Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Effective Checkpoint System (NECS)

Checkpoint is necessary in any system that needs security control. Even computers have checkpoint using name and password system.

It has been proven in the past, the checkpoint system that we have at present will not work. The procedure has to be totally revised. Hence the New Effective Checkpoint System (NECS). NECS will have the following characteristics.

-Strategic and unpredictable location/time

-Two types: (1) permanent location, and (2) mobile location. Permanent location are in entrance/exit of malls, train stations, buildings, residential condominiums, residential subdivisions, residential villages, clustered night entertainment spots.

-Highly trained personnel on rotation. No permanent checkpoint area for personnel.

-Authenticity is verifiable from the end of the public, using text/sms technology.

-Search procedure is quick and routine. Fliers will be given to motorists.

-Search is aided by sniffer dogs.

-Search has operations computerized automatic issuance of receipt (paper trail) specifying the names of checkpoint personnel, location and time of search.

-Operations audit and positive search drill is participated in by private sector.

-All driver license applicants (new and renewal) will pass through a required drill on checkpoint SOP.