Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guide to Friendship and Trust

Your own friends are the most effective spies of the enemy. Better tell the truth to a stranger than to a friend.

Avoid friends who ask information about you that they don't need anyway. Those are the kind of friends who invests in getting information about you and will make use of it in the future that may be disadvantageous to you.

When friends' trust require honesty, silence is the safest form of honesty.



No friend of mine has immunity to my exhortation, even those who are very very very close friends, even those who falsely claim that they have given me something to be grateful at. You make a mistake, kaboooom!

The principle of Persona Non Grata is founded upon the existence of the premise that that person OWES you something. Remember, OWE means UTANG, something he got but did not pay for. Pag walang binigay, for sure walang utang na nangyari. Pag may kusang bigay, na hindi hiningi, ay hindi utang yan. Ang pagiging mabuting kaibigan ay hindi UTANG, kasi kusang binibigay yan. Pag walang utang, hindi pwedeng ma-sabihan ng "walang utang na loob".

Kaya pag sinabihan ka ng "wala kang utang na loob", sagutin mo agad, "anong utang ko sayo?"

Hindi pwedeng gamiting dahilan ang consepto ng Utang na Loob para i-tolerate ang isang kaibigan sa kanyang pagkakamali. Pag nagkamali ang iyong kaibigan, pwede mong pagsabihan ng secreto deretcho, pwede mong sulatan, i-text, o tawagan. Importante sabihan mo. Pag matigas ang ulo, ISIGAW MO SA BUONG MUNDO! He he he!



If you are a person who require your friends to take time to "disclose" their TOTAL life story to you, you are simply a SPY of the enemy, a person to be avoided at all times as a general rule.

If you heard someone talking shit about your friend, you will be the most stupid friend if you will think bad about your friend for not "disclosing" stuffs to you. You just bit a hearsay. If you are a good friend, you should talk to your friend about any disturbing hearsay that other people is talking about him. Right?

In short, you have a duty to DISCLOSE to your friend all hearsay you have heard about him. If you follow this duty, then you are a trusted friend.