Saturday, September 25, 2010

Checkpoint Strategic Locations

CHECKPOINT is the only way that police can guarantee that they are in the right place, right time, proper equipment, favorable terrain, and proper training to PREVENT gun-aided crimes and other crimes such as kidnapping and drug trade.

Police visibility without checkpoint is useless. The gun-carrying criminals will just enjoy the sight of clowns sleeping in their patrol cars while the light stroves are on. But when these visible policemen are coupled with checkpoints, criminals will have to think about building underground tunnels to survive in the underground business, or better yet just be a good citizen to avoid trouble.

The frisking and car inspection at the entrance of malls, train stations, and airports are actually checkpoints; and they prove effective in creating a safe environment inside the controlled area. We, who reside in Metro Manila are witness to this benefit; but those Filipinos abroad cannot picture what we are talking about.

There is no need for Martial Law in the implementation of the New Effective Checkpoint System. For the Phase 1 of the NECS program, we just have to expand the checkpoint system to the following areas in Metro Manila and other major cities in the provinces:

Eto lang ang coverage ng NECS:

PHASE 1 (meron na tayo nito, although hindi pa complete)
1. Malls
2. Train Stations
3. Bus Terminals
4. Airport
5. Seaports

1. Gates of Residential Subdivisions
2. Lobbies of Condominiums/Buildings
3. Expressway Toll Gates
4. Walled Slum Areas
5. Schools/Universities/Colleges
6. Jeepney/FX Terminals

No need to hire more cops. The checkpoint will be manned by licensed security guards and baranggay tanods. The heavily armed police patrol cars will be strategically positioned near these checkpoints.



There are two kinds of Roadblock Chekpoints: (1) Random, and (2) Mandatory. NECS is not a Roadblock Checkpoint. In fact, NECS will remove the Roadblock Checkpoints. Roadbolock Checkpoint is useless. Talo ka sa patentero nyan. Yang ginagawa ang PNP ngayon sa mga highway, ayoko nyan, walang kwenta yan, hakakatakot yan sa hulidap, magsasayang lang tayo ng resources nyan. Walang ganyan sa NECS.