Friday, September 10, 2010


So that's it! Just don't believe it. Just be an Atheist. If someone asks you why, just say: "I don't believe in God", plain and simple short message. If they insist to ask WHY, then shoot the big gun and say this:

"You preach to sell a belief. I don't preach to sell a disbelief. Atheism is a disbelief, it is the default configuration of any newly-born. Religious sects sell a belief. Once a person becomes a believer, he pays for the ceremonies of baptism, confirmation, holy mass, marriage, etc etc. Even if the person is already dead, the family still pays the clergy who will sprinkle plain water on his grave."

If they ask who said that, tell them there is a nameless punk in the Philippines who said it.

Most God believers became God believers because they are stereotyped by their families. They were baptized into the belief when they were babies. They were forced to go to Church on Sundays instead of play. But some of them realized at a later age that there is no God, so they RESET their minds back to the original configuration.