Sunday, September 12, 2010

On Jueteng Scandal, my Advice to PNoy

I'll be out today to work on something, but I leave PNoy with three advice on the Jueteng Scandal before I go.

(1) KILL THE FIRE ASAP - don't allow the Bishop to talk to the media, you have to talk to Bishop personally, get the name of the high-rank official who received Jueteng Payola, and float/fire/ban immediately the said high-rank official from your administration;

(2) AVOID DEBATE ON LEGALIZATION - issue a gag order to the agencies of the executive branch on the debate about the legalization of Jueteng. If you can't resist the temptation to answer media question on the debate, tell them that you are leaving the debate to the Legislative Branch, as chief of the Executive Branch your mandate is to implement the existing law which says Jueteng is Illegal;

(3) TAP THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL - encourage and support the private-sector-led Anti-Jueteng Organization of the Bishop to do the work in identifying the Jueteng-infested LGUs. Take note that when the LGU Executives are involved in Jueteng Toleration, there is already a high-level organized crime group in the local level under the protection of the LGU. High-level organized Corruption makes the people distrust the government and will fuel rebellion. Cases like that has to be left to the National Security Council, who may in turn start arresting the LGU Executives. Don't worry about the possible errors in the veracity of the Bishop's Report, you can always blame the veracity error on the Bishop but you cannot make excuses in not acting on the report.