Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gun Control, Public Safety is a Public Good

Preparedness is EVERYBODY'S responsibility. Terrorism is a threat to the PUBLIC. But someone has to pay for that "preparedness" thing, right?

In economics, when there is a thing that EVERYBODY needs yet only few can afford it, we elevate that thing into something we call PUBLIC GOOD. To produce that public good, civilizations created this thing we call GOVERNMENT. We are lucky we have a government, there are places where there is none where each one is responsible for his own safety (wild-wild west).

Public Safety is a PUBLIC GOOD. Another forms of public goods are Public Infrastructure like Roads, Bridges, Taxation System, National Legislation, Justice System, National Statistics, National Defense, etc.

The system that I am proposing is not an exclusive Police affair. It is very much dependent on the participation of private individuals who are adept and interested on issues involving gun-aided crimes. The checkpoint system, during it's training development stage, and even during implementation stage, has to be participated/monitored in closely by these private individuals. These private individuals I am looking at are this small sector of the population that we call "GENUINE RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERS".

I am looking for Genuine Responsible Gun Owners who CARE about the safety of those 99.99% of the population who have no access to guns. Yung mga maka-sarili, hayaan lang natin sila. Ang hinahanap ko eh yung merong mentality na naka-integrate sa interest ng society as a whole.