Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gun Policy EO 194, Like and Dislike

Section 3 of EO 194 is already a good alignment to my proposal. It says "Section 3. Only uniformed personnel of the PNP, officers and enlisted personnel of the AFP and agents of the NBI are authorized to carry their licensed firearms outside their residence while in the actual performance of their official mission or duty. All other firearm license holders have to apply for a Permit to Carry Firearms Outside of Residence (PTCFORs) in order to avail of this privilege."

We just have to tighten the implementation of the PTCFOR rules.


However I DON'T like General Order No. 7-C which "provides that the commissioned officers in good standing of the Reserve Force, Armed Forces of the Philippines who are in inactive status may hold under license only one (1) low powered rifle and one (1) sidearm not higher than caliber .45 pistol"

This particular provision is not good because the word"hold" is vague, it could mean both to possess and to carry. I suggest It will have to be repealed. Only Law Enforcement in Uniform and in Active Duty should be allowed to carry a firearm.