Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alfredo Lim - Berdugo ng Maynila

Mayor Lim is popularly known as Berdugo ng Maynila. This is the reputation that he wants to protect. The Mendoza Hostage is not the first time he harassed a relative of a criminal. In fact he had done it a hundred times. Remember he is that one who painted "Drug Pusher Lives Here" on the walls and doors of households suspected drug pushers live. As far as my memory is concerned, Mr. Alfredo Lim is a politician that disregard human rights, and he will die of old age with this memory
in my mind.

In the City of Manila, a lot of disappearing detainees and summary execution were documented, and rumors around commonly associate this phenomenon with legend of the Berdugo ng Maynila. Remember that video of a detainee tortured with a role onto his penis, that allegedly happened in the City of Manila.