one gun and a few ammunitions, the rest of his guns, no matter how big the caliber is, must be deposited for safe-keeping in a secured depository in a police/military camp.

There is no such thing as absolute disarmament program. Some people will be allowed to keep guns at home, some people will be allowed to carry gun outdoors. But the requirements and qualifications of permit to keep-at-home and permit to carry will have to be rationalized, with public safety in mind, and implementation will have to be tightened.

I think six rounds of ammunition for home-gun would be enough.

The justification of one gun rule is simple. You don't need more than one gun. One gun is enough for in-house self-defense purpose.

There is no scientific justification for the number of ammunition, except that some revolvers only have 5-6 rounds. So I think six rounds is just enough to fully fill those revolvers. You can make it 5 or 7 or 8, but its to be "just enough" and "not too much". This is open to discussion, but decision has to be made as to the maximum.

The standard gun ownership training will indoctrinate RUN and WALK AWAY as the best self defense. You don't use gun to kill. You just use it for self defense, just to slow-down your attacker and give you time to run away. You fire a few rounds, then run away from the situation.

Definitely, no high-powered rifle for in-house keeping.