Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gun Permit is a Matter of Privilege and Authority

The tighter gun carry policy and checkpoint system will prevent the law enforcers from abusing their authority to carry guns. We should make sure that it is tested and fine-tuned first in a cluster of cities before national implementation. There should be no gun ban without law enforcers who are perfectly trained in checkpoint operation. Foremost, we cannot afford another incident when the police checkpoint shoot at a speeding motorcycle riders.

An argument that says "gun carrying is a right to defend own life" would always be defeated because if it is a right then all human beings should be afforded of such right, regardless of age, gender, economic status, psychological status, political inclination, and even attitude.

Permit to own a gun is a matter of privilege, not right.
Permit to carry a gun is a matter of authority, not privilege, not right.