Wednesday, September 8, 2010



The primary reason why most private persons (who are not in the law enforcement profession) are so obsessed to carry a gun outdoors is INSECURITY and PARANOIA. They normally insist that they need to carry a gun because they can imagine that ANY MOMENT someone will attack them and they need to be prepared at all times. These paranoids normally distrust law enforcement. Paranoia is a mild psychosis.


There are many causes of Paranoia. Persons who are victims of crimes will usually be diagnosed with mental stress, hatefulness, vengeance, and paranoia. People tend to become paranoids after watching too much movies with so much war, gun-fight, brutality, criminal attacks, and especially police abuses.


Sometimes, mild psychosis can be detected by overt obsesion for guns, overt gun hobbies, overt watching of gun-full movies. People with overt obsession for guns normally show-off guns in their primary Facebook profile (gun brand name or gun picture), these people are most likely "gun-displayers" in the streets and in their neighborhood. There is even one leader of a gun organization who calls himself Fallujah (war-torn part in Iraq) with a self-claimed note saying "utak pulbura na" (gunpowder-brain). Paranoia can be easily detected in the psych test/interview in relation to firearm licensing. I know someone, when he was asked by the psychiatrist to draw a real man, he draw a person who is carrying a gun, according to him the gun makes the man a real man. With his drawing, the psychiatrist marked him as "prone to gun-aided violence". Another sign of psychosis is when the individual has a strong obsession to accummulate as much guns as he would want to build a personal arsenal. Desire to possess and carry excessive ammunition is also a sign that a person is affected by war movies. These are signs mild psychosis.


The paranoids does not look different from any other person who claim to be a responsible gun owner. Paranoids are prone to committing a gun-aided crime and they are hard to detect by mere visuals -- they look decent like everybody else, thay talk the same way as everyone does, they drive a car too, they may also have a Facebook account. But one way to detect these paranoids is that they are OBSESSED and INSISTING in getting a permit to carry firearm despite gun ban, to the point that they would lobby in Congress to influence the government policies that affects gun-carry rules.


The paranoids can show you a lot reasons why they want to carry a gun, and yes they can prove that that they are responsible gun owners, but nobody knows WHEN is the MOMENT a paranoid will snap. These paranoids also want to make people afraid by always reminding people of gun-crimes and events and telling the people that they should arm themselves. Paranoids sow terror in the mind of people. Paranoids tell people that Police are useless.


Now, if you have friends and loved ones who are so obsessed in wanting to carry a gun because of INSECURITY and PARANOIA, please help them. Give them a friendly counselling to the tune of trying your best to convince their mind-set that even if they are carrying a gun, it will not give them security. An amateur hold-upper may randomly pick a soft target victim but a seasoned robber would prefer targets who have guns because these targets are probably protecting huge amounts of monies. An assassin makes plans and will shoot the victim with an element of surprise. As long as an individual is obsessed to carry a gun despite restrictive rules, he will continue to be consciously WORRIED about his security EVERY MOMENT of his life -- PARANOIA.


Persons with paranoia are supposed to be easily filtered because gun ownership license and gun-carry permit REQUIRE psych test. However, it has become customary that Gun Dealers act like fixers in bending the requirements by just paying "extra" (grease money). As a result of this skip-test anomaly, many paranoids are able get Permit to carry firearms. They are carrying guns inside their cars and on our streets -- THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME IN PLAIN CIVILIAN CLOTHES -- there is no way to distinguish the paranoids. In short, we are facing a population of people with permit to carry guns who could be psychotics.


It is very dangerous if persons with insecurity and paranoia are given permit to carry gun. Persons with paranoia should be disqualified to carry a firearm. As a matter of policy, there should be a tight implementation of rules on the issuance of licenses, especially on the authorization of gun-carry permits. I believe that outside every gun owner's house is already a public place. In public places, only law enforcement in uniform and on duty should be authorized to carry firearm. And YES, law enforcers should also undergo a periodic psych screening test/interview. As long as gun firearm licensing policies are not tight, psychoses-driven gun-aided crimes will continue to infest our society. We have to protect the gunless population from these paranoids who carry guns. The tighter the gun-carry policies, the fewer guns in the streets, the safer our society is.


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